8 comments on “David and gang

  1. I’ve long thought that David’s voice would reach a much bigger number of music lovers, and his potential attain greater heights, if he worked with David Forster.
    I wonder if there’ve been discussions between them lately.
    Does anyone know?

  2. Uh…I can’t help it, but I keep thinking of a forest whenever you guys call him Forster, haha! But his actual name is spelt David Foster, just in case. 😉
    Here’s a video of David speaking about David (lol):
    D.Foster was so right about D.Archie in the video; I felt like reaching out into my screen to his hand in gratitude after his comments, haha. 🙂

    Oh, I also have to point out that with the advent of Autotune, many artists have implemented that into their live performances as well, so what people hear is not really the “real” thing anymore – sadly. Ah well.

  3. Well in the case of David n gang on Saturday I bet there were no autotune! Because they sounded amazing!

  4. Zach
    Thanks for the vid. Luuurve ya David Foster !!!! (got the spelling right eh?)
    I wish we could go back in time to that interview and have AI Season 7 all over again – the American voting public should get it right the next time! 😀
    And David should have signed up with David Foster and not Jive! ranting..ranting..

  5. Zach – clever to ninja that vid interview. Thanks!

    I love David Foster and have a collection of his cds. I might just use some of the music for the thank you video to David. Thanks John for jolting my memory hahaha!

  6. Oops, just realised I omitted something: “reaching out…to shake his hand in gratitude”. Haha.

    And you’re welcome, for the video. It’s not very widely publicised; I only found the link to it on one website. D: Still, it was the second (or so) hit on Google – I just happened to type Foster and Archuleta in the search bar.. 😉

  7. Just want to share how this songstress can still deliver and tell a beautiful story by using her “not so good voice now” (once upon a time, her voice was so beautiful) and ironically the music was produced by David Foster. I honestly don’t know who he is but after reading John’s post, I will attend David Foster & his friends’ concert one day!

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