40 comments on “It’s time

  1. John
    It’s with a heavy heart that I write this………..

    Why do you think we address you as “Uncle John”…”our dear Uncle John”…..?
    To us aam’ers you are our greatly respected leader, our beloved member of the club, someone all of us hold high in the esteem of you. Having you leave us is like a limb being torn from the rest of our bodies (well, I don’t really know how it feels to have a limb torn off, but I guess the feeling would be like that ….comic relief)

    “It’s dark outside…
    “I will miss you like a child missing his blanket….”
    Yes John….it will work both ways. We will miss you if you leave us and we archies will be lost like stray dogs searching directionless for a home….

    The words John posted are not the lyrics of some David’s latest song.
    Uncle John is leaving.
    He loves us and has lived the past 3 years and more keeping AAM alive with posts, pics and everything he can think of re David.

    But all we see is a trickle of responses and comments to the beautiful work he has put in every single week (except when David is here).
    Are we so disinterested and apathetic to the eventual outcome of AAM? Do we want it to close shop? Do we not want AAM to carry on alive and kicking so that when David comes again (which I assure you, he WILL) there will be David-representation?
    Do we want to just HARVEST and reap in all the goodies?
    and not PLOUGH to keep the site alive?

    I should not have to behave like a disciplinarian mama saying all these unpleasant things to you guys. I had said it before and I need to say it again now. I don’t mean any offence – just feeling worked up I guess. A couple of you have been very responsive and I’m sure John appreciates that.

    Pleeeaaase go and show Uncle John some love and make him change his mind. 🙂

  2. Uncle John leaving?
    Please don’t.. 😦
    I might not have leave comments on every post.
    But whenever I saw AAM twitter updates on new post I always check them out.
    And Trace, you were right.. I am sorry for being an ignorant.
    I hope I am not too late to tell John how much I appreciate his time and posts here.. 😦

  3. Trace .. reading your comments make me tears .. and I am still in the office.

    Dear John – I think you just punctured my heart:-( You were the one who lifted me when I felt down at AAM … and now … you said ‘it’s time’. If I carry on writing, I will start crying again.

  4. I look forward to seeing new posts every day on AAM – though I may have passed on commenting on a couple or two of the more recent ones; still, that doesn’t mean I find the posts boring! Comments may be lacing, but I’m sure there are so many looking forward to reading new material on this site. Please keep it up, Uncle John – I’m sure many more will be sad to see this site torn down. ):

  5. Hi! It’s me schaz! Reading all these comments just burst me into tears. Uncle John is leaving? is it surreal? UNCLE JOHN you are the backbone of AAM and I just want to let you know that AAM moderators are the best! IT’S TRUE! To be honest, when I met you guys during gatherings or concert day I felt like “hey this is family, and I don’t wanna lose any of you because I LOVE YOU GUYS”. Last time we met during cars movie! we had a blast! we shared our love, laugh and most important David together. Still remember the moment when we said it’s gonna be another gathering on David’s bday next month. how is it going to be the same without you Uncle John? But whatever it is, I still respect all your decision. I know you gonna support David with all your heart either you still in AAM or not. Thanks for all your amazing effort and I wish you all the best in everything you do.

    p/s: is there any hope for me to at least write this down? : DON’T LEAVE US PLEASE 😦 One more minute, wait.. wait… wait…. don’t go 😦

  6. Nooo. John you can’t leave!! Like Farida said you are the heart and soul of AAM. It would not be the same without you!! Your posts have been some of the best things about this site and NO ONE can write just quite the same way. You HAVE to stay John.


  7. I see many tears in this post. I never met you John but I think you are a good guy. If you go who will talk to me? All the girls here ignore me. If you stay I promise to behave myself.

  8. hey John,

    We have been family for the past 3.2 years. Why a sudden change of heart? You know all of us here enjoy your thought-provoking articles even though we may not comment much, but will still try. I hope you could stay put in this big house and not move elsewhere!! Please re-consider your decision. Thank you.

  9. Whoa. No no no no no.

    John, why the sudden notion to leave such a beautiful family? You’re by far one of the most inspiring writers; I’ve always been inspired by your posts. You write from your heart and your soul.

    And I quote Supernatural, “Family doesn’t end with blood.”

    I have a few “families”, and AAM is one of them. In this family, you’re the father, the head of the house. Please don’t leave. Please.

  10. Dear John,

    I myself have been guilty (in fact,most guilty if there’s such a thing) of not showing my support and appreciation. I do read and enjoy your many wonderful posts and thoughts you share with us so generously but for some reason or another,have chosen to be silent sometimes. So sorry john,in fact many of us are now im sure…No matter what happens, we support and respect what you want to do and am very appreciative of the countless times you’ve taken the time and effort to share those beautiful, meticulously written,thought-provoking articles eventhough we fail to mention it sometimes..*big,big hugs!*

  11. =/ What’s going on? I really do hope you aren’t leaving because of the cumulative lack of response these past few months… =/ We love AAM, and we read, and we spazz, and and and and….

    Actually, what I’d really like to do is break out my dramatic chorus (which I’m sure will be joined by many) in saying NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO JOOOOOOOOHNNNNNNNNNNNNN YOU CANNOTTTTTTTTTT LEAVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.

  12. Aww, please stay. You’ve been doing a great job updating us with news, not just about David, but current issues as well. My sister and I love reading your posts; we do read them even though we don’t usually leave comments. And we also like your energy and enthusiasm when it comes to David; we saw how you were happily enjoying yourself without a care in the world during his concert the other day. David makes you and everyone here very happy :). But yes, like what Schaz said, if you think that it is for the best, we respect your decision. We understand that everything happens for a reason. We just want to thank you for all you’ve done. And thanks to other moderators and members of AAM too, for bringing us all together :’)

  13. Dear John,

    I do enjoy your wonderful, inspiring and thought provoking post. You are like family to AAM. I respect and support your decision and no matter what, really appreciate how you have always been the ‘father figure’ of AAM and took care of all of us.

  14. Please don’t leave John 😦 You are our leader here and without you this family is incomplete. We truly appreciate all the effort you have put in and maybe sometimes you don’t hear from us but we are always around reading all your wonderful write ups and because of you, AAM is alive! Remember your plan to make me the PR representative for AAM when David is here? We made a deal and we need you here! Please don’t go John! 😦

  15. Hi all

    I have been a Archie for a while but only this year i started checking out the sites ( you can say i m a katak di bawa tempurung as i never had the time to use the internet to LOOK AROUND ).

    My fav post by Uncle John (i hope it is by john as it says Archuleta Avenue Msia but last i check its under John Blog ) is “A day in the life of a Tay-weed R-choo-letta fan” as it is something that i can relate to in my life ….

    You see in the “real world” i have not that many friends who are an Archie and i even got bullied for being one. With AAM, twitter and all the Archuleta fan site i got to know other fans and learn that i should not be shy of liking David and his song and the amazing things he does.

    I really appreciate the beautiful post AAM have posted here over the past 3 years although i only started reading this year i always look forward to the email and twitter alert.

    I hope Uncle John won’t leave the AAM site and i hope it wont shut down as this is one of the many ways this Malaysian Archie studying Down Under ( i practically gave out my identity here for those who might know me on twitter) to connect with home and the what the Malaysian Archies are up to.

    I admit i have never attended any of David concert or AAM gathering as i am always busy with my studies and that i am brought up with two strict but loving parents who don’t mind that I am a fan as long as i put my studies first.

    Thank you AAM for the the comfort of those blog post you have given me when i am away form home.

    I really enjoy the post although maybe i should have leave comment or a thank note every time after i have read…in fact that is what i will do from now on to support AAM and show my appreciation to you all

    Like what one of my Archubuddy on twitter Schazwanie say

    “just one moment oh wait wait wait don’t go”

    Please don’t leave AAM Uncle John ….please

  16. John,

    I echo everyone’s sentiments here…please consider to stay. Indeed AAM would have lost its most valuable members if you’re no longer around.

    I too have enjoyed all your wonderfully written articles and your video making skills 😀 You have given your utmost devotion to maintaining this site for which we are all grateful.. .maybe it seems like a thankless job and I for one am guilty of not showing my appreciation most times 😦 but please do reconsider your decision and I would like to reiterate James’ dramatic chorus…NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO JOOOOOOOOHNNNNNNNNNNNNN YOU CANNOTTTTTTTTTT LEAVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE 🙂

  17. Gosh everyone please don’t be sad. You’re making this harder than it already is. AAM is not about me, it really isn’t. This site is called ‘Archuleta Avenue Malaysia’ and not ‘John Chang Malaysia’ so the attention should be on David Archuleta. The sole reason for AAM’s being has always been to promote David Archuleta and for his fans to have a place to connect. It’s always been about David and the fans who follow him. In that sense it really doesn’t matter who is at the helm. As long as David continues to make music and tour AAM will go on.

    Much as I appreciate your thoughts, I humbly disagree with the notion that I’m the ‘heart and soul’ of AAM :-). It stokes my ego to the nth degree! But that distinction belongs to David Archuleta and his fans. For without these 2 factors there would be no need for AAM. You guys are the lifeblood of AAM not me.

    It was never my intention to do this indefinitely. Even back in 2009 I was already thinking about walking away. For the past 3 years or so I’ve been almost single minded in focusing my energies and spare time on AAM and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it. I’ve gained so much specially the friendships I’ve forged with you all and I treasure it. The objective was and still is to promote David and by extension AAM. I think to a large degree this has been achieved. At the very least Nadia of FlyFm is very aware of our presence now :-).

    I’m basically worn. I need to recharge and focus my attention elsewhere because other duties call. I will always remain a fan of David and his music and our friendship will go on maybe in a different setting but it’s not the end of the world believe me :-).

    Thank you Anne, Kylie, Lily and Justine ( the original gang of 4 🙂 ) for giving me this wonderful opportunity to be involved with AAM. It has been a blast! Sheba and Shu, thank you for deciding to join us in our spazziness and many crazy, madcap adventures that is AAM.

    But right now I just want to be an anonymous fan which was my original aim anyway. Please don’t stop your passion and devotion to David Archuleta, he deserves it all and more. AAM will always be here if that’s what you guys want so the fact that I’m not around or the other mods might leave shouldn’t change anything. David Archuleta is the sole reason for all of us being here at AAM, just remember that.

    Hasta luego 🙂

  18. Dear John,
    Don’t leaveeee! We need you here. You know we all here love you 😥
    However, I’m sure its not easy for you to come up with a such big decision, and I’m sure that there’s a really good reason behind this decison that you’ve made, therefore, we support you, ’cause we’re family, and that’s what families do.
    Nontheless, I’m stil gonna repeat what I’ve just wrote,

  19. John

    Your points taken.

    I totally agree that David is our main concern here; that he is the one who brought us here together.
    But John, your presence here has bonded us all here so beautifully as a collective unit, which we now feel, is family.
    A “father” figure cannot disappear without leaving it feeling empty and lonely, and to a great extent, lost.
    This includes the Mods too.

    I appreciate that you feel “worn”. I have a suggestion:
    Why don’t you just take a short break?
    Then come back to us feeling refreshed and rested and all your other duties fulfilled?

  20. Thank you, John. You are a gifted writer and I still hope to see your name in the world of literature.

  21. We respect your decision John and we know you have dedicated so much of your time to AAM despite of having other responsibilities and duties that you need to take care of but like Trace said, maybe you take a short break and come back? Hope you will change your mind. AAM will never be the same without you…

  22. John:

    I can think of few people who deserve a break and a chance to recharge more than you. As a tireless champion and promoter of David Archuleta you’ve expended an enormous amount of time and energy contributing to AAM, supporting your fellow fans, and, of course, broadcasting the merits of a certain finalist from a singing competition to anyone willing to listen. I’ve found your articles and commentary to be enlightening, thought provoking, amusing, sometimes a bit maddening, but always written with a sincere commitment to the artist we have all come to love and admire so much.

    Just for fun, I searched through “John’s blogs” to find the point where I first discovered your writings and AAM. Here’s the place where a little more than 2 years ago I was sucked into the vortex of this wonderful site:


    At some point I’d love to revisit that blog entry to discuss with you what has or hasn’t changed regarding Richard Rushfield’s interpretation of what makes for an epic narrative, but that can wait for the time being. My only demand is you not become an “anonymous fan.” That would be a tragedy for which I am not prepared. Stand on the sidelines if you must, but please enter the game from time to time to lend your thoughts and expertise, or, as a coach, help guide the rest of us when you sense we might be floundering. Until then, I wish you much happiness and calm serenity. God Bless.

  23. Dear John,

    I respect your decision and you are right. David is the main focus and this site is for his fans to connect. Please do come back once in awhile and post some thought-provoking articles for us to ponder. Thanks for your kind effort for these past years. I hope you could still join us in our AAM gatherings. 🙂 Take good care of yourself, Buddy!

  24. Hey John,

    Thank you so much for all your write ups. You are a talented writer. We will all miss you but I am sure we will read your articles again.
    I agree, it is a BIG responsibility serving as moderator. I appreciate all of the AAM moderators, you folks have sacrificed a lot of your time and efforts maintaining this site.

    Hope to see you in AAMers gathering!

  25. Much love, John. As long as you prooooooomiiiiiiiiiseeeeeeeee to join us during outings if your schedule permits, and most importantly, join us in the spazz when that adorable unicorn princeling (and by that, I mean David) does decide to grace our shores once more.

    All the best, I adore you absolutely, and will take my John FC underground for a bit :p

  26. Hey guys, please don’t pen down your goodbye to dear John. If you treasure him, like I do … I would love to see more posting from him. Yes, David is the sole reason AAM is alive, but without committed people who ‘feed’ us, the site will be history.

    I know my strength is not in writing, but can help in other ways I can to David’s fans through AAM. But I know also for those who make time to keep ‘feeding’ us here, I want them to know their efforts are worth it. I see this is a great way of connecting us together with what’s going on with David. If you are excited and love David’s music, I am sure you have one comment or two about it here.

    I could give up
    I could stay stuck
    Or I cold move on

    So I put one foot front of the other … so for John, I hope he will find the worn out feeling of the other side of down and come back to cheer us up:-)

    I am a fan of David as long as I shall live.

  27. I agree with Shu – please do not say “goodbye” to John yet!
    We are still in the midst of “squishing and dangling him” at Aam, encouraging him to change his mind, or at least take a leave of absence for awhile until he is ready to take on the reins again. Never say “give up” ! (at least, it is my personal motto and David’s too) He is a treasure we cannot let go so easily.
    But of course, at the end of the day, it is John who will have the last say.

    Yes, as Shu said, “if you love David’s music, you will have a comment or two to make here” – and may I add – Consistently.
    Let us give John more encouragement to stay on and continue to help him and the MOD’s make this site an active and exciting and discussive one.

  28. Shu Yee:

    I’m not seeing any “goodbyes” here. More like “have a nice vacation and we’ll see you when you return home” kind of messages.


    Perhaps you are finished forever with your moderator duties (or perhaps not), but like the rest of us lowly fans you can still post comments and, when you’re feeling really ambitious, you might want to post a blog from time to time. There are too few male voices speaking out on behalf of David, and we still need your perspective on things.

  29. Katheryn .. you are so valuable here too. I find your comments really enlightening and a joy to read. I really wish we can meet someday soon. If you ever come and visit us here in Malaysia, we would love to show you our Archuhospitality:-D

  30. Katheryn – btw, you are right about your observations, I just thought some were leaning towards that direction. Always appreciate to be corrected:-)

  31. Shu Yee & trace:

    Thank you so much! I hope to travel to your part of the world some day, and I’d love to meet you and experience some Archuhospitality!!!

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