15 comments on “Drawing the line

  1. John

    “…..the fact that they have chosen a profession that is so publicly visible they have to accept a certain amount of intrusion into their private lives.”

    “….we must be respectful of the unspoken boundaries and never think that we have the right to call the shots for there is a line that we must not and should not cross.”

    That said everything for me.
    Great article !

  2. Thanks Trace 🙂

    You’re my biggest……..wait you’re my ONLY fan! lol

  3. Lol! Wait till fanaticism comes in – you will then regret it! 😀
    Your many other fans have seemingly let the cat take their tongues – awe-stricken perhaps by the beauty of the article? 😀

  4. Lol I wanted to reply yesterday but was on 2 hours’ sleep – not good for thinking stuff through. Anyhow, this article just hits it right on the head! Fan(atic)s though we are, it is only a name – we must still show a semblance (at least) of sanity when it comes to supporting an artist. Some people just love taking it to the extreme – I’m sure you guys saw the interview where David related about this lady who pulled him into a bear hug immediately upon meeting him and tried to kiss him.

  5. Am a little silent lately but still checking in daily 😉 John, you’re on a roll!Thank you for all the brilliant articles! And trace is definitely not your only fan im sure 😛

  6. John … I am excited to check AAM everyday because of your recent stream of posts! Although I enjoyed reading all of it, but often find myself lost for words because I believe in the saying that you can change what you can control, but you cannot control what you cannot change.

    So, in my own way to promote David the best I can .. voting for his songs on radio stations, share with friends of how awesome, amazing a singer he is, buy his cds, dvds etc. As for you dear John, who has the gift of writing and penning down your thoughts to ignite any dying flames is a rare gift, so thank you. Press on! The Amazing David Archuleta is worth it:-)

  7. hey John,

    Been busy at work lately. I enjoy reading all your thought-provoking articles and I told you before that you have fans outside of AAM so Trace is not your only fan. *wink-wink*. After reading your article above, I’m so glad that I’m a “normal and respectful” fan. 🙂

    Question: Going for every meet & greet that David has, does he/she considered an extreme fan or an obsess fan?? 🙂

  8. Off topic:-

    I just read an article regarding Generation Y (people born between 1978 and 1994) which they embody the term “The Entitlement Generation”. It says that Gen Y was brought up by their parents (Gen X) who went through hardship in providing them better education and better lives. The difference between Gen X and Gen Y are:-

    Gen X – brought up to be grateful for what they are given. If not given a promotion or pay rise, they think they are not good enough or they are not there yet in their career. This was because education then was a rare privilege and landed a job was a blessing.

    Gen Y – raised to believe in themselves, to strive for the best and to fight for what they believe in. They don’t work well with strict guidelines and structure. They prefer flexibility, individualistic recognition, don’t feel obliged to stay in one company for long as they want to learn more, therefore, move forward quickly and also brave enough to try out new things. Companies now must need to create a creative and challenging environment. They are a little more hurry generation where they would rather like appreciation to be shown sooner rather than later and they know how to balance their life and work.

    Gen Y are the future and I wonder how does David fit in? 🙂

  9. Hi John

    Great post as usual…thanks! If you think Trace is your one and only fan, then I’d say you’re in for a surprise 🙂 Sometimes real life just takes over
    and finding the time to comment here can be challenging. Nevertheless,
    I have enjoyed all your previous writings and appreciate each and every one of them. Thanks for all that you’ve done and will continue to do.

    Like Trace, I like this particularly sentiment and thanks for the reminder. “….we must be respectful of the unspoken boundaries and never think that we have the right to call the shots for there is a line that we must not and should not cross.”

  10. Hey everyone thanks for your thoughts 🙂

    I think the present Gen Ys are always in a hurry, have short attention spans and not prepared to put in the effort. While I admire their inquisitive minds, restless spirits and can-do attitude I believe they have lost sight of the virtues of hard work and paying one’s dues before getting the recognition.

    They are not prepared to be patient, gain the necessary experience and soft skills before taking off for the next patch of perceived green. I feel there’s a lot to be said for putting down some form of roots before you go seeking the next opportunity. The saying of a rolling stone will gather no moss is lost on the Gen Ys and it is very unfortunate for themselves, the companies they work for and ultimately the nation.

    David I feel lies somewhere in the middle of this range. While he wants success of some kind he doesn’t seem to have the devil-may-care attitude to go with it. He’s very much ‘bound’ by tradition, family and his faith to really take the bull by the horns.
    Where this will lead him ultimately we can only wait and see.

  11. Haha! going for M&Gs, concerts and buying his CDs are the signs of a dedicated and committed fan. Nothing wrong with that but the line is breached when you feel that you are ‘owed’ something because you have expended all these effort, time and moneys. You get all agitated when you don’t get the recognition that you feel you are entitled to.

    That’s why I wrote this article cause I get kinda upset when fans become critical of David’s dad because they feel that he is a big stumbling block in David’s life. They make all sorts of snide remarks about Jeff and describes him in the most negative ways. They are critical to the point of being highly disrespectful and it’s plain wrong in my books. How would these people feel if their loved ones were treated to such abuses.

    On the one hand they profess undying love for David but all the while they are heaping scorn on his dad. It’s all very hypocritical and I think it’s so wrong on so many levels.

  12. John,
    Thanks for your insight of Gen Y. Well, their can-do attitude derives from parents setting high targets for them while growing up and in school, they are encouraged to be clever and strive for high standards. Hence, it is natural for them to think they are the best when they can achieve their high targets. Best of all, they are able to take risks with their career without fearing the security of their finances as they have their parents’ financial backing.

    Oh well, we shall see whether David is brave enough to try other types of music in his career or stay put in his current comfort zone. It’s a blessing that David is still young and he is learning fast about the music business under his father’s guidance whom he trust.

    Yes, it’s upsetting to read some fans’ snide remarks of David’s father when they don’t even know him in person. I normally ignore those critical comments knowing they have absolutely crossed the line. 🙂

  13. Hey! Great article as usual. You have another fan here too! You have many others outside of AAM…..Guess who??

    Keep it up!

  14. Jeff is a dad who looks out for his son’s best interest. And he is human and makes mistakes like any dads.

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