9 comments on “WAIT! What??

  1. Haha you two – so funny!
    I must be the last person to know about the vid shooting in HK – busy doing something else.
    Woohoo! Everything and More OR Wait! Who cares! Just David will do!

  2. eek!! Love the spazzing going on with this little piece of news!! Have to say that was not expecting this at all! but super awesome nevertheless. It’s actually my favourite out of the ATE and would really LOVE to see it live!! Hopefully, since its the 2nd single we get to see a live performance of the song soon!

  3. Guys, it’s the homestretch on the Q102 poll. In weeks past David’s percentage dropped off over the weekend, especially on Sundays. We’ve already lost 2% this week, so we’ve got to work hard to keep David ahead for a couple more days until this dang poll is over and done with. The Glamberts are not giving up. In fact, it’s my understanding they are soliciting votes from other fan bases. Please get in as many votes as you are able.



  4. “Good things come to those who WAIT….”, a young wise man once said…Perhaps he saw this day coming hmmmmm

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