5 comments on “Reality Kardashian style

  1. Hee hee haha haa John!

    How scary can you get – keeping up with news of the Kardashians!
    Pooh pooh – it’s beneath me to read or watch any of that stuff. But I believe many people do and they love it haha! It is precisely why the producers come up with crap like that – because this is the sort of rubbish a great number of people go for.

    David getting hitched with Kim Kardashian?! Goodness forbid!!! That’s the day when all the Archies will rise up in war against Kim. I don’t watch her TV series so I don’t really know what sort of person she is – but from what I’ve been told, she is totally NOT David’s type. (I hope haha!)
    And I hope she has bad taste and that David is not her type either!

    So-called “reality” shows are definitely pre-planned and staged to a great extent to increase their ratings and to appeal to the obnoxious taste of the public.
    What I would very much like to question in this instant, is the taste of the current public and the kind of shows – reality or otherwise – appeal to them.

    For example: what’s this I hear about the “pants-dropping” audition in Simon’s X-Factor? This is the kind of thing that seems to draw people to watch it.
    Simon must be thinking – Give the public what they want! Sad to say, he speaks the truth – this is the sort of thing the viewing masses want.
    That puts me and many others into a minority – not good for business.

  2. Lol! But doesn’t Kim have a thing for the Biebs though. I think I saw some photos of them frolicking on the beach haha. Of course that was BS (umm “Before Selena” not the other meaning hee.) Anyways, its kinda difficult keeping up with the celebrities that I truly like so don’t really have time to keep up with the Kardashians. Can’t really comment on the turn of events i.e. whether its staged or not but seems to me Kim wanted a wedding not a marriage. If that’s the case than I guess she certainly got it with some extra cash in her pocket!

    Trace, I did hear about that audition but couldn’t bring myself to youtube it lol! And yes it is kinda sad that those are the acts that draws viewers 😦

  3. Call me a snob if you’d like, but I’m happy to say I’ve never (willingly or purposely) watched a signal moment of the Kardashian TV show. I’ve inadvertently caught glimpses in promos, which was enough for me to know I wanted absolutely nothing/zero/nada to do with it. I will not contribute to the success or propagation of this type of program. Frankly, I think it’s sinister. It and its kin are playing a role in the dumbing down of America — and now the whole world.

    I wouldn’t doubt that David could be attracted to the outer shell of Ms. Kardashian, but we all know that upon deeper inspection he would find her lacking in nearly every quality of worth, so I don’t think we need to be worried for his safety at this time!

  4. Conclusion: No one here is batting an eyelid in the direction of the Kardashians.
    We guys here have quality taste: we like David Archuleta! 🙂

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