22 comments on “David Archuleta Mission Announcement

  1. Shock. Numbness. Heavy-heartedness.
    When I saw him break down, with trembling lips and red tearful eyes, I broke down too.
    Too soon for me to say anything worth listening to.
    Except that I’ll Wait for him all my life.
    He must do what he must.

  2. Hey guys. About to start sobbing right now.
    Btw saw an ad on tv just now. Is astro gonna show a David concert?

  3. I hope I’m crying tears of joy!! Good luck David on the mission!! Will miss you for 2 years!! That means I have to wait 2 years to go for my 1st David Archuleta concert…Feeling sad & happy at the same time!! So confused!! See you, David!!

  4. Completely heartbroken 😦 Admire him so much for having the courage to make this difficult decision. What an emotional day.

    Hi Liying – I saw that TV ad too last night but am not sure of the details. I wont want to miss it if its true. Please share if you know more. Thanks

  5. 2 years will go by faster then we think!!

    once an archie always an archie!!

    thank you David Archuleta!! your song have change my outlook to life!

    Will be WAITing for you when you come back !!


  6. Hey all

    Never thought I would come back and post a comment on such a bittersweet, emotional moment.

    We always knew this moment would come as David’s spiritual and religious make-up is what drives him most of the time even more so than music. His whole life is all about fulfilling the dictates and biddings of his faith. You got to give him props for having the commitment and dedication to heed the call. It’s not easy to basically put your normal life on hold for 2 years even if it is to fulfill your religious obligations. Treat it like national service of some kind. This is similar to young men in Thailand who has to join the monkhood for at least 1 year as part of their religious duties.

    It’s only 2 years and he’ll probably come out of it a far better person and more experienced. Maybe this will express itself in his music in 2 years time. It’s not forever so don’t get too down. The only downside I see is (and maybe I shouldn’t even mention it but what the heck) if after the 2 years he decides that the calling is too compelling to answer for just 2 years and hang up his music career for good. But that’s 2 years down the line so…

    Anyway Merry Christmas everyone and have faith that it’s all good. David has made a decision to take his life down another path and we have to wish him all the best. Maybe he will be posted to Malaysia for his mission? That’s something to think about 🙂

  7. Hi again everyone
    And John, so lovely to see you here again.

    I was distraught yesterday and could not say too much. This morning I am still heavy-hearted but I guess it will pass in time.

    For me, it’s not so much David going away on a mission for 2 years.
    It was watching the vid of him in tears. As a self-professed mama, I could not bear to see him with lips trembling and breaking down. That was the reason I broke down in tears too and feeling what I’m feeling. I don’t think I’ll be able to watch that vid again.

    As some of you said, 2 years is not a terribly long time.
    Remember Elvis Presley? He went to Germany on national service for 2 years (I hope I got my details right) and he went right back to his singing career and got a hit with Wooden Heart.
    When David comes back after 2 years, which I am sure he will because singing and creating music are his other love in life and I just know he will not give it up.
    What is very important is, we MUST keep his flame alive and
    Aam must carry on in his absence to help achieve that.

  8. I watched the shocking announcement this morning (US time) in the airport on my way to Las Vegas. I was shocked, sad, shocked, disbelieved, sad and still sad. 😦 I didn’t see it coming when I saw him at Santa Rosa recently as he was so happy performing and he sounded so great. I shall miss him.

  9. John can i still order the Xmas tidings?? 😀 oh my..i’ve been inactive for so long that i didn’t know it’s already available for order.. :/

  10. At first I felt betrayed when I first heard about it. Then, I started to warm up to the idea and thought: “He never ceases to amaze me.” I rewatched the video and noticed a little smile from him after the announcement and I just knew that this won’t be goodbye, but rather the beginning of a whole new different chapter for all the Archies around the world.

    I get the feeling that this is the ultimate test, not just for David but for us fans too. So let us show David that we will stand by him through the years just as he has with us. 😀

    If it helps cheer anybody up, Hitz.fm played David’s version of Joy to the World at 11.15am today. 🙂

    Liying and Shirley
    I saw that ad too on tv! I wonder if they filmed the concert while he was here. 😛

  11. I didn’t expect him to start his missionary journey so soon.
    I bet it’s time for him to have his own life back for 2 years.
    He has been so busy since AI. Everyone needs a break of some kind.
    I trust he will come back stronger after the 2 years.

    Hi John, so good to see your post!

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all AAMers!!!

  12. Hello John, good to see you around! Well I didn’t find it all VERY surprising; it’s just that when the moment came…it just hits you that you’re not going to be seeing David for quite a while now – not a glimpse, not a whisper, not a whiff…he’ll just ‘vanish’ and only goodness knows what’s going on with him after that.
    One thing I’m curious about is: shouldn’t we distance ourselves from him, too? I’m under the impression that this whole missionary requires him to be very disciplined and dedicated to his duties and if we mob him when he is on his mission, it’ll sort of…distract him from them and thus jeopardise David’s efforts? I don’t know – I’m just wondering because I really have very little clue about what is/isn’t allowed for him.
    And I also echo John’s sentiments – David might just choose to go a different path. Maybe. But I won’t disapprove of it; it’s his choice after all. Anyway, have a Merry Christmas everybody! Cheers to y’all! 😉

  13. hey everyone, its been awhile for me as well being here. But watching david’s announcement, it really touched my heart that he chose to this at this time of his life. It was quite a shocked for me to find out that he will be full time missionary but it has greatly challenged me to remember that living for God IS our purpose in life (for Christians). I know that feeling of just having to do it and have gone through it myself. He is seriously a grown up now and I’m sure he too has to follow what his heart says.

    lets continue to support him, I’m positive that this period will only grow him in maturity and spirituality

  14. Hey guys i was really shocked and kinda sad too when i first heard the news. But im happy for the decisions he made. Im sure he’ll make a great missionary & will continue to touch many more lives. Proud of him for obeying God’s call. The thought of not being able to hear him sing for the next 2 years & not getting to read his tweets & watching his vlog with all the rambling that never fails to make me smile..definitely gonna miss that.

    Btw, is our outing im 28th Decembe.r still on?

  15. mmmmm … I was on delayed telecast! I am not on mission but still in Melbourne. Just heard the news this morning when I read Anne’s tweet ‘Hey Shu, Pretty sure you’e heard the news ..’ and I was like what news, what news, what news, WHAT NEWS! as my phone has no roaming, I had to ask for my hubby’s phone to call dear Trace .. and thanks dear for breaking the heart wrenching news.

    I watched the video announcements and heard him belt out O Holy Night with such emotion that left me in a daze … I am STILL in a daze and goose bumped! One thing for sure, I am glad I wasn’t at SLC watching the live performance, because my eyes will be so swollen from crying that I will look like a gold fish!!

    This young man has brought so much live to me through his music and voice that I will surely miss him! I look forward everyday to hear news about him and get so hyper whenever I hear him on the radio. I will support and love him always.

    Zach .. not sure we should distance from him while he is on mission. Maybe we can come out with a two year plan to occupy AAMers.

    Marianne .. I hope we are still meeting on the 28th December. Anne … boleh coordinate, please I will be back on 27th.

    Dear John .. so happy to read your thoughts .. especially the part he might be posted to Malaysia and we shall hunt him down hahaha!

    Have a very Blessed Christmas lovely Archies! See you all soon!

  16. If there is a get-together on 28th Dec or at a later date, we hope as many aamers as possible will turn up – we have David bracelets to give away. They were very generously given to us by The VoiceDavidArchuleta.
    And we want to take a pic and post it at their site to express our thanks.

  17. Hey family… I’ve been off of the whole hype ever since the concert ended.. And uncle John, I’m so happy to see your post again even though you’re no longer with us. I miss you. I just heard about the news today and I’m seriously down on my knees crying at this moment. But i believe that whatever decision he makes is for the best and I accept that for the sole reason of truly loving him.. But… This is very hard. So, can we all meet up on his birthday for him?

  18. Hey everyone…Kinda late for me to say something here haha. Didnt really know how to express myself in words after hearing the news but i guess everyone here has said what i wanted to say (: and shu,sorry for not replying!No wifi at work lol.

    As for the gathering, it is still definitely onnnn! Only thing is, we might not be able to do it exactly on the 28th as there will still be some ppl working (myself included) and the only remaining weekends are Christmas and New Year so i doubt anyone is available…Looks like it’ll have to be pushed forward to the 2nd or 3rd weekend of january? I don’t know…you guys let me know when you all are available yeah (:

  19. Oh, if there’s an outing, I’m up for it! I look forward to meeting all of you guys for the first time. (:

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