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  1. Beautifully written… Just pure genius. David would definitely love this.. A subtle but impactful farewell. Amazing 🙂 All the words we have been trying to say has been said.. Thank you ❤

  2. “How do you adequately pay tribute to a singer that has such a hold of your senses……….”
    “How do you bid a proper goodbye….to such a wonderful emissary both of music and in personal character………simply by being himself.”

    “There are just too many instances, images and moments that are precious and unforgettable to say definitively that anyone of them defines the special connectionss that David has forged with us……”

    :…..his ability to weave pure gold out of hay”.

    Such an appropriate tribute to David and so brilliantly and beautifully written – I am duly impressed and deeply touched at the same time.
    I wish David could have an opportunity to read this.

    David himself ought to realise by now the truth of those words and the depth of our feelings for him both in his music and in his person. His sense of humility has never allowed himself to believe the extent of the far-reaching effect he has had on us and the way he has changed the lives of so many who have paused to listen to him.

    I can’t applaud you enough, John, for having putting into words, what is so profoundly felt in my heart. Thank you. 🙂

  3. John
    I don’t think I like your vid very much (there is no need to rub it in) – just saw it – had to reach out for my tissue box again – and it is running low. 😦 😦

  4. Dear John – Thank you so much for penning down our feelings.

    David always send his message through his songs. His latest message is asking us to WAIT.

  5. Hi John,

    A brilliant thought-provoking farewell article indeed – thank you. 🙂 AND you made me feel sad all over again!! 😦

    On a happier note – I just read the chinese horoscope of 2012 for David:- 🙂

    “As far as career is concerned, you will try to do anything according to your capability and ability. The Chinese horoscope 2012 reveals that you don’t think too much about money to focus on your work and efforts to accomplish the objective. This quality will lead you profitable efforts. The health horse Chinese horoscope 2012 forecasts that you will be healthy throughout the year, except few digestive ailments and abdominal aches. You can make your career as language teachers, pilots, journalists and translators.”

    Is language teacher consider as a missionary?? 😉

  6. Thank you, John for this touching post. David’s rendition of Think Of Me is my absolute favorite from AI and I always find this line ‘there wont be a day when we(I) wont think of you’ to be very appropriate with regards to my ODD 🙂

    On the onset, 2 years seems a pretty long time but I am sure time flies as it always does. I’ll be the last to wish my years away but 2014 couldnt come any sooner LOL. Just the other day I came across these lyrics which spoke of what’s in my heart about David going away, he’ll just need to know this….

    I’ll leave the door on the latch – if you ever come back

    There’ll be a light in the hall and the key under the mat – if you ever come back

    There’ll be a smile on my face and the kettle on and it’ll be just like you were never gone…

    We all know David will be back. I for one wont be going anywhere 😀

    Have a great 2012, everyone!

  7. Thank you John for the post. Love the way you are able to put into words what we think and feel. And the Think of me vid, man did that bring up a lot of memories. David’s always had the ability to make a song contemporary. Seeing as how AI always makes a big deal of contestants making a song their own, I don’t think he got enough credit for that as he should have. Anyway, I really love his musical instincts and it has grown from strength to strength since.

    On a side note, happy new year folks!! Also, welcome back Akang!! Can’t wait to see you! and last but not least, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TRACE!!!! Have a truly excellent and blessed year ahead 🙂

  8. Hey! Happy birthday aunty trace!! Haha 😀
    Hope you had an awesome one!
    When exactly IS your bday??

  9. Sheba!
    Thank you for your birthday wishes. 🙂
    You have an elephant’s memory! 😀
    I will TRY to have “a truly excellent year” thinking about David. 🙂

    Thank you my sweet! 🙂
    It was 5 days after David’s! You might like to do your own calculations haha 😀
    I did have an awesome one. My lovely daughters cooked a really nice meal (with a whole salmon cooked on a barbeque pit and many other goodies. So proud of them haha) and invited friends.

  10. John
    Actually, I really did like your vid. In fact, I liked it too much. What I didn’t like was it made me cry. 😦

  11. Oh, I had no idea your birthday was so close to David’s, Trace! Happy belated birthday! (:

  12. Happy belated birthday dear Trace! But I would think that at your, ahem,…. age you wouldn’t want to be reminded right? Juuusst kidding! 🙂

    I’m not really happy with my video as I feel that there were far better moments which I left out. IDK, now that it’s done the whole thing feels and looks ‘unfinished’. I wanted to spend more time on it but decided not to in the end. Oh well 🙂

    Shirley I really like those lyrics. From what song were they from?

  13. Akang
    The horoscope (or should I say “horror-scope”? hehe!) master is at work again. 😀
    No wonder David will have “digestive ailments” – we all know about his lust for all kinds of food! 😀 I did tell him to stay away from spicy food, but does he listen?!

  14. John
    Lol! But I DO want to be reminded! I want presents….parties….good wishes….hugs… 😀
    You guys owe me lol!!

    But that’s exactly it, John, if that vid seems “unfinished” as you said, please finish it……make another one….make it perfect……so that we can all cry again 😦

  15. Hey! Jan 2nd!! That’s so cool aunty trace!! I’m glad you enjoyed your awesome day! 🙂 I don’t wanna brush it in, but my birthday was not that long ago either.. 😛 Umm.. I turned 17 on December 29th 😀 I know.. Not that far from our beloved as well 🙂 hahahaha
    Hey, dont you guys just love it when you read a tweet from David that says all these praises for his little sis Jazzy??!!! And then he would tweet a while later apologizing on her behalf and calling her a weirdo after he realized his account was hacked!! 😀 LOL He is just soooo…….
    David!! Man, we’re gonna miss all that. I wonder if his sister will get hold of his twitter account when he goes on his mission? Maybe she could get us updated on his behalf? Because, I don’t think he would wanna shut down his account. He just passed 800000 followers! I hope he hits a million soon.. I read from katheryn’s LDS link that he would be able to send emails to his parents weekly to keep them updated.. So, who knows huh?? Maybe he won’t be THAT far away from us after all? 🙂

  16. Irda!!
    Happy belated 17th birthday!! You are a fellow Capricorn as well like our dear David – all us special people! 😀 I hope you had a great one!

    Yes Jazzy seems to hold a special place in David’s heart. Yes it would be good if she could update us on his news when he is away, but since David describes her as a “weirdo”, we must be on our guard eh? 😀

  17. Katheryn
    Hi! Thanks for the link. Voted. Now will WAIT for an hour.
    Go vote folks! Don’t let David’s going away be a deterrent! 🙂
    We must keep David’s name up there amongst the Forever Greats!

  18. Thanks!! Yep.. US “SPECIAL” PEOPLE!! HAHA 😀
    Yeah, we’ll just see how it goes 🙂 How David decides to leave the things in his life.. To whoever they may go too or be in the hands of.. 🙂

  19. Uncle John, your video is truly amazing.. Tears just wont stop flowing.. ;(
    But it is a great video summary 🙂

  20. Trace
    Only if you want it to be. 😉 Haha!

    When I first read that tweet about Jazzy, I actually thought it was David tweeting that. Hahaha! I was like “Wow, I never knew David could describe a girl so well.” Then when I saw his later tweet saying that it was Jazzy, it became such an awkward moment. 😛

  21. Tracy

    HAHAHAH!! Really?? Well i guess anyone could have fallen for it.. But for me, i immediately saw right through the tweet 🙂
    Who it REALLY was from!! LOL
    But i think his sister is just adorable and super hilarious 😀

  22. John, you must have spent sleepless nights putting all this amazing thoughts together. You said it all!
    I do wish David will get to read this. Yes, we’ll think of him very often. And we will be waiting for his return in 24 months time.

  23. Eunice!
    Thank you!
    Hope to see you here more often even though our Beloved is pre-occupied somewhere else. 🙂

  24. Hmm… Does anybody know when is the next AAM get-together?? Is it on the 14th? Marianne said so, but we’re not sure.. 🙂

  25. Irda!
    You have a new avatar! I LIIIIIKE!!
    OMG all those pics of David staring at us!
    Looking at your many avatars make me wonder at the moment whether I love him or hate him. 😦 S I G H ………

    Also, I think you are one smart kid to have known that the tweet was done by someone else and not David! 🙂

  26. Not a single tear in my eyes… 🙂 (hey sounds like a good title for a song)

    It’s an ok song only la but just bcos it’s frm Mraz it’ll sell tons!

    But I do hope that he NEVER collaborates with Ms Swift! What an awful thought lol. It’ll be the end of Jason’s career I’m sure.

  27. No, John, men don’t cry….they bleed! 😀
    The lyrics made me think of David and his departure – that’s why I posted it.
    I’m not a fan of Jason Mraz. But I am a great fan of David Archuleta ie if you haven’t noticed lol!

    Yes, we’ll leave Ms Swift to her own devices….you forgot to mention
    Le Foetus? 😀

  28. HAHAHAH!!! Yeah Aunty Trace! 😀 I’ve been wanting one, just thought now would be a good time to get it 🙂 And all our avatars are David! So, WOW! LOL

    David loves jason mraz.. But I have to say that I’m not that crazy about him.. :/ ESPECIALLY the I’m Yours songggggg… HUUHHHHH 🙂 But he is a great artist in his own way and i respect him for that 🙂 Plus, love the song aunty trace.. Tears did fall 😦

  29. ALMOST all our Avatars are David.. I must correct 🙂 Aunty AKang’s not.. 😀

  30. Irda
    Yeah we must change Akang’s avatar…..I mean, what is that palm tree doing in Archudom? Do you think we can sneakily change it without her knowing….? ssshhhh……. 😀 😀

  31. hey Trace and Irda,

    hahaha…. you ladies really have “nothing else better to do”. My avatar represents “I’m in paradise… eyyy..eyyy…eyyy.” LOL.. {{big hug}}

  32. Trace,
    Thanks for Jason’s creative video. The music is so-so but the lyrics is meaningful. Jason has way with his music and lyrics and I hope David could work with him one day i.e. after David’s mission. 🙂 I do hope David do have time to write more mature lyrics and music.

    I hope you could make some more videos of David when you are free. Not too sad kind but a happy one. 🙂

  33. Aunty Trace
    Hmmmmm… Sounds like a plan…. 😉 Hehe
    But we might need some assistance from a professional hacker to help change the pic. Can anybody get hold of Jazzy Archuleta???? 😀

    Aunty AKang
    Haha! Yep… We will not be having anything else better to do for the next 2 years.. 🙂 Cool paradise avatar btw 😀

  34. Irda
    Not to mention Jazzy is very beautiful too. (: She’s a fine sister to have.

    By the way, is anyone planning to buy the book “Why I’m a Mormon” which includes David’s expressions inside? 😀

  35. Happy belated birthday to Trace and Irda!!! I too have a Capricon at home. My daughter recently turned 15 on Dec 26 🙂

    Love all the videos that are posted here. John, you did a great job on that tribute video and I am looking forward to more videos from you! BTW, the lyrics in my earlier post were from a song by The Script called ‘If You Ever Come Back’.

    Tracy, is that book filled with at least 3/4 of David’s expressions? If so, where can I buy the book? 😀

  36. Akang
    Lol! Actually I really like your avatar – Irda and I promise not to hack into it! 😀
    Eh Irda?

    I didn’t know there was such a book. Do you know where we can buy one?
    There again, I’m not sure I want to read it. It would just stir up my emotions again.
    I put on ATE by accident today and listened to it for a few minutes for the 1st time (emotionally, I hadn’t been able to listen to his voice since his mission announcement) and my eyes went blurry again. Think I will stay away from him till I get used to the idea of him leaving. 😦

  37. Folks

    I would like to share this very old song (Peruvian made modern) with you. The lyrics made me think of David. (everything seems to remind me of him….dang it)

    Part of the lyrics:

    Away, I’d rather sail away
    Like a swan that’s here and gone
    A man gets tied up to the ground
    He gives the world
    Its saddest sound
    Its saddest sound

    I’d rather be a forest than a street
    Yes I would
    If I could
    I surely would

    I’d rather feel the earth beneath my feet
    Yes I would
    If I only could
    I surely would

  38. Shirley!
    Muchas gracias! You have wished me half a dozen times already! Much appreciated. 😀

    It’s a Capricorn world hehe!! Please extend my happy birthday greeting to your daughter. 🙂

  39. Thanks for the bday wish aunty Shirley!! Haha 🙂
    And Happy belated 15th Birthday to your daughter! Long live the capricorns! ❤

    Aunty AKang
    😀 We wouldn't do anything like that whatsoever.. Hahahaha! Neither do we have the means to do so… 😛

    I know! Yeah 🙂 She's the prettiest out of the three I think… But Amber's really cute too 😀
    Claudia's pretty sweet.. 😉 Daniel's a cutie too, but his big brother gets most of the girls anyway.. 🙂
    If not ALL of them! ❤

  40. Aunty Trace
    I really get you .. I know how it feels 😦 Because I’m experiencing the same thing too now.. But I still can’t seem to take myself away from his songs and vlogs! No matter how much I cry or how terribly puffy my eyes get, he’s not going anywhere to me.. That’s why I keep watching them and listen to his voice. But the videos the fans put up about him going away (the ones where they put together all his fave quotes, him laughing, how he starts his vlogs by introducing himself as if we dont already know who he is.. And how he ends his vlogs too..) really make feel as if a big chunk of my world has been “borrowed” but it is more likely to have been taken away.. Now I need to just wait to get it back 😦 We miss you already David ❤

  41. Hi Trace,

    I missed the last gathering! I was out of town.
    Will join the very next gathering. No way are we abandoning this “Archuship”.

    Yes, I remember you Irda! Hope to see you soon.

  42. Trace
    Well, maybe you could push aside those sad feelings of yours for awhile and be excited that David is coming close to Malaysia next Friday! (: Anyone have any idea of the plot for the Phillipines mini series? 😀

  43. Tracy
    He’s gonna be NEAR Malaysia.. That just makes me feel worse because first of all he’s not actually where we would want him to be. Second, there’s no way for us to see him there although he’s quite near.. We could go to the Philippines, but he’s not performing a concert or anything publicly related. 😦 Just gonna be in the studio, back to hotel, go anywhere else his entourage takes him, and hang around with his schedule for 15 days then go home.. And then the mission, I figure.. ;( Oh well, Mabuhay Filipina!

  44. Aunty Trace
    Maybe!!! We might have just been time warped into the future??? Or.. It could have just been our imagination… Oh why why why?? David, just go already.. The longer you stay, the later we get you back… 😦 Preparation has been done…. But it’s not like we want you to go anyway.. ;( *teary eyed*

  45. Irda
    Well, at least he’ll be in the same continent. (: I think we should all stay positive about his going to Manila and his mission. It’s what David would want us to do so we should smile and think of the brighter side of things.

    “If you always focus on what hasn’t worked out the way you wanted, you miss out on seeing all those things that have.” – Chords of Strength. 😀

  46. I’m with you, Tracy 🙂 I’m with you on that.. Same continent it is then! Haha! Hey, you end up posting a quote from COS anyway! 😀
    Really cool. I hope to see the series when it airs. Hopefully pretty soon

  47. Eunice
    You were sadly missed at our get-together.
    Let me snoop around to see when is the next one.
    Am so glad to hear that you will never abandon David. 🙂

    COS is a wonderful book – even for the adults. There are so many quotable quotes. So happy to see you making references to it. 🙂

    So agree with you. I too wish that David would leave NOW, then come back to us fast fast!

    I have slowly crept back to listening to him. This is one of my favourites – I guess you guys have not listened to it for a long time.

  48. Katheryn!
    So it’s true! Woohoo! 😀
    I had my doubts the whole time because I didn’t want to be disappointed if it didn’t happen. Thanks Katheryn!

    I am certain we’ll be able to watch it on the net, or at least the David parts. He is going to be dubbed in tagalog? Phew! I definitely need help from my Filipina house-help!
    I wonder if the very creative Pinoys will make dvd’s of the series.
    I am in the queue already! Anyone joining me? 😀

  49. Please let me say this first and foremost..
    I REALLY want to be at the next get-together, but I’m working now.. So I can just hope that I will be able to make it next time 😦 I wasn’t there on his bday either… ;(

    Aunty Trace
    Oh my.. That song, when he sang it the way he did, I fell to floor the first time I saw it.. 🙂 And I guess nothing can change that even after almost 4 years now… His eyes just pierce you, his voice CONTROLS you ❤
    And yeah you're right aunty Trace! I'm in the line with you too 😉 And perhaps all of us as well!

  50. Irda
    Your absence and your pretty face at our get-togethers have been sorely missed and I do hope you can make it to the next one. We have a beautiful David-bracelet to give you donated by SandyBeaches! And we know how much you love David. 🙂

    David is such a mature sensitive soul that his voice has a touchingly soothing tenderness when it comes to quiet love songs – and his eyes can cut and slice you deep –
    I love his fast songs too – very much – but to me, he exceptionally excels in his slower songs where he can demonstrate his sensuality and the beauty of his voice most.

    I can’t resist posting this song because, like you, when I first heard it, I fell off the chair – it is truly beautiful – I’ve heard other singers singing it too but David’s verson is incomparable..
    Sorry the vid has other people in it as well but it is our David’s voice that stands out –

  51. Although I feel happy for Filipino fans somehow I don’t think this is a good career choice for David. Does this get him any closer to a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame? I think not. He would be better off doing a show like Glee in the States – far more impact. Why couldn’t they get him on that show?
    He’ll be seen as ‘settling’ i.e. hanging on to any offers that come – reminds me of the song ‘Rhinestone Cowboy’ by Glen Campbell.

    Who made this deal for him and why on earth did he accept? Sorry for the snark but Philippine TV isn’t exactly the mecca of the entertainment industry.He needs professional management pronto!

  52. John, if David were not leaving on a mission soon I would feel much the same as you. However, I think this will be a good learning experience for him. He will be able to gain a few more acting skills without being under the harsh spotlight of American media. I think it was rather a savvy move rather than an act of desperation.

  53. I’d like to add that I believe David is fully aware of the management issue. Looking back, it’s obvious the reason he did not pursue new professional management was because of his choice to go on a mission. He could not possibly have locked himself into a contract under those circumstances. I’ve no doubt that he will do it the right way when he returns.

  54. Katheryn he could easily have gotten the same acting chops in the US where the real action is. Remember Hannah Montana with Miley? Granted that wasn’t a huge role but I thought he was very natural in that short episode and I’m sure he gained a lot of new fans in the US which is where it counts – let’s be honest about it.

    He should have gone out with a bang instead of a whimper.

  55. I also think that he accepted the job simply to please the fans which is well and good but it doesn’t add anything credible to his resume. And this is the sweet but frustrating thing about David Archuleta; that he’s generous with fans but doesn’t seem to have any clear, long term road map in mind as far as his career is concerned. It seems like he’s making it up as he goes along.

  56. John, the Hannah Montana gig gave him little more than a minute or two of onscreen time. He enjoyed a bit more on-air time with the iCarly show, but in both cases they were only guest appearances. In addition, he was simply playing a version of himself in both instances — not much of stretch acting wise. For the Philippines gig he will be playing an actual character, not just himself, and he will have tons more on-air time. This is an ideal way to get comfortable in front of the camera while at the same time picking up a new set of skills. If he does a credible job, then he can add this to his resume and have something to show the folks in Hollywood when he returns.

    I think you underestimate what it takes to get on television in the U.S. The only reason he was on iCarly and Hannah Montana was because of the enormous exposure A.I. brought him. In addition, those were shows aimed at children. To be taken more seriously as an adult, he will need to show that he has real acting chops. This is a great opportunity for him to spread his wings without worrying so much about the critics. I don’t consider this as going out with a “whimper.” It’s more of a practice run for bigger and better things in the future.

  57. John and Katheryn
    I see both your points of view.

    I agree that this acting stint may be a good practice, or even discovery, session for the future, and may even help him along in his future music videos.

    I also agree that a Filipino mini-series may not exactly turn out to be the “Glee of the East”. David is an international star known throughout the world, albeit he has not begun to shine super brightly as some less deserving artistes. Being in a mini-series on Filipino TV, with all due respect, seems to have a “belittling” effect – just an opinion.
    However, this move seems to have made many of his fans very happy and excited – and that’s of no shabby importance, especially at this time when sadness and tears are rampant.
    Whether this decision will enhance his career in the long run or create pooh-pooh opinions, one can never tell since what the public wants is so fickle and so difficult to gauge. (Which brings to mind how it has worked out for Le Foetus)

    Being an avid follower of David the past few years has been like sitting precariously and gripping the bar in a roller-coaster – you never know what may happen with David next: will his popularity suddenly dip as in recent years with the slow acceptance of TOSOD, or will it fly sky-high as during and after AI and during the Asian Tour.
    I have learnt to expect the unexpected from him and not always happily, or without feeling a certain amount of dread or trepidation.

    My ever-present gripe about David’s career (which should have been magnificent) is the absence of good management. Despite his old-soul wisdom of life’s values, he is lacking in business acumen. I would like to think it true, what Katheryn said, that he is fully aware of the situation, and that he will do it “the right way” when he returns, which I am positive he will.

  58. I’ve decided to cast all the gloom and all the reasoning aside for the moment.
    It is rumoured that it will be a love story. Hm…I think I’m looking forward to watching David do the love scenes! 😀

  59. I, too, is not happy with his acting choice. Why now when he is going away for 2 years. No credibility earned unless he wants to be an actor when he returns. Is the contract signed before he knew he was accepted for his mission?? I would rather have him releasing new songs before he leave and that would makes sense. Acting – ?? *scratch head*. Wishful thinking: I hope David has negotiated deals with Sony label in distributing his news songs in Asia and US since fans has spotted some Sony Executives attended his first MKOC concert.

    My opinion of “Wait” video – I still feel David deserves better than that mediocre video. I feel that is no effort on David or his management’s part in negotiation for a story line since it would be his last video before his long break. It should be an impactful video! The only plus point of that video was the close-up shots of David which pleases the fans. 🙂

    I shall see what his career path would be when he returns; if he returns to the music scene. Well, this 2-year break will also gives David’s management team some time to learn, networking with the right music producers and plan their strategy for year 2015!

  60. Oops – typo error – distributing *new* songs in Asia….

    Trace – what? a Love story….hahaha.. Love scene….. No way!! I think the love scene would flip David to his core and he will immediately pack his bags and go back to Utah. LOL…. or he would request for a “stand-in double” for those kissing scene, if any. 🙂

  61. Akang
    lol! you are right, I too doubt David would do a torrid love scene infront of the camera. (But then David has been known to give us all kinds of surprises, so can we really be sure of what he has in store for us?)
    There are different kinds of love scenes – how about just lovelorn looks and loving arms? ;D

    I’m afraid I don’t agree with you re the WAIT video. It doesn’t need to have a storyline to be “impactful”. It is supposed to be abstract and “arty” and the meaning of it to be construed by the individual. Like looking at an abstract painting – everyone will have different interpretations of it. That’s what makes it interesting. 🙂

  62. Aunty Trace
    Awww.. That’s really sweet.. 😉 I’m so touched to hear that. Thank you so much and yes, I do LOVE David a whole lot 🙂 But if what Marianne said is true, about the next meet up being on this Saturday, I most definitely will not be able to make it ;( Oh my…. I’m just so stuck now!!! Help…… Please….

    Well, since everybody is debating about David’s choice to do the mini series and whether it will provide him with any benefit or not in the future, I honestly have many things to say about it, but I seem to have a hard time digging for energy.. 😦 *maybe I’m just too tired due to my job.. :P* When I first heard about this, I did ask myself,”Why??? A TV series on Filipino TV? 😦 What… David… Hmmm” I have to agree with uncle John about Filipino tv not exactly being the entertainment industry Mecca. I question how this offer can make him jump a few steps further in his career… I question why he chose this to be one of the last things in his “Before Mission” to do list… And, I question, is acting REALLY something he should consider at this moment??? The moment as in what Aunty Trace has said something similar earlier, in my own words, the time when we are all just holding up a reservoir of tears behind a thin film of beautiful memories that we have glued together to keep the wall standing.. Or more likely, to keep US standing… 😦 Wouldn’t it be better if David did something that has connections with music? I agree with aunty AKang on that. I would prefer to hear new cover songs from David if new ones aren’t available. Or maybe see him perform on stage at any show, with any other artist.. Doing something that showcases him at his best! Singing. Delivering messages through melodies and lyrics that made us fall in love with him in the very first place.. Of course, developing new skills is always a good thing, but I just don’t think he should be doing this kind of thing now. Sticking to what he does best, leaving a significant mark in this world that knows him for what he is deep inside, and moving on with a new journey in a completely different atmosphere.. That, that is what I wish for him to do. But I stand by any decision he has made and will make. He’s our David, he knows… 🙂

  63. Oh!! And another thing.. About the love story storyline, I back up aunty AKang!! Aunty Trace, you are right about expecting the unexpected from David, but who are we kidding?? When it has anything to do with the mushy lovey dovey loopdidoo roler coaster, he’s the first one to BOLT!! Hahah 😀 We all know that… And that hasn’t changed at all with him. Plus, I’m sure the producers have asked him if he wanted to do this or that kind of scenes beforehand. They must have taken into consideration and prioritize his values and the way he does things in his life.. David might seem like a ‘yes man’ at times, but hey! Never underestimate us Capricorns!! We know what we want, and nothing can stand in our way of getting them! If we don’t want something, there isn’t a way to get us nodding our heads to them either! 🙂 David is gonna do great, and I guess we should just pray for the best for him.. 🙂 He’ll always have our love, and we’ll always have his heart ❤ Today. Tomorrow. And the Hereafter…

  64. hey Trace,

    Ai! So that was what “Wait” video concept is all about – an abstract piece! 🙂 Oh well, I still prefer story line music videos and I think to-date his ALTNOY video is still the best – a well-thought-out concept. 🙂 I still feel “Wait” should have been an impactful video out in the music industry since it is promoted by V channel and his last until 2015.

    LOL…”(But then David has been known to give us all kinds of surprises….)” – no way he is showing us his affectionate self in public with a girl. He said he can’t bear to hold his little sister’s hand least of all a stranger!..LOL.. You are a dreamer! 🙂

  65. hey Irda,

    How is the working world? Fun and interesting, right?? 🙂

    haha… yes! young lady – never underestimate a Capricorns!! Love your take on David’s choice of career right now. Well, we shall see a dubbed tagalog David next month if the rumoured date is true. Do we have a Filipino channel here, I wonder?

  66. Hi Everyone,

    Interesting conversation going around here.

    Got me thinking of how a certain filipino singer was on Glee while our David will be in a pinoy mini-series…if only it could be the other way around 🙂 I am sure David will do great if he was on Glee or CSI (like JB did). Oh well, we just have to see how his upcoming acting role will turn out. Cant say I am exceptionally glad he landed a role there and for whatever reasons but still I cant wait to see it.

    John, you said he’s generous with his fans and I can help but think of the things he has done for his Asian fans ie the recent Asian tour, release of his ATE cd, making the Wait video in HK and now the acting role with a Filipino TV series…he might just as well move over here 🙂

    Trace, if I dont hear from you these few days, I know where you’re heading to 😀 If you meet David, tell him to take it easy on those mangoes and spicy food!

  67. Akang
    So I am a dreamer, am I? Have you forgotten that David said to “Dream Sky High”? 😀
    I seriously think WAIT is not a “mediocre” vid as you put it. It just doesn’t have a definitive storyline, that’s all. As I said in the previous thread, boy-girl relationships in a music vid, have already been done to death. Surely you don’t want David to keep on “beating a dead horse”?

    He so wishes to have a breakthrough in the so-called artistry put out to the world day in and day out. That’s the reason he doesn’t follow the present musical norm.
    It is what the word “artistry” denotes – he does what he believes to be his very own art and creativity.

    I agree that ALTNOY is good but the lyrics of that song completely point to a boy-girl relationship direction.
    The lyrics in WAIT are ambiguous – the character in the vid could be waiting for anything – so why not put out a vid that is ambiguous too? 🙂
    Sounds like a great idea to me.

    You may prefer the vid to have a more defined story, but this vid is just of a different genre. I like the vid but confess I’m not totally in love with it, but it is definitely NOT mediocre. 🙂
    And I take my hat off to David for his bravery in doing something totally different but true to his sense of artistry.

  68. Oh, the working world is VERY interesting Aunty AKang.. It’s like a whole new dimension.. 😛 I must say, being a waitress in a hotel coffee house is a pretty EXCRUCIATING job to do 😦 Anyway, I have fun before the pain kicks in by the time my shift is supposed to end 🙂

    Huhhh… David. David. David. Please make things turn out right. The way YOU want to do it. And the way WE would want to see you do it… If only he could here all these stuff we have to say ;( Oh well…

  69. Hey Irda
    Am glad for you that you are discovering the real world haha…or is it a temporary job until you go to college? Waitressing is very tiring on the feet – I did a summer job waitressing when I was studying in the UK – and did my feet hurt at the end of the day! But I thoroughly enjoyed the work and meeting and talking to the customers. Hope you make full use of your time there. 🙂

    Don’t worry Irda, David knows full well how much we fans care for him. 🙂

  70. Shirley
    Now that David has decided to stay away from Live performances for the next 2 years or so, he might just go all the way to “gasak” all the spicy food ! 😀

    I hear that Glee’s popularity is not what it used to be – so maybe it’s not such a good idea for him to be part of it. I have never felt inclined to watch it so I don’t really know. When David sang that song in some football game (or something like that – can’t remember which), that was the time when they should have recruited him into the cast.

  71. Hey guys. I’m supposed to be studying. Having exams now. But this David is super distracting. Gahh!

  72. Lol Liying! Yes he is soo super distracting!
    Thanks for the vlog.
    Now go back to studying. Good luck! 🙂

  73. It seems like you guys are all having a debate here in the comments. Hahaha. By the way, is the meet-up on Saturday still on as planned? (:

  74. So Prince Charming has arrived in the Philippines!!! I managed to tune in at the right time to watch a bit of the ustream this morning. I must say the
    pinoy Archies are truly a bunch of the most dedicated fans. David must feel
    so touched by the warm welcome 🙂

    LOL Trace, you are right, he can ‘gasak’ all the mangoes and spicy food to his heart’s content 😀

    Just saw that David managed to fulfill Phylis’ wish. Noticed he had the same outfit on while singing to her and at the Manila airport arrival. He must have sang to Phylis and then hop on the plane to Manila…what a sweetheart * sigh *

    The coming 2 weeks is going to be very exciting!

  75. Shirley
    Whether we agree with David’s decision to act in the Filipino mini-series or not, or the timing of it, it is so heart-warming to see the loyalty and dedication of the Pinoy Archies who we have always and will ever give our greatest love and admiration, as well as our utmost respect.
    They deserve David’s presence the next 2 weeks and I hope the series will enjoy a huuuge success!
    Me too, Shirley, I really look forward to watching it! 🙂

  76. Hey Peeps!!
    I have Good News and Bad News.

    The bad news (not that bad actually) is the get-together will NOT be this Saturday 14th Jan.

    The GOOD NEWS is we will meet soon after Chinese New Year! 🙂
    A post will be put up very soon!
    Don’t forget to log in to check the details!!! 🙂

  77. Aunty Trace
    Yeah.. It’s a temporary job.. I just wanna get the experience 🙂 I finish on March 8th! Its after Chinese new year!! Yay!! I hope I get to go. Thanks for the update as usual! You never disappoint ❤

    *Happy for Filipina*

  78. All I wanna say is if in the next 2 years, more singers like Adele pops up, David will be swept away by their mighty tide.

    That is all.

  79. Hey, did anyone watch David’s Manila press conference? He said that he would be releasing music while he’s on his mission. That is really great news! 😀

  80. Kudos! to the Pinoy Archies. What a sight and a heart-warming welcome they gave to David yesterday. Hope we could see this warm welcome again after 2 years!

    John – I don’t think there were that many Adele type of singers popping up in the next 2 years. Look at the contestants in singing competitions. Some may be good but they don’t have the x-factor like David. I think David would still be in the safe place if he continue to put out music while on his mission. It was nice of him assuring his fans that he still very much in the music business. I just heard “Mary Did You Know” (MKOC) last night for the first time and he has put out a different sound to it – more mature. Nice.

    Trace – awesome that the gathering has been postponed. Thanks for the notification. Need to do some CNY shopping!! Looking forward to the next gathering.

    Tracy – yes! it indeed a great news and he said he will try to communicate to us, too. haha… after that warm welcome in Philippines, who wouldn’t want to be connected!! 🙂

  81. Oh Johnnnn…..!
    Do be a little more optimistic. I understand what you are saying, but as Akang put it, there will hardly be any Adele’s around.
    Put it another way, if more Foetuses come along (which is more likely), David will come back in triumph and much to our relief. 🙂
    Besides, David has already said that his pre-recorded music will be released as time goes by during the next 2 years, so it is not as if David will be forgotten or even “UNfelt”.

  82. Tracy
    Yes I’m sure we are all glued to our computers keeping our eyes fixed on David’s news in the Philippines! 🙂
    Nandito Ako! That’s the name of the mini-series!
    (Sounds like Japanese if you ask me.) 😀

  83. Hey Akang
    How is Bangkok treating you? 🙂
    Please pray for David’s safety and for his coming back to us! 🙂
    Rushing off to do my errands – talk later! 🙂

  84. John:

    A mighty tide of Adele-type singers?!

    This may shock you, but I’m not all that impressed with Adele, at least not Adele live. I’ve seen her perform live on TV, and I’ve also watched a YouTube video of a live performance, and all I could think was that she’s over-hyped and over-rated if what I heard and saw was considered to be exceptional. I must admit I haven’t listened to a studio recording of her’s other than “Chasing Pavements,” so I’m still willing to keep an open mind, but honestly, she had trouble staying on key in both the instances I referred to, and it wasn’t simply a matter of song styling.

    I’m far from being a musical expert, but I do believe I have a good ear, and I’m very sensitive to sharp and flat notes when they are sung. All singers have off days or bad performances. Even David sings off key occasionally (usually when attempting to hit a high note when his voice is tired or he has nose and throat issues due to a cold or allergies). Still, I’m amazed at what passes for greatness amongst the masses these days. I attribute it largely to a generation of listeners who grew listening to studio enhanced and auto-tuned voices on the radio.

  85. @Katheryn
    With all due respect, I must beg to differ.

    I don’t know about those Adele’s performances you have mentioned – perhaps they are from some time ago or she might have not been in top form when she made those performances, but from what I’ve seen, she’s a mighty good vocalist, whether live or in the studio. Better than most of the run-of-the-mill artists nowadays, I might add.

    As far as Autotune goes, I’ve detected very little use of it in her recent album (granted that I’ve only heard 3 tracks) – I’ll even be so bold as to say that David uses more Autotune than her (when comparing their most recent albums).

    Anyhow, even if 21 other Adeles pop up in the next 4-5 years to come, I’m sure David will still find enough fans to keep him afloat – his music isn’t all that bad, really. Oh, and one more thing to the mods (it’s good news!): I’m still working on writing the article I owe you, haha. I have three in mind, but honestly, I’m having some difficulty in bringing David into the picture. Nevertheless, I’ll find a way around that so…don’t worry – I’ll finish them somehow! 🙂

  86. Zach:

    I wasn’t accusing Adele of using auto-tune. My point was that a lot of “singers” today use it, and that helps account for the lack of public education as to what constitutes a a truly good, natural voice.

    I saw her perform on the Graham Norton show on BBC America. (I believe he has the #1 “chat” show in the U.K.) Her vocals were not stellar in that performance, and yet the audience was rapturously applauding. I’m not sure where the YouTube clip I saw was performed at, but for some reason Albert Hall (the U.K. version of Carnegie Hall) stands out in my mind. In both cases, she was in a high profile venue, and both were recent performances.

    Everyone has different tastes, and the fact you like Adele probably accounts for most of our differences. Nevertheless, she is an unpolished performer in my estimation. She will no doubt improve as she grows older and gains experience because she does have raw talent, but she’s no Ella Fitzgerald –not at this point anyway (and probably never).

  87. Katheryn
    I watched her performance in the Graham Norton show, but I detected only minor mistakes in Adele’s vocals – small enough that you’d have to be looking for them to notice, and thus negligible (being the vocal aficionado that I am, I’m pretty sure she gave a good performance; close to stellar, even). I suppose her vocal style is noticeably different from most other singers and makes her somewhat of an acquired taste – the ‘either love her or hate her’ scenario.

    Anyhow, she’s definitely improved from her previous album and I’m sure she’ll be better in the near future as well – just as David can and will, too, which is why I believe he still has what it takes to hold his ground when the proverbial Adele army rears it’s head. Speaking of which, do you guys know that Adele plans to go on a 2 or 3 year break from music as well? It’s a pity, but she apparently wants to rest so I guess we won’t be hearing from her in a while.

  88. Katheryn
    I am definitely not an aficionado of vocal stylings and what nots, I just know what I like. You and I definitely have different genetics when it comes to the human voice :-). I have been listening to a lot of Adele’s music lately both in the recorded and live versions and I could hardly hear any flat or pitchy notes. Her voice and her music is amazing – in my opinion. To me she is the rare singer who sound almost the same both in the studio as well as on stage i.e. the real thing, no autotune, studio engineering etc.Maybe you detected the flaws because she has been battling with a lot of vocal issues which resulted in her having to go for throat surgery. She may be raw at this stage in her career but that’s what makes her an exceptional vocalist – again in my opinion. One thing I can say in her defense is that she probably never had vocal training the way David has. But I have grown to love her music – she is an amazing talent.

    Where did you read about Adele taking 3 years off? I thought the surgery was very successful? I suppose she or her vocal chords badly needs the rest. That’s too bad for music fans.

  89. John
    I can’t remember exactly where I read that information, but I’m pretty sure you can Google it up with the right keywords (try Adele, music break?). Apparently the reason for her break is that she just doesn’t feel like making music for the next couple of years, not because of medical reasons.

  90. Zach
    You’re right. She is taking a long-ish break from singing AND song writing! She wants to fully recover first before she even thinks about music.That’s bloody too bad! I was really hoping that she would even come to this region for a concert. Dang! Just when I have started to appreciate her music. I guess we’ll have to do with her current store of music until she decides to return.

    And maybe put in some vocal training eh Katheryn? 😉

  91. I feel like I’m being ganged up on! Ha! Ha! So perhaps I heard Adele singing live while she was dealing with vocal issues, but I think it had more to do with expectations of brilliance because of all the hype surrounding her. Sorry, but I was disappointed. I didn’t want to be, especially since David has been singing her praises.

    The problem is, I like listening to some of the greats from the past. Here’s a live Ella Fitzgerald, performance of “Round Midnight.”

  92. My mom loves Sarah Vaughan, so I grew up listening to her as well. Sarah singing “Tenderly.”

  93. Now, here’s a live performance of Adele singing “Lovesong” on The David Letterman Show.

  94. You are probably right John. That’s why I come in here – to learn from you guys haha!
    I usually listen to classical music when I want a break from David (heehee). This vid reminds me very much of David, or rather, my dreams for David – to fly high and be really successful and draw tears from the audience.

  95. Katheryn
    If you like singers like Ella Fitzgerald and Sarah Vaughan and simultaneously have a passion for David, it really says something for David’s voice. 🙂

  96. haha…Adele needs a break was because she needs to be in a relationship first and then break it off before she could write and record her songs. That what she said about her 2 albums – 19 and 21. Just kidding!! I guess she is a true songwriter who knows what kind of music she is heading for and not those who just want to churn out $$$$.

    To me, Adele doesn’t show much of her emotions in her songs, other than her unique strong rough voice with perfect pitch and techniques. I’m like Katheryn, comparing Adele with Whitney Houston. 🙂

  97. Katheryn
    Yes, Ella and Sarah are undoubtedly good vocalists – with distinctly different vocal styles compared to Adele. They both have smooth, polished vocals whereas Adele’s vocals are brassy and raspy – the sort that is favoured in the soul/RnB genres in which her songs are placed. Unfortunately, I cannot watch the last video (of Adele singing Lovesong) since it’s ‘Not available in [my] country’. 😦

    Still, I assure you: Adele is more or less as great a singer as Sarah Vaughan or Ella Fitzgerald (or will be, at the very least) in her own way. She can do things with her voice that both the singers of old can’t, and vice-versa. Sue me; tie me up; tickle me senseless, but I still stand by what I just said. 🙂

    On a less serious note, I agree with Aunt Trace – I’m pretty surprised you chose to listen to David despite having a preference for singers like Sarah and Ella. Usually, people who prefer singers from the past are very…condescending towards contemporary ones. For example, the time I tried to Archiefy my mom by playing David’s most heavenly rendition of Heaven and Crazy, my mom said: ‘Who is this kid, spoiling such nice songs by singing it in such a modern way?’ – and there goes my hopes, dashed to pieces. 😦

    And Aunt Trace – I’m working on it! 😉

  98. Zach – haha… I know how your mom feels when I heard Justin Bieber butchered his Xmas songs over the radio last year. 🙂

    Trace – you are hoot with your video…haha… I thought that guy would have fallen flat on his face after that high jump with that kind of swan music!!

  99. Zach:

    Prepare to be tickled! I’m 100% certain both Ella and Sarah could have adapted their voices to a more contemporary style.

    FYI: I’m NOT condescending towards current singers. Neither am I dismissive towards those from another era, and Ella and Sarah fit that category for me. I am simply a fan of great singers from whatever time and place. Period.

  100. I wasn’t too impressed with Adele in the beginning either. I caught a couple of her songs on radio and watched snippets of her live performances on TV but I wasn’t bowled over. In fact the more she was praised the more I was determined to stay away from her music. I’ve been down that road before when the reality didn’t live up to the hype and so I kept my distance.

    That is until I heard ‘Someone Like You’, Adele’s 2nd single and I was hooked. There’s something about that song and the way she sings it. I did a little research about the inspiration for the song and the information I got made me realize why I love it so. It really resonates with me and I think it’s such a good song. That’s when I started to pay more attention to Adele, bought her CD and I must say I’m now a huge fan.

    You’re right Zach, about her vocals. It’s husky, raspy and scratchy at times which makes her singing and songs that much more impactful. You can’t have a sweet pop sound for the kind of music that’s found on her 2nd album which is basically about the breakup of her relationship. Maybe in future albums when she’s feeling more upbeat she’ll sing differently.

    There is one singer though that I feel is waaay over hyped and undeserving of all the praise heaped on this singer but I won’t name said singer as a large part of David’s fans would be very upset with me 😉 😉

  101. John:

    I’m concerned that part of that husky, raspy sound you so love about Adele is due to her chain smoking. Nat King Cole smoked heavily, and many believed, including him, that it helped give him his rich sound. Sadly, he died of lung cancer in his mid-forties. I hope Adele has — or will during her time off — kick the habit.

  102. Zach:

    One last post on this subject, and then I promise I won’t bore you anymore with it!!! Since you described Ella’s vocal style as “smooth,” I thought I’d educate you as to another side of this multi-faceted artist. If Adele can stay relevant with a career lasting over half a century, and if she can still sing this well when she’s around sixty or older, then we’ll strike up this conversation again somewhere in the future!

  103. Yes John…I’m part of that “large part of David’s fans” who is very upset with you! 😦 My advice to you is that you should keep your doors locked tonight or you could be getting some unfriendly callers holding sticks and parangs!

  104. Katheryn and John
    Sad to say, a husky/raspy voice won’t survive for long if the singer continuously performs for a long period of time. A raspy voice can only be produced using certain singing techniques which are not healthy (for the vocal folds) in the long run. One reason why Ella Fitzgerald can still have a good voice is because she practises good vocal techniques (hence the ‘smooth’ and ‘polished’ tone of her voice – very different from Adele’s).

    Secondly, she might not have performed several nights in a row which avoids vocal exhaustion – a privilege not offered to many contemporary artists. Adele has had to perform many, many times in a short span of time – and see where it got her: vocal hemorrhaging, and a pretty bad case at that. Even David has felt the effects of excessive singing – I’ve seen one performance where he can barely hit one of the high notes in Falling Stars, let alone finish it.

    Unfortunately, Adele is duty-bound to perform so perform she must, even at the expense of her voice. She has even stopped smoking during her tour in order to preserve her voice for as long as possible (don’t know if she resumed). And even if she takes it easy on the number of her performances, her technique is such that it WILL damage her voice just because it is her trademark sound and she has to use it. I’d wager that she won’t last 15 years before her voice burns out. Mariah is an unprecedented master vocalist in the pop industry (and she has even impressed people from the classical singing arena) with immaculate vocal techniques (most of the time), but her record label was determined to squeeze every last note out of her, and she is now a shell of her former self (her voice, at least).

    To end my woefully uninteresting 🙂 tirade, I’ll say again that Ella is a good vocalist and a flexible artist – but Adele, too, is a wonderful singer who has strengths that Ella lacks (and vice-versa, I will point out again). Adele certainly deserves the acclamation that she has been getting all this while, unlike some other…overrated artists who depend more on other qualities of self, not their voice, to promote themselves (and their music).

  105. *Sorry if I didn’t make myself clear when I brought in that Mariah analogy – what I wanted to say was that even with perfect singing techniques, if a singer keeps singing without resting, eventually their vocal folds will give out.

    Oh and Katheryn, I too am a fervent admirer of many great vocalists – it’s just that I’d rather listen to the more contemporary ones. As for those who music I don’t have a preference for, I respect their ability to sing (but that’s not nearly enough to convince me to listen to their songs, haha!). 😉

  106. Zach,

    Interesting take on husky/raspy vocal. Just curious – what about Rod Stewart – his vocal was always husky and does it means he uses special vocal technique?? I know Bee Gees uses their falsetto perfectly. 🙂

  107. Erm, I can’t really give you a 100% confirmation, but I suppose it’s more or less the same technique everyone uses to get a rasp in their voice. It’s the same everywhere – anyone can sing like Mariah as long as they use the same technique as her, but getting the technique is the hard part. 🙂

    Oh by the way, I searched Adele’s performance of Love Song on Letterman, and…well, I really like it, haha. She sings the blues so well, and her vocal acrobatics are subtle yet amazingly executed.

  108. I think Adele’s raspy vocals is probably due to her smoking. Also her voice has been categorized as a ‘contralto’, the lowest register of the female voice although her high notes can be pretty powerful. I’m not sure it’s a conscious technique that she uses. I agree that Mariah’s vocal disintegration is due to over singing and fatigue but when you’re a star of her stature I guess your voice is not your own anymore. The same goes for Whitney Houston who wrecked her voice probably due to substance abuse. This is one thing that I don’t understand about artists as this god given gift is so precious – how can they be so careless and cavalier about it?

    Unfortunately Adele seems to be going down the same path as she has been reported to have resumed smoking after her surgery against her doctor’s advice. What is it about artsy people? Why do they have these suicidal tendencies and behaves in ways that flies against the face of common sense? I mean their voice is their bread and butter – you would think that they’ll do anything to protect those precious folds of tissue in their throats.

    I also want to add that Barbra Streisand at one time wanted an operation to change her rather unattractive nose but was strongly advised against it by her doctors for fear that her voice would be adversely altered.

    Adele’s version of Love Song – which in it’s original is an uptempo pop song by The Cure – is a slowed down, bluesy rendition which is maybe why it sounded flat and out of tune to those unfamiliar with the original:

    I bought the CD of her Royal Albert Hall concert in which she sang this song and at first I too thought that she was flat but then realized that a bluesy version of the song can be hard to appreciate. Her versions of Bonnie Raitt’s “I can’t make you love me” and Bob Dylan’s “Make you feel my love” is superb.

    Katheryn by the time Adele is in her sixties I’m afraid neither you nor I would be around to have any tete a tete with Zach lol!

  109. Hmm…the thing is that vocal deterioration doesn’t occur overnight. It comes gradually – a slight increase in sore throats, a little more difficulty in hitting high notes, a little more rasp to one’s voice…really; I doubt the singers would notice the damage until it’s too late. To them, it’s just: ‘Oh, I’ll sleep this one off; it’ll go away tomorrow for sure’ but eventually it gets a bit harder to sleep off each time, until they don’t notice the rasp in their voice anymore, or they just scale the notes down to make it easier for them to hit. Kinda sad, when you think about it.

    And don’t even get me started on Whitney Houston. I don’t know what she took until it affected her voice so; there was this recent (as in, just a couple of years ago, if even that) performance of her singing I Will Always Love You, and it’s so painful to watch her. Umm…well, if you’d like to see it, here’s the video but I really don’t recommend it. It’s disturbing to see someone with that great of a voice come down to this.

  110. Good grief!

    I pity Whitney really. That beautiful voice just wasted.
    And her Australian concert promoter had the cheek to give excuses for her croaking! I think it’s a sin to throw away such a precious gift.

  111. Oh Josh! I agree.
    Why did the audience still cheer and applaud her? And she seems to be making a fool of herself by going on the stage. Even Maria Callas got booed and had things (not roses that’s for sure) thrown at her in disapproval at a Milan performance when she did not sing well. (Sorry no vid or link – it was an incident related to me some time ago by a reliable source who was a Live witness)

  112. Perhaps she’s in desperate need of financial aid – I have heard that she went into bankruptcy a while ago, and a little bit of searching produced this article:
    That could be a good enough reason for her to try to earn something to keep her afloat but honestly, it’s a poorly planned prospect. I don’t know if she tried to take vocal lessons to patch her voice up a bit but even with the lessons, they (her managers, etc.) shouldn’t have made her tackle a song like I Will Always Love You, even if it is her signature song. A toddler could’ve told you that she won’t be nailing all the notes right with her voice like that. Unless, of course, she had not many songs to sing, which I doubt since she must’ve a lot of songs to choose from under her belt.

  113. Hahaha! I love to read all the comments! I wish we will keep this site going even if David is off on his mission!

    Have a Happy Chinese New Year to all precious AAMERS!

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