10 comments on “Oh David wherefore art thou?

  1. I quite agree with the writer, in that David is stuck in A.I.’s shadow and that if he does not work to free himself from it, his career progress will certainly be stunted, if not wither away altogether. The problem is, David has yet to “prove his mettle” so to speak; what type of music has he created that shows David as a different person than what American Idol has shown to us?

    Unfortunately, David has yet to really come up with an album that isn’t filled with “upbeat, rosy pop music”. His first album Crush presents to us several songs like ALTNOY, Crush, Running, To Be With You, etc., etc. – all of which are viewed as typical teen songs by many. TOSOD was more mature in content, but in the end the audience still sees it as another run of the mill, feel-good pop album.

    After all that however, I think people are judging David too quickly. He needs time to shake off A.I’s influence on him; two albums (not counting CFTH) isn’t going to transform him into an entirely new artist. Even someone as successful as Kelly Clarkson, who sold millions of copies of her first few albums, needed three albums to loose herself from the public perspective of her as “American Idol’s girl”. Given time, I’m sure David is more than capable of getting out of the show’s hold on him. With his recent departure from Jive, I believe David is getting ready to push his music in a new direction – whether or not he will pull it off, only time will tell.

    Regarding his attempts to build a fan base…well, I don’t see how he isn’t doing it at present. It’s not like they expect him to do what politicians do – jump into a van, throw flyers around, screaming “support me!”, do they? He can certainly make a radical change in himself: grow into a wild stage dancer, announce his sudden interest in producing rock music, take up ballet dancing and tell it to the press, thus earning him the interest of a few more people; or he can do what he is doing right now – stay true to himself and let the world decide for itself on whether or not his music is worth listening to.

    As for his “creative vision” for Team David…well, we just have to see what David does with his new-found freedom, don’t we? His songwriting skills aren’t exactly a problem; he can develop them with time. I just don’t get what the writer means by “professional management outside of his family”. Is she saying that David can’t make his own career decisions? Whatever it is, I believe David can resolve most of these issues with time. He is but a fledgling artist after all; if he takes a little more time to get used to things, that’s just normal. All in all, I say that David has taken a nose dive off a cliff following his Jive fiasco. We just have to follow his progress and see if it does him good, or to an outcome less desirable than a few dents in his musical career. Maybe it might just take him right onto the stage for an Oscar award, yes? 😀

  2. John:

    I’ll probably respond in greater detail to this post later, but I too have read the article in question as well as many others posted on the writer’s blog and, while I often agree with her points, I sometimes leave her website feeling depressed and perhaps even a bit angry. Yes she loves David, but she’s hypercritical about everything to do with him, including his religion, his family members (his dad in particular), the people he associates with in the industry, and the list goes on and on. I’m not suggesting we need to express unconditional love for David but, honestly, it’s like saying you love your spouse but that you’d like her to lose some weight, color and cut her hair, change jobs, wear different clothes, hang out with different people, etc. While it may be coming from a good place — in that you only want what’s best for your spouse — it kinda looks like you really love some idealized person or that you married the wrong person in the first place. Rather than agonize over every little detail at this point in his career, I’d rather enjoy what we’ve got and anticipate with happiness what’s to come. As I indicated in a previous thread, the last thing I want to do is apply pressure on David to conform to who or what I think he should be. Does he need to make changes in order to successfully advance his career? Most definitely, and if David wants to take it to the next level I’m confident he will find a way. In the meantime, I’ll accept the fact that the wonderful David we have today is at least in part a result of the family he was raised in, the religion he practices and by all accounts loves, the songwriters and producers he was worked with, etc. In my book, that’s a darn good foundation to build the future on.

  3. John

    I too, like Katheryn, feel depressed after I’ve been to her blog each time, but the thing is I keep going back everyday, so I guess I must find more truths than less in what she says.

    I think it’s difficult for people not to associate David with AI, simply because David himself continues to remind them of it. He “taints” his own image by referring to his gratitude to AI, time and time again, for having given him the opportunity to sing to the whole country and the world. But that’s David – he will not allow himself to forget that – and I believe he will keep on harping on it till he is way beyond 60 years old – even if/when he reaches the height of fame. But I totally agree that he should shake off that American Idol Season 7 Runner-Up title (yuck! – sounds so bleeaaahh!) – sooner better than later. Simply because that title conjures up a pooh-pooh kind of impression and I find myself constantly having to defend his musicality and the quality of it.

    As for building and spreading his fanbase, I agree with her too. David wants to sing and give joy to “his fans” – but they are already there! What he needs is for more people to listen to him and to know about him – I guess that’s where the importance of label and management come in – how they can do it, I’m afraid I have no clue. After he left Jive and his Management, I waited hopefully for him to get signed up with people who will “get” him and guide him towards what he wants to do. I’m still hoping these people, or at least one person, will come along, as mentor and manager. I’m beginning to feel a little despondent.

    Using the family for management, or even as guidance, or even as advisers, does not work. I have no doubt his dad loves and protects him, but he is still his father – how many times can one say “no” to one’s father in a day? I doubt his dad sees David as Boss. – To him, David is his son. And does David see his dad as his Employee? Is this how a business work? Of course, having said that, the bottomline boils down to what David himself wants to do – but …
    Dear David, if you realise that the world can be your oyster and that the sky can be your limit, please run! And get yourself a professional team who supports and gets you!

    Re his song-writing skill, I beg to wait and see. So far he has done well in some. But I think he needs a less restrictiveness of sound. He is admittedly, hugely talented, but as I’ve said several times, he needs other good artistes to write for him as well at this moment of time.

    I want to feel positive for David. As long as he still wants music to be his career, I think he will go far – maybe not a mega-star – but he will be ok…better than ok. But I do wish he would buck up a bit!! 😀

  4. Maybe David should do a TV reality show about the world around him. How his family, friends, his world-wide fans inspired him to continue in his journey of discovery. Or about his trips to India, his meetings with Marious or Jonah. How these kids impacted him and in return, he gives them the inspiration too .. and these kids will one day be a big impact to society. As it is, we are saturated with TV reality shows all talking about themselves with self-centered ambition.

    Trace – I wish I am going to NY. But can’t .. will be in Melbourne in December.

  5. Until and unless David gets a huge hit on his own he’ll forever be seen as that runner-up in AI and not get any credibility. Unlike Kelly, Daughtry and Carrie who have built very credible careers of their own away from AI, David will remain in it’s very unflattering shadow for some time to come. Kelly especially had the benefit of an astute and experienced mentor in Clive Davis who guided her 2nd album to multiplatinumm status thus sealing her place in the music industry.

    David doesn’t have that kind of person in his camp right now. His dad may be there to provide advice and act as a sounding board but I don’t think he’s in a position to take David’s career on any upward trajectory. For this you need the professionals who have the connections, experience and who are paid to do their best for their clients.

    We like to think that -or David likes to think- he’s his own man now that he’s left Jive, making his own decisions, setting his own career path. But is he really? Does he have any idea about where his music is going, what kind of sounds he wants to create, what does he want to say etc? Frankly I have my doubts. Does he defer to the views held by his dad all the time? We may never know the true answers to this but David doesn’t seem – nor have the inclination – to divert too far from his family’s influence. All this is well and good but it does have it’s limitations.

    These needling issues, on the other hand, can be easily handled by the professionals cause that’s what they’re paid to do. They can open doors and set directions for the artist. A different perspective can be a huge plus in the way you see yourself and the world. But right now David is content to keep his options in a very narrow band and I’m not sure if that’s the wisest thing to do.

    A parallel can be drawn in Janet Jackson’s situation. Growing up in the Jackson household she was the youngest sibling among a group of dynamic brothers and a domineering father. She wanted to control her own music destiny and that’s what she did. She moved out of her family home, enlisted her own producers and music collaborators and the rest is history. She effectively took control and created a remarkable career.

    Does David have the same strength of mind and character to do the same? From the looks of it, I don’t think he ever wants to be far from home and family for any length of time. I’m not faulting him for it cause that’s just the way he is. But that may mean his career will remain in a terminal state of inertia.

    All of us are easily happy for him if this is where he wants to remain. It’s his life after all but deep down I’m sure we all feel a nagging sense of unfulfillment for a music talent that may never reach it’s immense potential.

  6. John

    I’m not so sure David “is content to keep his options in a very narrow band” at this time. Could it be he is actually dying to move out on his own but feels a sense of responsibility as the “man of the house” now that his parents are divorced? I hate speculating on his private life like this and I only bring it up as a possible scenario. With 3 of his siblings still in school and the 4th one battling illness off and on, it could be he wants to help out his mom as much as possible.

    Speaking of the Jacksons, the trial of Dr. Conrad Murray began today in Los Angeles, and the details coming out in the opening statements are heartbreaking to say the least. Michael Jackson needed MORE of his family in his life and less of the parasites crawling around him in his later years. His situation is kind of the opposite of David’s. Somewhere in the middle there’s a balance, and I hope David finds it sooner rather than later.

  7. I too suspect that it is his family and his sense of responsibility towards them that are holding him back at the moment, to do what he seriously wants to do deep inside.

    When he made that vlog (the one under the banana tree) he was so positive. Now it seems to me he is withdrawn. What a waste of talent and great potential.
    It also seems to me that the dependency on him from his family is rather over-bearing. All speculation of course. I tend to read between the lines a little too much. 🙂 And we, as fans, really should not delve into such matters that are private to him and of his own personal choice.

    Hopefully his Xmas tour will open an opportunity for a meeting with a great mentor/manager.

  8. You’re right Katheryn, Michael’s situation is the exact opposite of David’s.

    MJ was a unique person. His singular musical talent unfortunately had it’s darker opposite in his personal life. Michael was trust into the limelight at a very young age. He was a singer and entertainer even before he really knew his ABCs. Most of his formative years was spent in hotel rooms, concert halls and studios. Driven by an ambitious father what he knew of the world was seen through the eyes of adults and thus in many ways he never truly grew up.

    In David’s case we’ll probably never know what goes on behind the scenes. His life is not played out in the magazines and tabloids for all to see. In any case it’s really none of our business. We’re just fans and have no cause to demand for any more intimate contact than he’s willing to extend.

    My wish for him is to someday, somehow find his real voice, create his own music, carve out a place for himself in the music industry and truly be able to say he did it his way. And to be happy and content in the knowledge that he doesn’t need to ask the question “What if?”.

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