18 comments on “Dear John

  1. Your presence will be missed, John. As the P. Diddy song goes: “Every step we take; every move we make…we’ll be missing you”. Make sure to come visit us during our gatherings/post on the site every now and then! Cheers to you! 🙂

  2. And friends are friends forever
    If the Lord’s the Lord of them
    And a friend will not say never
    ‘Cause the welcome will not end
    Though it’s hard to let you go
    In the Father’s hands we know
    That a lifetime’s not too long
    To live as friends

    The lyrics of the above song came to me after reading Trace’s post. I want to let you know dear John that we are friends forever. It’s hard to let you go as a moderator of AAM and you will be missed. Yeap .. please make sure you visit us and drop your comments, will surely look forward to that.

  3. Yes John, it’s hard to let you go even as a friend. Make sure you self-invite often – we would welcome you with wide open arms! Meanwhile take good care of yourself.
    Love and the bestest wishes!

  4. John:

    At 1:28 is a picture of Mount Rainier. On clear days I can see this mountain, so I was thrilled it was part of the tribute video. Mount Rainier is actually a volcano — part of the Pacific Ring of Fire — and is located 50 miles north of Mount St. Helens, which erupted in spectacular fashion back in 1980.

    We like to think of mountains as immovable, permanent fixtures; however, as volcanoes, mountains erupt from time to time, reminding us that the earth is in constant flux. It would seem we thought of you as a stalwart mountain, when indeed you too needed an opportunity to let off some steam and change course.

    Just as great explorers yearn to return home from time to time, so too will you my dear friend. I join with everyone here in looking forward to those visits.

  5. John, thank you for everything over the three years. The AAM events, the emails you responded to, your time, your effort and your honest opinions. With all the responses to your decision, I’m sure you know that we all appreciate what you have done.
    I hope to see you around soon, even when you are no longer a moderator of this site, I’ll walk up to you with a grin, a big hug and say THANK YOU JOHN! 🙂

  6. Tq John for all that u have done & more…Hope part of your future plan includes the literary world !!

  7. Hi everyone! This is completely off-topic.

    By now all of you should know that David’s concert in Singapore has been cancelled. What a huge bummer especially for those who have not only bought the concert tix, but also airfares and hotel accomodation which are not refundable.

    I’ve been waiting for David’s tweet re the cancellation/postponement which he did yesterday. What he said was the same as what the concert promoter said – that it was due to “unforseen circumstances”.

    I understand that concerts do get cancelled sometimes for all kinds of reasons but it does not stop us fans, especially the ones who have made plans and commitments to go, from speculating as to what might have happened.

    The concern now is, whether we should hold on to the tix and wait for further news of another possible concert OR contact the promoter etc for a refund.
    This is a concern felt by many international fans who have made plans to go to Singapore from Phillippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Japan etc and of course Malaysia.

    Does anyone here have any opinions/information etc?

  8. trace: Can the hotel and airfare costs be credited to a future date? Although they will not refund the price of a ticket (unless you have insurance or perhaps have some kind of frequent flyer program with an airline), perhaps they will be willing to credit the price of the ticket already purchased to a future date. It’s worth exploring. Same with hotel bookings. I’m not a very experienced traveler, but it seems to me that even if it is not a written policy, that you should make an effort to negotiate with the companies involved.

    I feel bad for anyone caught in this situation, and certainly hope something can be worked out.

  9. Katherine

    I am touched by your concern in this matter – you are truly our dear archiekin. 🙂

    By some lucky fluke, I was able to make my way to Singapore even though I posted an article saying that I was not able to. Now fate has done us an unlucky turn.

    Shu Yee and I may still go and find our way to meeting up with as many archies as possible there (therefore making use of the hotel accommodation we had earlier booked).

    We did not book any air tickets as we were planning to drive down.

    We are at the moment trying to decide whether it was wiser to hold on to our concert tic (since David said in his tweet that “something may be done to make it up” to the fans) – perhaps some time in Jan after his US Xmas tour?
    Or to ask the promoter for a refund.

    I have 2 Aam friends who booked hotel and airfares for a family of 4-5.
    They are the ones about whom I have more concern.

  10. Trace – in a bit of a rush today, will only be at the computer later tonite .. so till then, will pen down my thoughts:-)

  11. i feel bad for those who are stuck in the current situation too. Hope you guys manage to find a way..things will get better! *hugs to all*

  12. My opinion for those who have paid for their air tickets and hotel accommodation that cannot be deferred to a later date, just go and have fun at Universal Studio, see the beautiful Xmas lighting along Orchard Road and do some Xmas shopping. Enjoy your trip on behalf of David and it would be even more fun to have an AAM gathering over-the-sea!! 🙂

  13. Anne
    Thanks from everyone! *Group Hug* 🙂

    Haha! Great idea! We might just do that!
    We will tweet David from there and tell him what a wonderful time we are having without him! 😀

    Ok see you later – part of your thoughts should be about bringing David back! 😀

  14. Anne – *hugs*

    Akang – since we will not be meeting David in Singapore, the responsibility is back to you to hand the AAM thank you cd to him when you see him Santa Rosa – ok?

    Trace – should we ask for a refund of the concert tickets? mmmm Sheba – macam? I will wait till end of this week when the disappointment is less painful, then I think it is easier to make a decision. Meantime, will ask the Singaporean archies if they heard something in the air:-)

  15. hello Shu Yee,

    Sure, no problem. I can pass the CD to David in Santa Rosa next month. However, I would like to view the AAM thank you video and see any censorship needed!! hahaha….;-)

  16. I’m glad my purpose of going was twofold, i.e. universal studio with niece and the concert. Since the latter was cancelled, I still have a purpose of going, so will still be using my accommodation and airplane tix although a D concert to cap it off would have been awesome. Oh well. Hope to see some of you guys at Universal studios though for those still going 🙂

    Re the concert tix, I’ve asked for a refund actually. Had the same experience with the Beyonce concert when that was cancelled and their “indefinite” postponement took just way too long. In fact it never came about 😦 but in that case, I’m not too sure the parties involved cared enough to reschedule (I think).

    Anyways, Shu, since, your tix were under my name, that refund sorta includes you. I couldn’t separate the booking. Hope that’s not a problem.

  17. Akang
    Lol I don’t think you need to have a “sneak” review of David’s video – I have asked Shu to post it here. 😀

    Hmm..I’ll probabaly ask for a refund of the concert tix then. If David does have his Spore concert re-scheduled for next year, we can always buy a ticket again. 🙂
    Enjoy yourself at Universal with your niece! 🙂

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