13 comments on “Aiya what to do?

  1. Hey Trace, I know it may seem that I would drop everything just to go to a David concert, but I just wanna say that if I were in your shoes, I would make the same decision as you. So don’t beat yourself up about it. Like I said, family first and David would approve 🙂

  2. Are u kidding me?! Goodness woman (I’m assuming u r a woman – in which case that xplains it all) what’s the big deal? So you don’t get to go for the freaking Archuleta concert. Believe you me, you aint missing a darn thing. You saved yourself a whole lot of boredom!

  3. Don’t worry Trace – you will have your chance again at seeing David live, in person. I’m sure that there are quite a few people out there who would appreciate and be grateful to you for your choice. Keep that in mind – think not of what you’ve missed, but what good you’ll be doing! I wish you all the best – cheer up okay? 🙂

  4. Awww, Trace, you’ve made the right decision and as Sheba has mentioned its something that David would approve 😀

    Its not the right timing this time but I am sure there will be plenty of other opportunities to see David again. He likes coming back to Asia 🙂


  5. Trace, I feel for you but I think you have made the right decision. Your family would be proud of you. As Shirley said, David is sure to come again to Asia because he knows we love him here. Hugs

    Boo, what’s up with you? First you accuse David of being shallow, now you are calling the women dumb! What have you against women? You should lock yourself in a room and brood your life away. Without a woman you won’t be here Mr. Boo.

  6. Sheba, Zach, Shirley and Anon
    Hey you guys, thanks for your thoughts! I’m good – no worries. 😀

    The real purpose of this article done on impulse, other than what seems to be my lamentation of not being able to attend D’s concert and to thank my aam buddies, was to do my ole mama bit and tell the younger archies that there are things in life which are LARGER than our own personal desires. That we must see things in the right perspective.
    That we must not have a constant ME ME ME attitude. 🙂

  7. Hey Boo! So you’re back! What an unlucky day for us! Hehe…
    Are you going for the “freaking Archuleta concert”?
    It might just do you some good.
    In fact it will do ALL of us some good – men and women – gender has nothing to o with it.
    But for men of your calibre (I presume you are a man? – that explains it too!), you will probably take much longer – like 10 concerts?

  8. You are so right Trace. I would not trade my family important milestone for David’s concert. What I would miss is your recap after the rendezvous hahaha! Hey .. we still have plans to go for the AMAZING DAVID US TOURS in not too distance future right???? Big Cuddly Hugs:-)

  9. Haha Shu! I look forward to YOUR recap – no running away this time! 😀
    I also look forward to any recap by anyone inclined to write one! 🙂

    Maybe Mr.Boo can write one after he has conceded to going, knowing that it’s really the best thing for him to do during his days of lolling around here not saying anything constructive. Lol!

  10. Hey Boo! U have to be a diehard fan of David, otherwise you won’t hang around here. Are U needing attention from us!? How sad and annoying at the same time!

    Grow up and get a life somewhere else!

  11. To those of you who are heading to see David,
    have a great archukins reunion over in Singapore!

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