24 comments on “David in Singapore!

  1. John
    Yeah go on! Rub it in! I am crying buckets here that I can’t go on that precise date.

  2. Would have been a GREAT birthday gift for me but unfortunately my company trip falls on that exact date >< November this year suddenly very the happening.

  3. To make any of you guys who are not going feel better, I cant go too 😦 Have fun to whoever who is seeing him next month! Please take lots of videos & ask david to come back asap :DD

  4. I can’t go but if anyone is going to meet him send him my love and a box of Tim tams. The ones made in Australia. Preferably double coated not dark chocolate. 🙂

  5. Planning to go. Li Ying, where do I exactly purchase the Tim Tams? Do they have ’em in Cold Storage???? O.O

  6. Sheba, Yoashio, Shirley, daughter – Steph, Genie and myself are going. I know from twitter, there are quite a few fans going as well. Naree from Philippines will be coming too! Want to make it an AAM outing???

  7. Oh? AAM outing? Do keep us updated – I (and possibly Han Yang) might be going, too! I’m sososososososo anxious about it, haha.

    @Frisha: You could take a plane as a last resort, lol. <:)

  8. Eve
    You can find Tim tams at cold storage. Haven’t you had them before? Absolutely delicious. Get David a box of them will you? I’ll pay you back next time. Please and thank you. 🙂

  9. Eve
    If you can’t find the original or double coated Tim tams. The Tim tam crush caramel is quite nice. Yes there’s a type of Tim tam called crush. It has a different texture. 🙂

  10. Great job, guys! David’s lead has grown since last night. Keep on voting! FYI: I’m also putting in some votes for the guy up against our primary competition, if you know what I mean. (It could help David’s chances to go up against that guy in the final bracket.)

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