97 comments on “David’s Glad Christmas Tidings is here!!

  1. W O A H ! ! !
    Make sure you get them guys. I pre-ordered mine through Amazon some time ago and have spent many hours savouring them – you will too! 🙂

  2. OOHHH YES it’s finally here!! 🙂 gon’ get em’ at the stores tomorrow! hopefully, fingers crossed!

  3. Hey Alicia. I’m not sure they are available in stores just yet. Sony is offering it to the fans first via the above pre-order 🙂

  4. Hmmm, just out of curiousity, did anyone buy the autographed GCT CD from Deseret? Or was anyone thinking of buying it anyway? Hahahaha. 😀

  5. Well me and Han Yang did (order the autographed ones from Deseret). They shipped our discs yesterday, so they should be arriving…soon. I think.

  6. Any difference between the imported n the retail outlet versions?? N i seriously hope that sony will release a asian tour 2011 dvd! That would b awesome! *fingers crossed*

  7. Zach
    Haha, I just bought mine today along with the LDS magazine. Yours is probably going to arrive sooner though. Haha! 😀

    Yeah, I hope a DVD like that comes out too! That way we can keep watching the concert over and over and over again. Haha, I would be able to relive my first concert so many times!! Which part of his concert was your favourite? (:

  8. So we posed some of your questions to Sony and below are the answers:

    – Apparently and inexplicably, the CDs/DVDs WILL NOT BE SOLD IN RETAIL STORES. The only way you guys can purchase them is to order directly to Sony or via AAM as per the above post and I believe through OneDavid as well.

    – Sony confirmed that it is not the autographed version of the CD/DVD and they are expecting stock to arrive sometime mid December.

    – also there is no deadline as to when you need to make an order.

    Hope that answers your questions folks.

  9. willKai- THAT WOULD INCREDIBLE!! or of ANY tour for that matter.

    sheba- I have a question! 🙂 It’s kind of a stupid one…. but if we buy the CD and DVD it would cost us 53.90 times 2? or the DVD packed with the CD like in the US?

    hopefully my parents will let me get this as a post-spm present. haha!

    BTW there’s a recording of the Westbury show! apparently it was a live stream but I had no idea but oh my gosh it is glorious. http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/18870212
    and full of surprises!

  10. Ai Lyn

    Thank you for the recorded livestream! As you said it was glorious! I watched and pretended I was amongst the lucky audience. 🙂
    I loove Little Drummer Boy – anxiously waiting for close-up vids of him playing the drum!
    What a pity it did not include the 1st part of the show. Gotta exercise patience again. 🙂

    Good luck to receiving the cd + dvd as a post-spm present! 🙂

  11. Trace- You’re welcome! So thankful for whoever recorded it! and me tooo! I closed my eyes for most of it. 😀 I liked how the band ended Little Drummer Boy! Rockin’ out haha. oh yes videos have been uploaded already! http://www.youtube.com/user/stina8614

    AHHH cannot wait to watch them.
    and I just realised David sang a Donny Hathaway song! Love David singing soulful, groovy songs. 😀

    aw thank you! I’m actually looking to my friend who’s going to the US next february to get me an itunes gift card as a cheaper alternative. because the snippets I listened to on itunes sound so divine it’s already too much for me haha.

  12. Oh my gosh! I’d really love to watch all those videos you guys keep posting in the comments but I’m currently working at my dad’s place. Hahah, I’ll have to make sure I watch them when I get back. Haha. Anyone has any recommended performances other than Little Drummer Boy? 😀

  13. Trace! Thank you!! Haha I totally get what you mean! I’ve had like 3 diff videos of David doing Little Drummer Boy open the whole day haha I cannot get enough of it! Basically that and This Christmas have been on repeat and will be on repeat until the end of time ahaha.
    This Christmas in Westbury- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uoHok6go4X4&feature=player_embedded
    This Christmas in Irving Plaza- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mYDIqTx9Ckc

    there was a ustream of the show verona last night and it was INCREDIBLE as well!!http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/18914242

    ahhhh I just finally found a video of Good Place/ Let It Be!!

    anyone else loving David’s version of Climb Every Mountain? never saw that one coming!

  14. Tracy! I don’t know your preferences, but I’d recommend the ones he’s never performed live til the tour haha. like This Christmas! and the My Kind of Christmas Poem together with the new song Fa La La, Climb Every Mountain, I Need A Silent Night, The Christmas Song, Sleigh Ride and Wait. This channel has some good quality vids: http://www.youtube.com/user/DblJerseyGirl
    😀 this one isn’t bad either http://www.youtube.com/user/stina8614
    and the ustreams have pretty good bass
    I haven’t managed to watch the all videos yet either haha. hope you get to the see the vids soon!

  15. Tracy
    Hey they are all good! Watch all of them! 😀
    I personally like Climb Every Mountain – hope you like it too Tracy.

  16. Trace
    Haha, been watching alot of them. My favourite is still Little Drummer Boy but my mom loves Climb Every Mountain. Haha. 😀 By the way, are we suppose to get a reply from AAM once we’ve submitted an email for the pre order? Cos’ I sent another email changing my order and I’m not sure if they got it. 😛

  17. Thought of the day: Here’s hoping that David’s new Twitter pic will play a big role in finally knocking out the mission rumors. This picture looks polished and professional, not the sign of a man about to take off for a couple of years.

  18. Great pic – sunny-faced David is already doing a mission comparable (or more) to a completely religious one. Music, love, emulation and admiration of a person of a good character are the best ways to convert people. And we have all that already from David. My fervent hope is he will keep on singing to us.

  19. Rumour has it (ok so maybe I’m a little slow) that David may be offered a part in a Walt Disney film with Spielberg as director!!
    Keeping fingers and toes and limbs crossed! 😀

  20. hello Trace,

    How are you? Where did you hear the rumour of David going to be an actor?! If it is true, haha… I can imagine all Archie fans will be going to the cinemas non-stop until it hit box-office for the longest running show in the movie history!! 🙂

  21. Hi Akang

    Haha it’s only a rumour as I said. I read it at one of our usual sites which we visit. Don’t get all excited yet ! 😀
    Hm.. I wonder though why he is taking acting lessons.

    You are right – I definitely will park myself at the cinema for every show!
    Wanna join me? 😀

  22. This is one time I really really wish a rumour was true.

    Need something to tie us over till the next album!!

    So anyone noticed the new and improved D?? New twitter picture, more confident, less rambly, ever so relaxed, the full out dancing, the drumming!!! Wut! Did something happen? What ever it is, I’m loving it 🙂

  23. Sheba
    Aww, but I like his rambly side. Haha. He could go on and on and on and we could listen to him all day. Haha! I do wish that rumour is true too. That’d be so cool and it’ll be cooler if he sang a song for the end credits of the movie too!! Ahhh, but better not get my hopes up too much. 😛

  24. hey Trace,

    haha….Yes, I believe you would “park” yourself in the cinema and even change your home address in your I/C!! LOL….

    hey Sheba,

    I have yet to watch any of the videos and thanks for the tips that there are dancing and drumming in this Xmas concert. I shall brace myself for next week and Santa Rosa is the first stop in California….woohoo!!!

    hey Tracy,

    🙂 I like the more mature side of David and at times I wish he could stop rambling and get to the point. Well, I love his giggling when the DJs at one of the radio stations kept saying “freaking”….LOL…

  25. Sheba

    Me too, I love even more the “improved” David –
    I used to be tickled by his “cuteness”.
    Now I am mesmerised by his “dashing-ness”! Sigh…falling in love with him all over again. Give him another couple of years, this chameleon will…….I dare not imagine. 😀

    No, don’t get your hopes up too high. We’ll just look forward to his Wait vid for the moment. 🙂

  26. Akang

    Lol! Not just the cinema – but the Premiere section! where the seats are reclinable and sometimes you have the whole cinema to yourself haha!

    I hope your sis and you will find the Santa Rosa concert so mind-boggling that you move on to other concerts too! 😀
    If you meet up with some international archies, be sure to say Hi to them from AAM! and Malaysia.

  27. Akang
    Ahh, that’s the cute part of him. He probably has no idea how much he makes us all sigh in unison. How lucky are you to be going to his MKOC show?! x) Gosh, you have no idea how much I want to be in your shoes. Hahaha! Are you from California?

    Yup yup! 😀 The behind the scenes pictures of the video shoot shows David with a really sad look on his face. I wonder how’s the storyline gonna be like.

  28. Tracy
    My guess of “Wait” video would be walking from morning to night (buildings after buildings) and landed in the big warehouse. LOL… Why don’t you take a wild guess!! I’m a Malaysian and I’m going to visit my family members there. 🙂

    haha….yes! I’ll sure say “hi” to these lovely International Archie! I can’t wait to hear David “LIVE”. No way my non-fan sister of mine would go for another show but who knows?! 🙂 Take a wild guess what “Wait” video would be like??

    I’m leaving for San Francisco tomorrow and will keep all of you posted of the concert event! 🙂

  29. Akang and Tracy
    I read somewhere that the storyline in the Wait vid is more of a symbolic nature rather than a story that is right in your face.

    Ok Akang, I’ll make a calculated guess – he is Waiting for someone to come back – he is laden with fond memories of someone – in the background there are cornfields and beautiful skies (in HK?!) and perhaps nice tall HK skyscrapers and alot of people (definitely in HK!) but that special someone from the past is nowhere to be seen – that’s why he is sad.

    Yes Waiting anxiously for your news re the concert and of course your recap!! Bon voyage!

  30. Akang
    I like your guess. Haha. Oh, have a nice trip! (: And have the most fun at the concert! 😀

    Wow, now that makes the video something to look forward to more. Haha, you had me laughing at the ‘cornfields in HK’.

  31. Hello there,

    Have been stucked in Youtube ever since the MKOC Tour started 🙂 Wish the tour would go on forever haha

    Hey Sheba – Oh Man! I love the new and improved David SO much….groovy, jazzy, soulful, flirty and whatever with lots of swagger too, not to mention the dancing and the drumming ….Go David!

    Hi Trace – David the movie star? I love that idea…I am not much of a moviegoer but if David is on the silver screen, I might just have to take up Akang’s suggestion for you too.

    Akang! You should be safe and sound in SF by now. So super excited for you…will be thinking of you especially on Dec 14. You’re going to have an amazing experience at the concert…it is after all the David Freaking Archuleta’s show 🙂

    Hello Tracy – I love rambly David too. It always makes me happy to see a long video blog. Cant wait for his WAIT video too…he can be walking anywhere, walk from morning till night and I wont mind one bit 😀

    Have a good Sunday, everyone!

  32. Hi Shirley!

    Yes that darn David Freaking Archuleta is freaking us out of this world with the MKOC concerts!! Me too – am quite quite stuck with the vids of every city. And his voice seems to get better and stronger with every concert.

    Hey Amy!

    If you’re there, just wanna tell you my email seems to have gone kaput. 😦
    WAITing for someone to come fix it.

    Be well prepared for the David-onslaught on the 14th!!
    Take with you to the concert things like anti-pengsan pills….wet towels (in case David gets too overwhelmingly hot for you!)….an extra pair of shoes (in case your shoes split into two with jumping too much!)….extra tissues for happy tears….lozenges for a hoarse throat from too much cheering….well, you know..that sort of SOS stuff! 😀

  33. Shirley
    I like the vlog where he had computer issues. It was kinda funny how he reacted to the screen freezing. 😛 If there is a movie with him inside, AAM should organize an outing to go for its premiere here. Haha!

    Well, David does love performing Christmas songs. (: He did such a wonderful rendition of Sleigh Ride. It was a great opening song. 😀

    By the way, does anyone know where or how I can get the AAM shirt? You know, the one with the Malaysian flag in the shape of wings. (: I saw a bunch of people wearing it during the concert in July and thought that it was real eye-catching! 😀

  34. Tracy – you can order the tshirt to AAM gmail with your full name and address and contact no. It is priced at RM20/- if you live in PJ area (hand delivery) if you are from outstation, we have to include postage of RM5/-.

  35. Tracy

    Yes I agree with you about the opening song “Sleigh Ride”.
    The way he made his entrance onto the stage – that slow and relaxed saunter is very much in tune with the new “swaggering” David. 🙂

    Hope you decide to buy the Aam tshirt – you will then truly be one of us! 🙂

  36. Hello! Hello!

    I’ve arrived safely in San Francisco 2 days ago. Still in the Malaysian time zone but slowly getting into the right time zone. Monday morning here!

    Haha….I’m getting pretty excited for David Freaking Archuleta’s concert tomorrow. It would be a totally new experience for me since I haven’t watch any of the video!!! 🙂

    Trace – hope your email is back to normal. Did you receive those pictures that I have sent much earlier??

  37. Akang!
    In a few hours you will be in the princely presence of our beloved!
    My heart is already pounding to a different rhythm and feeling your excited anticipation vicariously! Enjoy and soak it all in my friend!!!

    Yes I have received those pics.
    Still Waiting for my email to be fixed so that I can post my “birthday thingie”. 😦

    Thank you for the link. David’s falsettos are always so freaking good!! 🙂

  38. Akang: Welcome to my time zone! It’s fun leaving messages at around 3:00 a.m. Malaysian time isn’t it?!

  39. hey Katheryn,

    haha… yes, it sure does feel funny seeing all the Malaysian Archies in bed snoring away while it’s morning here in the US.

    Look out for your post man by this week!! 🙂

  40. hey Trace,

    David was already here in San Francisco visiting places while I was shopping in Silicon Valley yesterday. Amazing that I could get office wear suitable for our weather during winter !!! :-).

    My sister and I will heading off to Santa Rosa in the afternoon and can’t wait to see other Intl Archie there and of course David! A very good day to start! 🙂

  41. trace: I just saw your question from a few days ago. Unfortunately, I will not be able to attend one of David’s Christmas concerts. The Idaho shows would have been the closest, but even if I had purchased tickets, I would have had to cancel due to unforeseen circumstances last week.

    aKang: I’ll be on the lookout!

  42. aKang: I meant to say that I’m looking forward to your recap of the concert. Wish I could be there too!

  43. Akang
    I woke up several times last night knowing you’ll be at Santa Rosa any time soon. Right now, you’ll be at the concert! Woooaahhhh! Go girl – cheer with all your might! Do it for all of us here!! :O

    What a shame. Hope all is well.
    Perhaps you can join some of us in the future when we go for another concert. 🙂

    Hey long time no see! Think you have to order it. 🙂

  44. Gorgeous impromptu performance of “The Christmas Song” at the Blackfoot, Idaho VIP. After hearing this, I’m feeling even more sorry for myself that I couldn’t make it! Thank goodness for YouTube and the great fans who upload these vocal masterpieces for us.

  45. maybe i’d miss some comment here or asking a stupid question, I have sent an email for the pre-order, will we be getting the album before Dec 25, 2011?

  46. Katheryn
    Make it the TWO of us feeling sorry for ourselves for not being able to make it to his VIPs and concerts. Wish I am with Akang.. Sad sigh…
    Is this the concert in Idaho you might have gone to?

    Thanks for posting the vid! Archie fans are the best ever!
    His vocal quality and expressiveness are so sublime that I can no longer think of words to describe him…only the emotions are left to gasp and gush.

  47. Trace
    You’re welcome! (: I found another performance of his from the same Idaho show that Katheryn posted. My mom stopped her housework to hear it too. Haha. Sigh… so much goodness in one video.

    Have fun at the concert!! Take lots of pictures. 😀

    Aww, I’m sure David will have lots more shows that everyone can go to! (: He does the most special things for his fans.

  48. hello!

    I’m just back from David’s MKOC concert and it’s 1:39am here. It was so so awesome and my seat was just 5 row away from the stage. I saw David’s side view most of the time but a good side view, though!! 🙂

    After the concert, some fans and I waited by the bus for an hour before he came out to sign some more stuff. The weather then was 35F (xxx celsius) and it was freezing. He dressed so smart – a dark black wool knee length coat with his skinny jeans. I told him that I came from Malaysia in my freezing voice (trembling) and he was so surprised and asked whether I like his show. Awww… so sweet!

    To be continued …. later! Need to clean up! Good night.

    p.s. Met Naree , Janey of Fan Scene plus other Archies at the concert tonight. Oh yes! my sister is in love with him now….hahaha…. just kidding!!

  49. Hi Akang!

    Oh my heck!!!! You actually waited by the bus and get to speak to
    David too? I am SO happy for you!!! Did you manage to take a
    picture with him?

    LOL! No need to kid us, I am sure your sister is quite smitten by David.

    Cant wait to hear the rest of your amazing experience soon. It was certainly a vicarious thrill for me to be able to share a few minutes of the excitement
    of your staring at his face during his VIP session via WhatsApp haha. Thanks so much! Take care.

    Hey Trace, how’s your planting session today? Hope everything is in its
    Good Place 😀

  50. Akang!!
    So happy for that short recap! You must tell us more!
    Shirley and I have been timing ourselves all day to synchronise with the concert and your attendance there!
    Has our card be hand-delivered to David?
    So did you like CEM and LDB? And and and …….?
    So excited for you!
    I’m sure your sis is secretly in love with him – she jusy won’t admit it haha!

  51. Yes Shirley my “plant a tree” session today was good haha!
    Struggling with that bamboo reminds me of my struggling with my ODD! 😀

    Hey guys!! Just watch and listen to this amazing, crazy good, exquisite, jaw-dropping, heartfelt , fantastic rendition of Good Place and Let It Be at VIP Santa Rosa!! It is one of the most beautiful ways David has sung a song.
    Tracy, if your Mum liked CEM, she would love this!

  52. Akang
    Wow! What a night it must’ve been for you. Which was your favourite performance? I have a feeling you’re gonna say all of them. Haha. 😀 Were there alot of people who attended?

    Haha, you guys sent him a birthday card? How nice!

    Trace Willow
    I’m sure she will! (:

    By the way, this might be a silly question but I’m just wondering whether Trace and Trace Willow are the same person. 😛

  53. hello there!

    Good Afternoon!!

    WOW! what a night! The auditorium was mid-size with a good sound system. 90% filled up with a mixed of all ages from young to old fans. David definitely has a very good fan support here in Northern California. 🙂

    Since I did not do the VIP, I got to hear him sang the above video – Good Place/Let it Be Me and one christmas song crystal clear outside the auditorium. David’s voice sounded so much more beautiful if you got to listen from a far distance. The next time he is doing concert, I’m going to sit at the farthest seat just to listen to his beautiful voice.

    My sister and I arrived at Wells Fargo at 4:15p,m. and met Fe, a fan from the States. 3 of us heard a guy doing sound check and we peeped through the side door. My sister, a non-fan asked whether it was David. Haha….both Fe and I immediately replied with a “no”. After awhile, David came on and 3 of us immediately opened the side door to peep and saw David standing on the stage. He turned and we waved like mad persons and he has forgotten to sing and looked stunned. haha… David must have thought he was seeing 3 active ghosts!! Fe quickly closed the door for fear of being reprimanded by whoever is in charge. We did have a good giggle like school children!!!

    To be continued…. later. Hungry – Lunch.

    Tracy – my favourite performance were his pop songs and some of his Xmas songs…hahaha… and also the Falalala… which was kind of fun with 3 little kids on board. One of the little girls told David that she doesn’t want to listen to his short poem nor his short story….hahaha…

    Trace – yes, Janey of Fan Scene had delivered the birthday card and the thank you CD to Kari during the VIP session. My mission has accomplished! 🙂

    Shirley – yes, I did take a picture with David near his bus and got him to sign on my concert ticket. haha… I looked like an Eskimo – double layered of thick clothing. No joke – it’s really freezing last night. The last time I felt this kind of temperature was when I opened the freezer of my refrigerator.
    haha… You are welcome!! Technology is really amazing that we managed to share our excitement together last night. Hope, I did not disturb you at work! 🙂

  54. Tracy
    Haha! Sorry for the confusion! Trace and Tracewillow are the same person. I use the latter for something else and forgot to change it back. Besides, your name and mine are almost the same so maybe I will stick to Tracewillow from now on. What say you? 🙂

    Re the birthday card for David, all will be revealed in our next post next week. Make sure you come in. 🙂

  55. Akang!
    Your recap was just wonderful. You must post a pic of yourself looking like an Eskimo! Shirley kept me posted by millions of sms’s the whole time when I was fighting with that dang bamboo. I was so excited for you but so sad for myself that I just had to do something consuming that would take my mind off David in Santa Rosa. 😀
    Haha every time you open the fridge from now on, you will think of a certain Malaysian Eskimo standing beside David!
    Hey we are waiting for MORE details! 🙂

  56. Akang
    Oh, wow! I’m gonna go search for that video of the girl saying that. I wonder what was David’s reaction. Hahahaha!

    Oh, haha. It’s fine actually. You don’t have to change it. Cos’ I know it’s you already. (: Wow, when did you guys prepare that birthday card? 😛

  57. hey there!!


    While David was doing sound check, other VIP holders came and I met a few of them including Janey of Fan Scene. I was there early for a reason which I’m glad I did. They told me that VIP will commence at 5:15 p.m. and since my sister and I were not VIP holders, we head off for dinner. I just don’t know why I feel hungry all the time. It’s bad! 🙂

    We went back to Wells Fargo at 6:15 p.m. and saw a line. As we were approaching further up the line, we saw David standing there giving a speech. We found out that the VIP photo session was taking place in the hallway of the venue. Strange but good for us as we watched each of the VIP holder taking picture with David. This is the first time my sister saw David. She has heard some of his songs from the first CD that I gifted it to her and she never pay attention to the CD cover. LOL… that is my non-fan sister who doesn’t watch American Idol at all!! Well, at least she is pretty impressed with David’s look – that’s for sure. 🙂

    After the VIP photo session, they all were ushered into the auditorium for the Q&A and 2 songs by David. I was outside the auditorium and his voice was so much more beautiful than the video. 🙂

    The VIP session ended at 7:00 p.m. and thereafter, the crowds started streaming in and we were allowed into the auditorium at 7:45p.m. It was so nice talking to some of the waiting fans. They all have one similar comment regarding David i.e. David is good person with a beautiful voice and he makes them SMILE. Me, too 🙂 The audience were mostly westerners with just a handful of Asian.

    Jeff LeBlanc opened the act and he was pretty good. He has potential and he is funny. He knows how to entertain and work the crowd. At 8:45 p.m. The Man himself. I guess all of you have watched his performances, needless for me to describe his incredible voice. Received standing O for a few songs during the concert.

    ~ the end ~

    Tracy – haha… the little girl just shook her head and David was giggling and seems lost a bit. Anyway, he read the poem. LOL… Thereafter, when the music began, that little cute girl gave David a run for his money!! LOL… she knows how to boogie to everyone surprised including David. LOL…. Not too sure how the other kids did in the other concerts as I haven’t watched them.

    Trace – no way am I going to post my Eskimo picture with David here! 🙂

  58. Amy!
    Still loving your detailed recap!
    Am so glad you spoke to some of the international archies.

    Yes I have watched all the vids – can’t get enough of them. David’s voice is so rich now that the vids leave me craving for more.

    Pile up the woollies and keep warm!

    I wonder how Sheba enjoyed herself in LA.

  59. Akang
    Oh my gosh! Now I really got to go look for a video of that. Hahaha. 😀

    Sheba’s in LA? Wow. Everyone seems to be going somewhere. 😛

  60. Hey Guys!! How are you? Sorry haven’t been around.

    First things first, Sumita, so far there are no plans to make GCT CD/DVD available at stores by Sony, so if you want to get your hands on them you can order through the fansites. You could also try ordering directly from Sony but I’m not sure whether they take individual orders but you could give it a shot.

    Ryan and for those ordering through AAM, we really wanted to give out the CDs/DVDs prior to Christmas but unfortunately, due to the MODS not being available currently to handle and see to all the orders and delivery, it can only be distributed and sent out after Christmas. We sincerely apologise for that but again, if you need the same before Christmas, you may try to get the same directly from Sony and see what Sony says. If you do this and have already submitted your order to us, please drop us an email to notify us ok. Thanks for your patience guys…

  61. Amy, So glad you had a great time at the concert and got to see David after!!! Thanks soo much for giving all the stuff through Janey 🙂

    Not great with recaps but i have to say that the Nokia Club concert was pretty darn awesome. There were quite a lot of guys and they were really enjoying it too! Lol!

    Difficult to say a highlight, all soo good in different ways. Sunny came out to join David during Fa La La La La, and David and the kids were super adorable. He kicked the box of hats and stuff out of the way and it flew across the stage lol!

    I didn’t have VIP so I didn’t get to see David but was able to speak to Jeff as well as JambaJim and Kris Allen who were really awesome guys. Jim C was wearing the David tour sweatshirt lol! Also Kris Allen said the concert was excellent and that they had such a great time 🙂

    Sorry have to post and run but 2 o’clock in the morning right now and have an early day tomorrow. Later guys..

  62. hello Sheba,

    We are in the same time zone here! I’m so glad to hear that you enjoy yourself and you have 2 more concerts to go. Oh gosh! you’ve met so many “stars” in person. Do they look the same as in the picture or more handsomer or more uglier?? hehe… Keep us updated of your wonderful adventure of stalking. 🙂 Remember to keep warm!

    When we are back to Malaysia, we must share news.

    I got to run too. Going snowboarding at Lake Tahoe today!! 🙂

  63. Sheba!!
    At last we hear from you! I was watching the vids of LA and saw the part where D kicked the box and the audience laughed – and guess what – I thought of you!! – being there and laughing! 😀

    Right you are now a “celebrity stalker” – but the main STAR you did not get to meet. There are still 2 more shows to go for you – keep your fingers crossed! 🙂

    Keep warm!

  64. tracewillow-Thanks!! Such wonderful Christmas gift for me this year!! I hope I get to go to his future concerts!! That’ll really make my day!!

  65. I found the video where the girl shook her head when David asked if he could read them a poem during the show Amy went to! It’s so funny especially when David said: “Well, I haven’t had anyone say that before.” Hahaha 😀

  66. Tracy
    Yes that was funny! Lol!
    Why don’t you search for the vid where he kicked off the box which flew across the stage. That was funny too! Lol! 😀

  67. Trace
    I did! Haha, that’s funny too. 😛 Check out his cover of Man In The Mirror during the Anaheim VIP. Although he missed a few words and it wasn’t the full song, he still did the song justice. His voice is just so smooth! I was squealing when I heard him sing. Haha. xD

  68. Tracy
    Lol you are doing a good job vid-hunting! I still haven’t seen the vid with Steven’s daughter Kiki in it. Would you bring it over for us to share? 🙂

  69. Trace
    I’ve been looking everywhere for that video! It seems no one has uploaded that yet. But someone did post a picture of it to Steven’s facebook. Haha. While we wait for that video to be uploaded, I found another one that is just priceless. One of the little girls ran offstage just before he performed Fa La La La and he’s like: “Hey, come back!” David is so good with kids. He carried her back out at the end of the video. Hahaha. 😀

  70. hey Tracy,

    haha… looks like you found the video that I went to. Tks. It was really funny, right??. 🙂

    Ha! It seems you’ve found Sheba’s video above at Anaheim, too. Yeap, the music must have frighten that little girl. LOL… David was a good spot to carry her back at the end of the show. 🙂 Which girl is Steven’s daughter?

    Wow…. David’s Man in the Mirror sounded so good and it’s shame it so short. Well, better than nothing.

  71. Akang and Tracy
    I am not very familiar with MJ’s songs but if David sings them, they will grab my attention 🙂 That Man In The Mirror sounds very good.

    I like his Mary Did You Know – so much feeling and love…

  72. Akang
    Yes, it was funny! Haha. Steve’s daughter was at the Ventura show. I’m still searching for that video. But a fan who attended the show told me that David helped Kiki put on her Christmas hat. How sweet! 😀

    It was so subtle when David sang “Mary did you know….” in the beginning that I thought it was kind of a blues song. What a surprise I got when he got to the chorus! (:

    It’s also very surprising to hear David’s special announcement. At first I got mixed feelings about it but now, I feel very proud to be a fan of his.

  73. hey guys!! no regrets on getting the cd from dessert books as it came 3 weeks after i ordered consider i payed for the 2month shipping !! and it is the autograph ALBUM!!!

    hehe happily spin the album on a road trip today

    all i can say is …. BEAUTIFUL!!!

    even my parents agree!! =)

  74. Hey guys!! I saw the ad on Astro too!! If I’m not wrong, they’ll be showing Glad Christmas Tidings cause they showed a short snippet of it in the ad and I recognised the choir set!! WOOHOO!!! What a way to spend Christmas with David on TV!!

  75. Hi everyone! The Wondrous Christmas With David on ASTRO is on ASTRO 151 & 157(HD). at 9.45 pm on the 31st. Someone from ASTRO called me after I complained about having the scheduled concert replaced by AF Finale concert on ASTRO 150. Hopefully you guys will be able to catch it cause I wont. Got a wedding to attend. Great way to end 2011 so dont miss it! Happy New Year and hope David and all his fans will have the most awesome year ahead!

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