6 comments on “R.I.P Yue Yue

  1. As terrible as this might sound, I think humans are still grounded by the crude instincts that have stuck with us since we first appeared. I heard that there was a case in China some time ago where a man helped a child in distress but got blame for the child’s injuries in the end. I don’t think the people of China have forgotten this issue when this incident occurred. Our basic instincts dictate that self survival is first and foremost, and in the light of such a sudden event, perhaps this “code”, so hardwired into our systems, kicked into action and made them think: if I help her I might get into trouble. Naturally, most organisms are averse to self-destruction; that may be strong enough a signal for them to think twice about helping the girl. Indeed, the passers-by have also alleged that they did not help because of this very reason.

    I am neither defending nor advocating their actions, but merely trying to find the cause of such a destructive and appalling act. Humanity may not be so entirely heartless as is believed by us; sometimes, our basic instincts have more power than those that have been conditioned into us through learning. Once these crude “codes” for survival rear their head, we will do anything to ensure our personal safety. Who can say what the passers-by might have done if it was their own child as the victim (Gods forbid!)? Here it is, in the loosest sense, a complete stranger to them. No doubt their first thought will be “I am not getting into trouble for someone I don’t know”. What if they really were accused for hurting the poor girl (bless her soul)? What if they had their own children to feed, their elderly parents waiting for them, alone in the house? So much at stake, in exchange for someone they’ve never met before? We have been programmed to prioritise ourselves and our young first, as dictated by the instincts passed on to us from our ancestors, who had to survive in the wild so many years ago. Is this scenario any different from a prehistoric human faced by the decision of saving a child from a hungry beast and risk being killed or disabled by it, or to slunk quietly away for the sake of his wife and kids?

    There is also one more thing I would like to point out: the passers-by effect. We’ve all heard of incidents where a person has had his/her belongings snatched in broad daylight, amidst a sea of people, but no one helps? It’s because each onlooker is thinking that “someone else is going to help”; ridiculous as it might sound, it is proven to be a very dangerous mindset and psychological factor that unfortunately is prevalent in all of us. This may, in addition to their self-survival instincts, have prevented the passers-by in the China incident from acting immediately, to fatal consequences.

    Of course, there is no denying that perhaps they are heartless after all and just chose to leave the girl laying around to die. But I beg to differ; I doubt each and every one of them were that incapable of empathy. No doubt it is selfish of them to prioritise themselves over a helpless, wounded child, but there are so many things influencing our minds that in the end, our brain is the ultimate dictator of our actions – not our heart, conscience, compassion or however else you may put it.

    In the end, I believe there is still that little seed of goodness in everyone. It just takes the right time and/or person to germinate it. May Yue Yue find it in her to forgive those who have wronged her so, and I hope that she can rest in peace.

  2. Thank you to both of you for your valuable insights into the sufferings of the less fortunate people around the world. I agree, we have focused too much on our own needs, wants, haves, successes and dreams nowadays. Most of us have been desensitized by the violence, abuses, and misfortunes via the media, internet etc.
    However, there are still some who have the compassionate to reach/help out.
    And you both are the compassionate kind!
    God bless you both. 🙂

  3. It is appalling what happened to Yue Yue. The fact that this sort of thing can happen anywhere in the world does not make it less disgusting.
    It is more understandable if we are talking about trying to save a person being attacked by robbers toting guns, but leaving a child or person lying in the street bleeding and in near-death is totally unforgivable.
    It is as though life is so cheap and leaving a person to die is of no consequence.

    There is an old Chinese saying:
    “Just sweep the snow away from infront of your own house.”
    Which I believe means – don’t be a busybody – just mind your own business.
    This idiom is still very much used verbally in Chinese conversation but many have misused it in an inappropriate way. It is not extended to helping people who may be “strangers”.

    We should be ashamed of ourselves as a society if we continually just think of ourselves. Would we want the situation reversed and have no one reaching out to help us? As I said earlier, I can understand a situation when our own safety is threatened with guns and other weapons. But helping a little girl lying half-dead on the street?
    A Chinese official is now treating this incident as a “wake-up call” to the Chinese people who are completely wrapped up in their money-making world.
    But why does little Yue Yue have to sacrifice her young life to enable it?

  4. I feel like crying. So sad for poor yue yue. Before she can grow up she has gone. Why are there so many bad people in this world.

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