19 comments on “Happy Birthday Shu!

  1. Happy Birthday Shu Yee! Haha..hope you enjoy your birthday lollipop! *wink-wink* I had a great time today with you, Trace, Jennie and her girls. {{hug}}

  2. Thanks! I feel so honored to have this post! and thanks so much for all wishes! Love you guys:=))

    Trace and Akang .. haha! will think of both of you with every licking goodness hahaha!

  3. Oh, I absolutely loving the picture of the dog .. ahammm .. and of course, David with his thumbs up! thanks a million!!

  4. Oh!! I hope I’m not too late! Happy birthday Shu Yee! I hope you’ve had a great Archu-birthday! Oh, and enjoy your weekend too! =) Cheers!

  5. “Hope you enjoy licking your birthday lllipop!!”

    Again that sounds so weird! hehe 😀 😀

    Happy birthday Shu. Thanks for being such a good sport and passionate – but respectful – fan of David’s.

  6. John lol! Your imagination has gone wild again! Akang and I bought Shu a lollipop at Starbucks as a birthday treat as there was no cake available(!)

  7. Happy birthday Shu!!!! Hope you had a GREAT birthday and may the year ahead be truly excellent and filled with Archu Goodness!!!!

  8. Thanks for the reminder about the lolli .. haha! still in my bag! Thanks for the all the Archuwishes .. makes me feel so privilege to be here:-)

  9. Aiyaa .. Ah Soh ‘Trace’… me very shy la .. my candles nearly cost as much as the cake aledy haha!

    Katheryn … thanks! Yes, I had a great day:-)

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