11 comments on “Soul man David

  1. John

    Another spanking session is in order. 😀
    I must say, John, that you are quite a sh.. stirrer haha!

    Once again, I do not agree with all this comparing of artistes. Everyone has his/her way of expressions of his art.

    I like Adele, don’t get me wrong. If I am not being too presumptious, she has had an “eventful” life so far. And she taps on those experiences to create her kind of music. I’m sure most artistes do that – I believe it is really the easier way to write.
    Don’t we all relish in talking about ourselves? Nothing wrong with that – only just saying.

    David may be just a little younger than Adele but his life’s experiences so far have, I think, hardly covered half as much as hers. He went to school, went to church, sang “clean” music all through his tender years, helped his neighbours, roller-bladed, hiked in the mountains, played with his dog…….you know the rest.
    If one feels that his music should be real, raw, self-revealing etc, well, that’s realness and rawness and revelation for you – refer to the list.

    I think what these writers really mean is (I may be wrong) that artistes should wail…cry…groan… before it is called “raw” – Nothing wrong if that’s what they want to do. David was doing all that as in Crazy.
    But he chose not to dwell in emotions which embody negative energy.
    Why can’t he choose the kind of energy he wants to give to people? It is what he is – real and raw and exposed – and himself.

    Maybe David should sing about Desire and Diabolical Passion and wail and howl away as he sings, to get everyone’s attention – would he then be considered raw and self-revealing enough? But would it still be him?

  2. Trace, if he does all that and it’s not him then is he a true artiste?

    So if David bares his soul, scream his emotions and angst in the next album, the numbers will pour in?

    And all I ask of David is dance like Usher/Chris Brown/JB/JT/….. when he performs. Creative and interesting sikit.

  3. LOL Kylie!

    David dancing like the aformentioned artists? NOW that would be worth seeing! hehe

  4. I’ve been holding back, but here goes…

    With all due respect, that writer is an idiot. David will never sing about his father “getting busted with a hooker.” It has a little something to do with the 5th Commandment: Honour thy father and thy mother. It would hardly be honorable to expose, for artistic reasons, what could be the lowest point in his father’s life. That would be sleazy. David isn’t sleazy.

    TOSOD a lot of “talking about nothing”? Really? I considered listing the songs on the album together with synopses of their meanings, but decided against it. The point isn’t whether or not the songs are meaningful or if they have themes or messages, because they all do, and I completely disagree with the notion that they aren’t revealing something about David’s inner workings – that they aren’t “real.” So the writer prefers the angst-filled, sh*t happens type of song. Fine. He or she can listen to the wailing, moaning, caterwauling, and self-pitying Demi Lovato sing “Skyscraper.” I happen to despise that song. I would hate for David to go in that direction.

    I suspect – no I am convinced – David is far more sophisticated than his actual life experience would account for. He is like a sponge soaking up cultures and the arts wherever he goes physically, as well as whatever he chooses to study from afar. He will write and sing about his encounters and experiences when he is ready. Even then he could end up being too subtle for that writer’s taste. The subject at hand is the method of delivery. Here’s an analogy: Remember when I talked about my preference for Alfred Hitchcock films over today’s unsophisticated in-your-face horror/slasher movies?

  5. Okay, so perhaps calling the writer an “idiot” is too harsh. Instead I’ll say that the writer is clueless.

  6. Katheryn, Trace and Kylie

    Ever wonder if David has written any songs about his experiences in India? I’m sure that trip wasn’t all filled with sunshine and goodness – even if he only wanted to focus on that aspect of the trip. The situation in India would have exposed him to the harsher realities of life. Would he have absorbed all the negatives but still choose to turn the other cheek and see only the positive – as he most probably will? And is that a realistic way to look at life?

  7. Kylie
    If he wails and howls about “desire and diabolitica passion’ (I was being sarcastic actually haha) he would be doing what he is expected to do by other people. A true artiste is, in my opinion, one who writes from his heart and says what he needs to say without being manipulated or dictated to by other people. So in my books, David is a true artiste.
    I think David is already baring his soul to every song he sings. That’s why I think this writer is ….I need to hold back in my name-calling. 😦

    I think “idiot” goes down very well for me.

  8. John

    I am sure David has witnessed many harsher realities of life especially during the last couple of years, be it in India or nearer home. He is in the “absorbing” stage -his more recent experiences are probably all dormant in his heart at the moment until the time when he feels it right to express it in his music. He is a sensitive soul – he would not have “turned the other cheek”.

    “A realistic way to look at life” does not mean one has to harp about the sadness etc of it. (I detest that Demi song too, Katheryn) David will inject positivity into these sad stories simply because that’s the way he feels life should be. Remember Falling? Such a tragic song and the end of the song goes:

    “There could be a new day
    Maybe I can revise
    And escape from the lies”

    “I’ll move from where I began
    Keeo on pressing through to the end”

  9. Yes but at least he chose to face up to that particular moment, immersed himself in it and came out stronger. That’s what makes Falling such an interesting song and such a departure from his usual ways. And at 14?

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