22 comments on “What do you want?

  1. The only thing I want to talk to him about is his career and where he wants to go with it. How much control does he exert in the management of his affairs – music wise.

    Does he have an all consuming desire to win that Grammy or is he content to go que sera sera?

    This is all I want to know and then I will walk out of that elevator. I don’t want to know about all the other stuff. In fact I don’t even wish to be particularly close to him.

    I just want to be a fan from a distance.

  2. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! at John’s reply. 🙂

    I’m sure that if this happens, the “victim” will visit the elevator everyday thereafter just to relive the moment, haha. And if this should happen to me…well I’d probably cut down the 1,000,000 questions I have for him to maybe…20 or so, because he is probably already tired of being asked questions regarding his life everyday, since his rise to fame.

    I’d rather strike up a normal conversation with him than make this “accident” a horrifying interviewing session for David (stuck in the elevator for hours, with a paparazzi for a fan! Imagine! LOL! XD). At least he’ll remember it as an interesting event than a nightmarish one.

  3. *In the event David returns in the future*

    A: So uh..whatcha up to today?

    B: Oh nothing..Just gonna sabotage an elevator that DA’s gonna be entering to exit the hotel later..you know,the usual..

  4. John

    Just walk out of that elevator AWAY from David!? What la!
    Invite him for lunch and the brood of aam’ers can tag along! 😀

  5. Trace,

    I heard you said many times that you want to watch and support David from a distance. I know you are a loyal fan with conscious mind of how a fan should behaviour. I totally agreed that we don’t “own” David but we admire and respect David as an artist just like he respect us as his fans.

    David, to me, is a quiet young man during his private time, hence, he would not talk more than necessary. I’ll ask him the most comfortable and safe topics ie. 1) which country he loves best 2) favourite singers and 3) what kind of songs he is listening to.

    John…haha… that’s man-to-man talk. You sounded serious and I’m sure David will just listen to you with a smile!

    Zach – I love to hear your “normal” questions. Please share.

  6. Hahaha; I just saw something about “the foetus”…who/what are you referring to, Aunt Trace?
    Um…my 20 questions huh? Hmmm…what his goals are to be a good entertainer; ie: is he gonna pick up dancing, produce more technical songs (and let him know that certain fans love technical songs, lol)…learn to play the guitar so he can perform a solo acoustic piece?
    2: If he were given a random superpower, what would he choose, lol. He’ll probably use it for good, like a lot of us, but each person has a different idea on how s/he can help people and David probably has a unique view too. Or he could use it to be a villain. 😉
    3. I’m going to also ask what his favourite books are, haha. Totally random but hey! everybody reads to a certain extent. And he might name something really unexpected.
    4. If he could choose between braille, sign language, ancient Greek, flag signals and morse code which would he choose to learn – really random, but it reveals more of him and still is an entertaining question to mull over, haha.
    5. If he could be good in any sport, which would he choose to excel in? I think he’ll pick running since he IS doing that once in a while, but oh well.
    6. If all Tue fans

  7. Darn it. I’ll say it again: oh, the woes of typing on a phone! Anyhow I was about to say: if all of us Archie can gather at one place (ignoring the laws of space and matter) to watch him perform, where would he want it to be and at what time of the day?

    The last one I can think of at the moment: does he prefer animals or plants (encompassing flowers, trees, shrubs, herbs, weeds, etc)? And obviously, why?
    Haha that’s pretty much I dare to post anyhow. Anyone else wants to add to my list? Please do. I’m no good at asking people stuff, haha! You guys have probably waaaay better questions in mind, I’m sure. =)

  8. Good morning Zach!

    What a list of thoughtful questions!! Well-done. A pat on your back.

    I love your last question. Knowing David, he will give us a polite and diplomatic answer i.e. “Malaysia and at 2:34am.” hahaha …because Generation Y and Z loves night hours than day-time. 🙂

  9. LOL Trace, you and your alter-ego. In all honesty, I must admit I
    have that same second self like yours lurking somewhere in me 🙂

    On the other hand, I am always reminded that as a fan I just want only
    the best for David. As long as I can listen to his voice, get his tweets,
    vblogs, read his book, occassionally attend his concerts and continue to support him in my own ways…life’s good as an Archie.

    Haha Zach, make sure you write all those questions down in a ‘questions to ask David when caught with him in the elevator’ book…great list of questions too.

    Hi Amy, I like that polite and diplomatic answer very much 🙂

  10. Akang
    David’s favourite country to sing in”?
    I can answer it for him – MALAYSIA!!! 😀

    We crazy archies are often torn, aren’t we?
    On the one hand, we want to smother him with all our crazy love. But on the other, we know we should exercise our self-control and draw a line. *sniff*

  11. Zach

    You don’t know who the Foetus is? Hahaha just roll your eyes and think of babies………not saying anymore. 😀

    I absolutely love your choice of questions:
    – Dancing and guitar-playing – certainly a good area for us to explore re his musical intentions and explorations.
    – Random super-power – if I personally could bestow it on him, I would give him the power to fly. His lyrics have many times described “flying” – ZG, EAM, PANDA and probably a couple more which some of you guys out there can locate.
    – He once mentioned he really liked The Alchemist. There are probably more. Maybe he likes COS too hehe.

    All your potential questions for David are equally amazing Zach. I love the workings of your mind. I’m sure we all look forward to many many more input from you. Perhaps you could write us an article too? 🙂

  12. Oh wow – thanks for approving! 😀 I’m so glad y’all liked that list, haha.
    @Aunt Trace: I vaguely remember someone calling Bieber “The Foetus”; that’s all I know. D:
    Also I might get an “eureka!” moment – I’ll send in an article to AAM then, lol. But no promises ’cause my creative juices haven’t been flowing a lot lately. 😉

  13. “Would you ply for information that is privy to him?”
    He tells you things, anyway.

    Now here’s a question: if you and David went through something special together that resulted in your relationship with him becoming more personal than you ever thought it could be, would you…

    A) Wish things could go back to the way they were, meaning you can go “obsessed freakish psychotic fangirl” on him and not care about how you appear coz “as if he knows you or cares enough to bothered by it”?


    B) Feel yourself inevitably entitled to something… “more”, since the line between “fan” and “friend” has been unconsciously blurred?

    I’d really like to know what you guys think!

  14. Since I’m a guy I guess I can count myself out of the “obsessed freakish psychotic fangirl” category lol!

    BUT IF I were to ever become close to David I would be fiercely protective of him. I would never allow the “obsessed freakish psychotic fangirl” type anywhere near him and that include the aunties too! haha.

    Seriously though I think the feeling wouldn’t be anything drastically different. For one thing David’s not a prima donna type and therefore that makes it easier to have a ‘normal’ relationship with him. But like I said I just want to be a fan from a distance so the point is moot.

  15. Zach
    Your question no 4 is totally random and out of left field! But a very interesting line of thought :-). Yeah I’d like to know the answer to that too.

  16. Eve

    If the relationship between David and me becomes “unconsciously blurred”, I think I would prefer to maintain my “friendship” with him as a “confidante” and as a “trusted friend” but will still like and support his music.
    But as a “true friend”, I will not feel “entitlement” of any sort. I guess I’ll still love him from a distance, but will be there for him whenever he needs me.

    I’m not very good in carrying on with that “obsessed freakish psychotic fangirl” behaviour. 🙂

    Good thinking Eve.

  17. Zach

    Re your random question No.4, whether he should learn braille, sign language, flag signals or morse code: aiyo Zach! Mati for us all la! How are we going to understand him?! 😀

    He doesn’t have to learn Greek – he is already speaking it sometimes – the rambling version! 😀

  18. Eve,

    Maintain my “friendship” with him as a “trusted friend” like what his former high-school friends did. They respect him and did not spill their guts to any media to these days.

    Do I consider myself as “obsessed freakish psychotic fangirl” when I say I’m going to attend his concert in Santa Rosa, California in December?? My level-headed non-fan sister of mine bought me a regular ticket instead of a VIP. She said I’ll get sore eyes if I see him too much! Haha!! The seat is 4th row from the back of the hall. 😉 Anyone here going to Santa Rosa??

  19. Eve

    It just dawned on me that I’ve said only half of what I wanted to say earlier.

    Even though David tells us a ton of things, there would be many many more things which are personal to him….like his innermost thoughts and opinions and feelings….his more private family affairs……..etc which he will not want to (and rightly so) divulge to the fans. That’s what I meant by “information that is privy to him”. 🙂

    As for the question of “going back to the way things were after you have established a more personal relationship with him”, would you be saying this from your personal experience with David? Do share with us your feelings – we are all part of this archu-family, aren’t we? 🙂

  20. Akang

    I am JEALOUS! Your sister should have bought us tickets too! lol
    Enjoy yourself at Santa Rosa (which I know you will!) and write us a recap when you come back! Or at least post many many photos here!! 🙂

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