21 comments on “Are you ready for David the TV Star??

  1. I’m so AWED!!! I really hope they would come out with a DVD box set!! I would really buy it!! David and Philippines FTW!!XD

  2. Yes me too Diane, am totally stoked!

    Whatever our opinion may be re his taking on the mini-series, just seeing him in those pics has got me excited. His expression in those pics are almost unrecognisable – as if he is in character already! 🙂

    The storyline seems to be almost along the lines of that of one of his favourite films “Looking For Nemo” – except in Nemo, the father is looking for his son, but in Nandito Ako, it is a son (David’s character named “Josh”) looking for his mother.

    Josh Archuleta lol! I can’t help but be amused by the name! 😀
    Now that the mini-series is signed and sealed and a reality, I am anxious for its huge success, not only in the Philippines, but world-wide.
    If his acting is successful, he may just attract the attention of those top-guns in the US film industry and be offered parts in movies when he comes back. It is a happy thought! 🙂

  3. this is a great opportunity for David to get out of his comfort zone!!

    hope for not only a DVD box set but also have the theme song available on itunes!

    Its going to be interesting seeing “Josh” acting!

  4. So excited but I also really really hope they’ll put out a box set for the international fans. I mean, wouldn’t it suck if only the Filipinos got to watch it? And I also hope some kind soul will put it up on Youtube or something. Pretty please with a cherry on the top. O:)

  5. David is fair. I bet he’ll ask the producers to produce a DVD box set as they will make money if they mass produce it!!

  6. LOL looking for his mom?!

    Reminds me of that miniseries back in the days in the US – I forget the name – when they had this girl deciding to look for her father cos her mom wouldn’t tell her. Also sounds much like the Mamma Mia musical plot. And saving a girl when he was five? Tell me which five year old does that?

    “ok which of you broads is my mom huh?!”

  7. Lol John! You are quoting the last line in the very very very old film called “Lace”.
    In fact the line goes more like (I think) – “Ok so which of you bitches is my mum?!” 😀

    Human dramas based on real life stories usually seem cheesy on film John, because we are just the bystanders looking in, not emotionally involved. But if it is well directed and presented, and the acting good, we invariably get suck in, especially audience of the female gender hehe! Not for you la! 😀

  8. YES, I am now SO ready to see David playing the leading man in a prime time mini series, never mind that its shot in the Philippines 😀 Its good to see him getting out of his comfort zone and who knows what this will lead to in the future. I am hopeful that we might see more acting projects after the two years.

    It so exciting to follow the day to day developments from Manila. I hope they will quickly release Nandito Ako to Itunes and make a decision for the release of the mini series in DVD. Cant wait to watch it…David getting slapped, girls fighting over him, romantic hugs and what else? Woohoo..I say bring on the cheese 😀

  9. Gosh Josh!!
    He hugged Jasmine with Both arms! 😀 Away with the one-arm hugs!
    I can’t say I like the costumes and the make-up though. 😦

    When I first heard that David got slapped (by a jealous lover I guess), my mama-anger rose to the brim and I thought:
    “Oh no! …. not that angelic milk-and-honey face! Who is the director?! Who dares to slap our David!………”
    Oh well, part of the cheese I guess…. 😦

  10. Lol! He looks much more emotionally moved while he was recording the song Nandito Ako than when he was doing his 2-armed hug! 😀

  11. Have you heard this “sneak peak” of the theme song sung by David?

    [video src="http://s294.photobucket.com/albums/mm110/da-nish/David%20Archuleta%202012/David%20January%20-%20February%202012/?action=view&current=DavidArchuletasingsNanditoAko-afirstpeek-YouTube.mp4" /]

  12. I like the name Josh. My nephew’s name is Joshua (we call him Josh), and like “David” it’s another name that comes from the Bible.

  13. Hi Josh’s aunt! 😀
    Yes “Josh” is a nice name, What amused me was his full name is Josh Bradley – JB – reminds you of somebody?…. John?…someone we love? 😀

    Thanks Katheryn for the sneak peak. Can’t wait for the full version! And the English version!


    Hey Guys. Sorry to interject but for those wondering about the next AAM meet up, we’ve been trying to get the final word on whether its a go this weekend but somehow it doesn’t look likely. Apologies for the silence but we will let you know as soon as we have firmed up a date and will provide you with prior notice on the same okay 🙂

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