25 comments on “When I’m 64

  1. Hm..when he’s 64? I’ll be long dead and buried lol!!
    Unless I’ve been reborn, become a musician and playing in his band while he tours the world singing all his evergreen hits 🙂

  2. I want to thank our dear Uncle John for having helped me in the “ageing” of David in his pic – amidst many lengthy discussions, experiments, heated debates and fits of laughter.
    Hope you guys have lots of fun and laughter too and come back with comments how ever silly! 😀

    As I said, just remember to keep on breathing! 😀

  3. Hahahahah – we’ll all be the ripe, mature person David has turned into! No longer will we be able to “clap and cheer and be excited” (not much, at least) even if we wanted to! 🙂 And unless David decides to stray into the heavy metal genre or something, I’ll continue to be a fan of his music. Oh, if David continues singing to that age, I’m sure an artist of his caliber will need no more than his voice to entertain an audience; his voice will have, er…improved magnificently with age. 😉 So even if he’s tottering about on stage, I’m sure the crowd won’t mind. His voice has always been what matters most in a performance – no need for gaudy flashes of lights, suggestive gestures nor clothing; nothing of that sort. And I don’t see think it will change, even in the distant future.

  4. Hahaha! Love your imagination, Trace!

    Let’s see, I will be long gone by then. Hopefully the younger achiekins will totter and clap along while he sings.
    I wonder how will he sound at that age! Deeper, stronger, richer or ********.

  5. I’ll bet Paul McCartney thought that age 64 was ancient at the time he penned the song. Now at 69 he has married for the third time and is still going strong!

    For a better idea of how David might look when he’s older, here’s a picture of his maternal grandfather. I’m not sure how old “Papi Wil” is, but I think he might be in his seventies.


  6. The sleazeballs at Q102 Philly have extended the Ultimate Hotties poll for another day. It seems they cannot stomach the idea that David will win the poll. I want to shove David’s win down their throat and then be finished with them once and for all. Please continue voting. Voting ends at 10pm ET on October 31, which I believe translates to 10:00 a.m. on Tuesday, November 1 your time. Please keep voting. Thanks!


  7. Zach

    I agree totally that an artiste such as David will need no more than his voice to entertain at whatever age.

    While all the others, who rely on glitz and suggestive movements, fade away, David will remain strong and improve with age and experience. 🙂

    Yes definitely stronger, deeper and richer.

    I’ve changed my mind Eunice. I think I will turn into a leech clinging onto his ankle and suck his blood!
    (Ouch!!…..ok guys, stop throwing rotten eggs at me – it’s just a joke!!!) 😀

  8. Katheryn

    *whistles*…Papi Wil still looks rather dishy. Thanks for the link!
    But David of course will look 10 times better than his dear granddad…with all due respect. 🙂

    No Katheryn, 64 is definitely NOT old. We still have alot of jumping, cheering and running-after to do for David! 😀

    Still voting for David for Hot Boy!

  9. The picture of David with a mustache is like what the love guru said to him back in 2008 .. ‘soon you will have hair in weird and wonderful places’ hahaha! kind of like it actually *wink*.

    I think David will be known as a legend when he is 64 and inducted into the music hall of fame .. and yes, I make sure my grandchildren will enjoy him tooo hahaha!

    Katheryn .. voted .. and I will help you shove David’s win down their throat!!

  10. wow David Archuleta looks so cute with his mustache! I surely will like him very much when he is older. Think I will go to see him in Singapore and maybe I will bump into you people over there.

  11. Katheryn! Wheeeee!
    David won!! And why didn’t they put a cross over Adam’s face? Hmm..hehe

  12. Shu

    “Hair in weird and wonderful places…” Yes I remember that…it really tickled me at the time. Yes I love the moustache on him too – kinda sexy (I mean, MORE sexy hehe). He definitely deserves the title of “Ultimate Hottie”!

    Yes Shu, we’ll make sure all our grandchildren support David after we’ve gone or we’ll come back and haunt them! 😀

  13. trace: I think Q102 is trying to provoke more complaints from David’s fans. Their behavior just solidifies my contempt for most Top 40 radio stations in the U.S. So many seem to be run by the lowest of the low. Nothing will erase the fact this was a moral victory for David and his fans, so excuse me if I gloat a bit!

  14. Katheryn

    I’m gloating together with you over David’s victory! 🙂

    Although I obviously don’t know much about the radio stations in the US, what surprises me is that I believe I did not even see an announcement that David is the winner. Looks like they are not happy with the result. 😦
    So why bother to have that poll in the first place? They don’t seem to have an inkling as to the power of the archies!

  15. Trace – Q102philly tweeted ‘CONGRATS @davidarchie & ur fans, YOU are THE HOT BOY! We’re sure @adamlambert @joejonas @alexalltimelow say well done!’

    YES! victory … and more victories to come:-)

  16. Hi! I’ve been a lurker here for some time and I’ve had a great time reading the humour and the great articles posted here. You guys are a fun lot!
    Needless to say I am a huge fan of David A.
    I think David at the age of 64 will not change very much in appearance except that he will look even more beautiful and attractive with maturity. Not only has he beauty on the outside, he has beauty from the inside and this will contribute to his long-lasting good looks. I must say I love that picture of him with the extra “hair from weird and wondeful places.”
    A few extra lines on his face as he gets older will add character and he will look even more cool!
    There is no denying that his voice will be richer too in the future. I can’t wait to witness an older David.
    Thank you Trace for the sweet write-up.

  17. Shu

    The tweet went “You are the Hot Boy’ ?!
    But that’s wrong – it should have been “The Ultimate Hot Boy” – I thought that was the title of that poll. Of course I’m very happy they tweeted but somehow, I think they short-changed David. 🙂 😦

  18. Hi MaryF!

    Thanks for joining us. So happy to meet another huge fan! You must de-lurk more often! 🙂

    I like what you said: “..he has beauty on the outside and from the inside….”
    I agree that he will look “cooler” as he grows older. Are we able to WAIT? 😀

  19. Hey Trace,

    Now that’s a thought haha…when I’m 64…hopefully we can still go to lots of David’s concerts together.

    Oh, oh and when we go for M&G, there’s no need to dye our gray hairs…we’ll walk with a slightly hunched back and I’m sure David will quickly get up from his chair to give us a hug without us having to ask for one 😀

    Thanks for this funny article…always enjoy reading what you’ve written 🙂

  20. MaryF! Welcome and thanks for delurking! Please come and comment more often!!

    Also Trace, thanks so much for the article. Did not know half of the things that was 64 related lol!

    Have no idea what the future will hold but hope David has a LONG and lustrous career ahead of him 🙂

  21. Shirley
    Yes the utter respect that David gives the elderly people is another example of his good character.
    I would be very happy being seen as one of those “elderly people” for the sake of getting physically closer to him. The fanatic-fan in me will also ask him to serenade me a song right infront of me! 😀

  22. Sheba

    Lol! Don’t blame you for not knowing about the “age” thing. You still have umpteen years to go haha!
    So make full use of your youth and boundless energy to make more beautiful vids of David and remember to send me some “spiritual emails” when the time comes 😀

  23. hey Trace,

    Another funny article! hahahaha… 64?! I don’t even know how I look like least of all imagine David at 64. hahaha… He must be looking after his grandchildren by then!! Ya, I think I can send you “spiritual emails” when comes 2054!! 🙂

    The 1st picture that you posted above looks like my grandfather at 86. hehe 😉

  24. Akang

    Thank you in advance for offering to send me those watchama-call-it emails – I hold you to that promise! 😀

    Does your grandfather really look like that? – can’t wait to meet him! 😀

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