5 comments on “I just want to sleep

  1. John

    At long last you have come to terms with the comparative wisdom of the slow-and-steady pace of David’s career. 🙂

    Much as I would like for David to reach super-stardom sooner than later, I’ve always felt that he will, at some point, attain greater sucess than now, but in his own cautious way. Moving at a pace that is alien to him and against the grain of his make up would probably, and possibly, lead him to adopt a lifestyle that is so rife and common in many big stars who ultimately are not able to handle the sudden huge success thrown their way. I would have hated to see David go down that path – I can’t imagine David becoming “a frail, frightened and sleep-deprived man” – it would make me lose faith in “goodness” if you know what I mean.

    On a lighter note: hey David is a capricorn! They are slow and steady …cautious..hard-working…solid…ambitious but grounded… the mountain goat that continues to plod up that rocky mountain to get greener pastures.
    Don’t laugh – I’m also a capricorn – I know! 😀

  2. Thanks John for a well-written article.

    I’m so sad when I heard of Michael Jackson’s death and now the real reason is really heart-breaking. Being a public figure is not easy and I think David is doing fine – one step at a time in his career. In his recent vlog, he said he is learning how to be a business man. Not easy to coordinate tours without a label or management.

    On the lighter note: David is a horse in the chinese horoscope. The prediction for Horse career 2011 is good – encounter nobility that will assist him in his work. Must have more work and less talk mentality in his work. True or False?? Don’t laugh – I’m not a horse! 🙂

  3. Another great post, John!

    MJ is a very sad case. David has a good head on his shoulder and
    taking a step at a time in his career is a wise choice.

    Hey Trace – you’re a Capricon as well? 😀

  4. LOL! All this talk about horoscope – “horrorscope” – is quite amusing.
    Amy, Horses in Chinese horoscope, are noble in character. Hmm sounds like David.

    Yes Shirley, I’m a true Capricorn – smack right in the middle – just 5 days after David. That makes me 5 days younger than he, riiight? Hahahaha!

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