6 comments on “Thank You David video …

  1. Wow! Cool video 🙂

    Thanks Shu for your efforts and to all you Archies who sent in your dedications. Great stuff.

    And thanks Amy for bringing it all the way to Santa Rosa for us :-).

  2. Great vid! Thanks to all those Aam’ers who contributed to it. And to Shu for putting it together and also to Akang for taking it to Santa Rosa and to Janey FOD for handing it to David. I applaud all the Archies of the world for helping each other! 🙂

    And a Very Happy New Year to everyone! 2012 is going to be a different kind of year with David being away.
    Let’s keep the Archuflame burning and alive! 🙂

  3. Hey AAMers – Happy New Year!!!

    Shu – wow!! your “thank you” video is awesome and it really put a smile on my face. David would have said “Good job!!” I was truly impressed of the CD cover that you have created. Cool!! It was indeed my pleasure bringing it over to Santa Rosa and I really had a fun time meeting many Archies fans and David, too. 🙂

    John – Nice to see you here again. 🙂

  4. Happy New Year to you, Trace!

    Yes, we hear you. Let’s keep the Archuflame burning and alive while David is away!! hmmm… when is the next gathering?? 🙂

  5. Aww. love the vid. Thanks so much Shu Yee for putting it together. I especially like the fact that contributions between male and female were pretty even and it showed a good balance and range of the fan base here (as it is elsewhere as well 🙂 )

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