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  1. Whatever decision he wishes to make cannot be supported a lot more than how it is now to me.. But 2 years is gonna be a long wait

  2. It is the same question I’ve been asking myself –
    What MORE does God want David to do?
    What MORE does David think his God wants him to do?
    (I do not mean to be disrespectful – I respect all religions).

    I have often wondered why God wanted the Israelites to wander around for 20 years in the desert before He showed them the Promised Land.
    And why He didn’t allow Moses to enter it at the end of that long, arduous historic journey.

    But then, what do I know about the Divine Will.
    I’m just a person who is a pretty good human being and who recognises another good person when I see one.
    When I saw David, I knew I was in the presence of another good human being who is pure and generous at heart to say the least.

    Again, I hope I am not being respectful – I wish artists like …..sorry, I don’t think I should mention any names here…….should be sent on missions instead. They need it……not our David, not in a million years.
    He has been doing so much good in singing his kind of songs and leading the kind of life that is so profoundably emulatable, not just for the kids but for all asunder. Many people just TALK at being good but David just IS.

    I have sunk into the depths of my ability to understand and I have wept.
    No doubt David seems happy and excited to embark on this mission soon, and have often in the past mentioned the possibility of his going away on such a mission, but who knows what has transpired behind the LDS scenes and what is really going through his mind?

    The only Xmas present I want this year is for the pain and sense of loss to go away.

  3. John
    After having lived through those few days of battling with my emotions and also that rant an hour ago, I have – eureka! – suddenly found my peace.

    I need to think this momentous decision was completely made by David himself. Why – we don’t know. And we, as fans, don’t need to know.
    I need to think that this is between David and God.

    I no longer want to dwell on my own selfish sadness; neither do I want to question the reason he broke down (which was why I felt so bad in the first place).

    I want to shed my mama-ness and be patient
    and WAIT for his return.


  4. We as an AAM family need to meet up and celebrate David’s 21st birthday next week!! We just have to cus it’s our responsibility to do so for every reason there is.. Any ideas where?? I say mid valley..

  5. Dear Irda
    I feel the same way but the problem is some of us are still overseas and will only be back at the very end of Dec. We have no choice but to take it forward to Jan.
    But be assured, we WILL meet as soon as we can. As I said in the previous thread, besides celebrating David’s birthday (and perhaps cry on each other’s shoulder), we have David bracelets to give away to you guys to cherish and treasure and to remind us that David is still very much with us. 🙂

  6. Ok.. I completely understand. But I really hope I get to go cus I’ll be working by then.. And yes aunty trace, crying on each other’s shoulders will be an event at that meeting.. But we have to arrange the venue and stuff starting now, right? Huhhh… Who am I kidding, I’m still down in the dumps as everybody else are at the moment… ;( thinking straight isn’t going so well n

  7. Trace
    Oh that’s nice of the fans! We should video tape ourselves doing that too and then send it to David. 😀

    By the way, will the details of the outing be posted up here?

  8. I learned about David’s decision to go on a mission late Wednesday evening after reading an email from a fellow fan. I haven’t been able to spend much time at fan sites the past few weeks due to a variety of factors and I’ve only managed to watch a few of his Christmas tour videos, so I’ve been a bit out of the loop as it were.

    I’ve felt a lot of emotions since then, and I must be honest and admit that happiness isn’t one of them. My feelings echo yours, John, in many ways. I think the only fans truly happy are those from David’s own faith group. The rest of us are left grappling with the questions you pose above to one degree or another.

    I simply do not understand a “one size fits all” interpretation of a mission. I, of course, cannot read David’s mind and heart, but I believe he too has struggled with this based on his “music is my mission” statements over the past few years and the fact that he has been free from his contractual agreement for nearly a year. Although I haven’t watched the video of his announcement (I just haven’t been able to bring myself to do it just yet), I’ve read where he says that no one “told” him to do this. While that may be true, it would be naive to think that he hasn’t faced enormous pressure to go on a conventional proselytizing mission. I have followed too many Google links to articles and the accompanying comments posted at Deseret News over the years not to know that there are many in his faith group who have scoffed at his “music is my mission” proclamations. Of course I am not indicting all Mormons, as I also read comments from those supporting David’s initial leanings. Nevertheless, I think most if not all LDS members are elated by his decision, and who can blame them? If I were Mormon, I probably would be too. But I’m not, so I cannot join them in their belief that he is doing God’s will.

    The best I can muster within myself right now is to hope that David will be happy and that his experiences will enrich his life. On the previous link, trace (or “tracewillow” as she now calls herself) compared David’s hiatus to that of Elvis’s. There are many similarities between David and Elvis, most notably their spirituality and, in this case, their willingness to serve without receiving any special treatment. It is in that regard that I most admire David for his decision. Times have changed a lot since the 1950’s. Society has splintered, and American culture is no longer the unifying source within the country it once was. When Elvis left to serve his time in the military, he was a huge star in the way that no one today can match. If David still wants a music career when his mission is over, I hope he can get it back. The notion that “absence makes the heart grow fonder” is simply false, at least as it applies to such a long period of time. No doubt there will be some who leave the fold and move on, and who knows where the music industry will be a couple of years from now. David certainly will not, as he will be cut off from the world at large so as not to be distracted or “tainted.”

    Dear oh dear, I simply cannot fathom how reaching thousands, and in some cases millions, at a time could be considered inferior to a mission, especially when David simultaneously serves in so many other ways. One unintended consequence is that David’s decision is causing a backlash in some quarters and making some angry at his church.

  9. Katheryn

    “….he says that no one ‘told him’ to do this…while that may be true, it would be naive to think that he hasn’t faced enormous pressure to go on a conventional proselytizing mission…”
    This is what John and I have had a rather lengthy discussion (away from the net) but I didn’t think I wanted to bring it up here.

    Watching that vid confirmed the suspicions I had and I don’t think I’ll ever watch it again. It wasn’t easy going through it. And the emotional aftermath can last for days.

    From the very little information I’ve read regarding the doctrines of David’s church, it seems to me that they may be contrary to some of the beliefs David has led us to believe, are his. How will he compromise one with the other when he becomes a missionary of that church? (rhetorical)
    I really hate to think of the various struggles this poor young man has had to go through in his young life.

    I worry sick too whether he will be able to make back his music career if he decides to return. One will never know about the future – one can only hope. David has always surprised us in more ways than one, so I can only hope that he will surprise the non-believers and the faithless with an even more successful career later on.

    I’ve been going to-and-fro with “trace” and “tracewillow” much to the chagrin of my cyber-friends. I use the latter for something else, then forget to revert to the former when I come here. Guess I’ll have to remember better next time. You can address me with either. 🙂

  10. Oh my gosh! I thought I was just too upset that I suddenly thought he was being somehow pressurized to decide on pursuing the mission at such an early time in his life.. Intuition tells me that the sentence he used in his announcement (the one where he said nobody “TOLD” him to do this) somehow feels like a cry for help. In which I mean, wanting everyone to realize there at that moment, was a subtle but strong hint of the shielded truth… The concealed element seemed too hard to withstand by David himself, thus triggering the most emotional breakdown he has ever made visible to all of his adoring fans.. What exactly that is, we can never be so sure about. Only thing now is to hold on to the understanding of this sudden situation that we have, and hope that someday he would clear it out for us.. Our prayers have always been and always will be with David and I believe god will send angels to help and guide him throughout his journey. The angels will be the substitute of his millions of ArchAngels that have been given somewhat a 2 year break from their daily job.. Just helping from a distance that is much further than it was before from David physically, but could not get any closer to him spiritually and emotionally… The other side of down has never really been interpreted as “up” by David, instead he has made us all wonder and conclude the meaning of that phrase according to our own understanding. But one answer that we can cross out is nonetheless, “DOWN” of course. Which shows that David wants the negativity of “down” to be deleted from our lives. I feel deep down inside as if he is whispering to me that this whole incident that has left us being “down”, should be looked at as a “blessing in disguise”.. There WILL be a positive outcome in the future. This has never failed to occur whenever David is in concern.. And it shall not. A large portion of our hearts have been cut out and sewn together with pieces from each other’s and is stored in the ever so spacious heart of gold belonging to David. The capacity of that heart of his never seems to decrease, because it just grows bigger and bigger as we speak due to all the heart pieces he is receiving for as long as he shall live.. And to all of us, that means – Forever

  11. Let me be the first to wish Malaysian Archies Merry Christmas! Let’s keep our spirits up, for there is still much to celebrate.

    From Luke’s Gospel:

    And the angel said unto them, Fear not: for, behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people.

    For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord.

    And this shall be a sign unto you; Ye shall find the babe wrapped in swaddling clothes, lying in a manger.

    And suddenly there was with the angel a multitude of the heavenly host praising God, and saying,

    Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men.

  12. Dear Katheryn

    Let me, on behalf of AAM, wish you back a Merry Xmas too. 🙂

    We are not all Chriatians here – we are of rather diverse cultures and religions but we get along mighty well. And even non-Christians celebrate Xmas alongside the Christians as we do with the other faiths. It is as if there is no religious or cultural barriers most of the time. Differences or conflicts, no doubt, occur occasionally but, on the whole, I believe we are cool. 🙂

  13. trace: Yes, I know, and that is one of the reasons I enjoy Malaysian Archiekins and AAM so much! You are a “way cool” group!

  14. Irda

    It’s ok sweetie, don’r worry your little head – the decision has been made whether he was pressured or not. David has his own reasons for making that decision but it is his private life, and we have no right to question them. David has moved on (or will soon be), and we must respect that decision and move on too.

    That does not mean we will forget about him – I know you and I, and all the others, will WAIT patiently for him.
    The WAIT music vid will be here soon and he is still finishing off some other projects for us, and there are simply TONS of older stuff on Youtube – enough to keep us occupied for more than 2 years. 🙂
    And don’t forget there is still AAM where you can go to cry and moan if you want 🙂

    I am positive he will pick up his music career again where he left it and some people are already saying that he will come back stronger than ever as they will then see him as a serious and mature musician and will no longer see him as “that kid”. Of course, as in most things in life, there are no guarantees, but let’s just keep our fingers and toes crossed and say our prayers until he does.

    He is such a good, pure and beautiful human being that I am totally and absolutely sure God will keep him safe and protect him and guide him in everything he does and everywhere he is. That’s one thing that can be guaranteed.
    The other guarantee is you and I and many many many others will carry that torch for him forever and ever. 🙂

  15. Tracy, Yeah, that’s a good idea. We’ll see what we can do. 🙂
    Yes I’ll make sure the details of the outing will be posted here.

    Folks! Don’t forget to bring tissues and whatever you use to wipe away your tears! 🙂

    (Sheba! Shu! Akang! Everybody!! Come back soooon! We need you guys here!!!! Emergency!! Need Outing!!! 😀

    John!! We need you with us toooo!!! We need a MAN to tell us “Stop crying you women!” 😀 😀

  16. FIRSTLY!! MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYBODY!!!! Aunty Trace, Thanks so much for your warm console that i always cherish with me.. You’re right, but I never meant to question his personal life and the decision has been FULLY respected by me.. Completely.. Wholly… Eternally… I’m hanging on to the big comeback he will make after these 2 years pass. I’m pretty sure of it. David doesn’t seem to be the kind of guy who would just drop everything and never come back to pick them up again.. He is a very responsible soon-to-be 21 year old.. 🙂 Man, I miss you guys at AAM so much.. And that includes you, Uncle John 🙂 AAM is like my refuge now when I fall into the deep black hole of sadness whenever I see David’s tweet popping up and thinking it could just be the last… Whenever I accidentally stumble upon his music video on TV… Whenever his songs just play randomly on the radio… It has always been the place I fit in the most…

  17. Quote from my aunt’s fave movie “My bestfriend’s wedding” :

  18. Wow, your discussion has left me speechless. I never once thought that someone could have influenced David to do so but I guess maybe it’s not for us to know. While we might or might not be in the Christmas mood, I’ve manage to find a video of David’s music video Wait. It’s not the best quality but it sure beats watching a fast-forwarded one or a mute one. 🙂

    And if it’s not too late: Merry Christmas, everyone!

  19. Based on some of your comments, perhaps I need to elaborate a bit on what I wrote earlier. Let me begin by stating I believe David when he says that no one told him to go on a mission, and that it is his voluntary choice to do so. Nevertheless, growing up in the LDS faith it is understood that young men WILL go on a mission. The current president, whom I believe David has met with privately on more than one occasion, has been quoted as saying, “Every young man should fill a mission.” He has friends who have gone, are going, or will be going on missions. Mormons and non-Mormons alike have queried him about serving a mission during interviews. He attends church services where there are frequent announcements and appearances by young men and women about to go on a mission or just returning from one. (I have personally attended Mormon services where this has occurred.) David comes from Utah, where half the population is Mormon and where LDS missions are ingrained in the culture, not just within church walls but everywhere you go. David’s home in Murray is only 10 miles or so away from Temple Square. Is a picture beginning to emerge? This is what I meant by “pressure.” Check out this link to wikipedia for more info on missions from a neutral source:


    It was naive of me to hope David could escape what amounts to a de facto requirement for young men who wish to remain in good standing with the LDS church.

  20. Correction: It was Spencer W. Kimball (12th president, serving from 1973 to 1985) who said, “Every young man should fill a mission.” The current LDS president is Thomas S. Monson. He is the one David has met with, both in public and in private.

  21. Yes.. He is the one who made the decision. Because it is his own will. We believe him because we love him. Nothing more to add to that. Respect has been given. As always. He’s amazing. And we will be there 2 years from now standing up straight right where we were 2 years before. Waiting for a loved one to return.. We ❤ you David

  22. Merry Christmas everyone! 🙂 🙂

    Katheryn I don’t want to sound like I’m being disrespectful of the LDS church and Mormonism and I’m not but I can’t help but question the circumstances leading to the decision. I am one of those who doubt very much if his decision was a ‘voluntary’ one.

    The fact that he was breathing so hard and getting so emotional during the announcement leads me to believe that although he didn’t have a knife put to his neck, the burden of expectations from friends, family and church was perhaps too much of a load for David to withstand.

    Like you said having watched his friends one by one go off for their missions and then coming back perhaps feted to a certain extent for having fulfilled their religious obligations, the ‘stigma’ of not actually going on one himself may have weighed heavily on David’s mind. Dare I say that it’s not in David’s nature to go against the tide of convention and he would have been ‘pressured’ in that sense to go on a mission.

    I’m not a spokes person for God but if he is as benevolent and all knowing as everyone insists he is then he would know that by going around the world preaching kindness, humility and spreading so much joy with this music and singing David is on the grandest mission and creating so much goodwill for his church and faith.

    Isn’t that the best way of doing God’s work?

    Anyway the die has been cast and we’ll just have to wait and see if he can pick up – musically – where he left off in 2 years time. I have my doubts but that’s another discussion 🙂

  23. Yes I see it even clearer now – mostly “pressure by circumstance”.

    And John, we’ll never know the Divine Will.

  24. John: You and I are closer in our thinking on this than you might know. I am aware from talking with an LDS relative (although not specifically regarding this matter) that all members are expected to similarly comply with rules/guidelines/customs. On the one hand that seems fair and equitable, but on the other it fails to take into account individual differences, abilities, needs, etc. I’ve no doubt that in addition to feeling this pressure to conform, part of David’s emotional state was due to his concern he would be disappointing many fans, though not necessarily the ones gathered there at the time. Poor guy. I hate to think of him feeling caught in the middle like that.

    I believe the LDS Church is beginning to recognize that relying on traditional methods may no longer be the most effective way to gain converts or, at the very least, goodwill and acceptance. In Seattle, for example, they have “I am Mormon” advertisements on the sides of buses. Throughout the U.S. they are advertising with similar messages on television. However, it appears they rely more heavily on conventional missionary work in Latin America, Europe, and parts of Asia. I could be wrong, but I’m quite certain they will send David to Central or South America due to his Spanish speaking abilities.

    I’ve heard some theorize that Mormon missions may be more about keeping the young men within the church than it is about gaining new converts. While that may sound disrespectful, I think there’s some truth to it.

    Irda: I’m one of those who will most definitely be there if and when David is ready to resume his music career!

  25. Katheryn, I know u would buddy 🙂 I think if not all but most of us here at AAM will be there for him till whenever.. And yes, pressure due to circumstances and his surroundings might have been the trigger of his most emotional breakdown.. But that’s what we as fans are for, we wipe his tears off and ours as well. Then we move on and wait.. “Show must go on” And ever since I heard about his decision, I keep listening to this song from Hannah Montana called “love that lets go”.. And it really does complete the sentences in my head that I couldn’t seem to have completed and uttered to myself, what more to other’s. We’re gonna miss him.. But he will miss us more….

  26. I hope it’s not too late but Merry X’mas everyone!!

    I am really happy David is following his heart even if it means that the fans will not hear for him for 2 years!

    Till then i think it is a good idea for him as it could be like a “vacation” from the hussle and bussle of the music industry.

    Will WAIT for David !!

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