20 comments on “The David Archuleta guide to good manners and clean living.

  1. LOLL that last pic of David drinking water, that pic was featured at my school canteen’s bulletin board reminding us to drinking more water haha. So awesome right? *Wriggle eyebrows* Sadly this year they changed the whole bulletin board so his face is no longer there boohoo 😦

  2. John

    And a couple more to add to your list:

    14) Do not go on single dates until you are ready to marry.

    15) You must give a downward tug to your tee at the back every now and then, especially when you are singing, so that your underpants are not accidentally exposed.

    16) you must consider holding hands with someone – gross.

    You must also pierce your eyes at the person you are talking to, until he or she melts – haha, just saying that for fun – that’s why I have not put it on the list. 😀

  3. Trace
    The tugging of the shirt…I forgot that! Yah it used to drive me bonkers every time he did that. I would say to myself “David your undies are not showing so don’t worry!” 😀
    I think it was probably a nervous habit cos I don’t see him doing that now.

  4. Haha has he even mentioned stuff about his undies? I don’t even remember anything about that. But psh yeah modest is always hottest. No one wants to marry a jerk. >:D

  5. Debz
    Yeah showing one’s underpants is not elegant. It’s like craving for attention – and not the right kind too haha!

  6. But the current hip-hop trend dictates that the lower the pants are which shows more of your undies the better! It’s the height of fashion la 😀

    I don’t suppose David would ever wear such pants?

  7. I don’t think he will wear those, in the short run at least. I’ve yet to see him in anything but long pants, in fact – what more wear pants so low that they are in danger of falling off any moment.

    Oh, by the way, I’m having trouble understanding number 12, lol. Do you mean to say that it’s okay to climb on others to get to the top, or the opposite?

    Oh, and one more: number 5 is just hilarious, haha! XD

  8. HAHAH love this!! Thanks for the short, sweet, and quirky post john 😀 gotta love no.5 and 15 lol.


  9. Lol, Aunt Trace – well, it may please you to know that I’ve followed that Archu-rule all my life. My friends have been trying to get hugs from me, but I generally refrain from such contact. 🙂

  10. Zach
    No 12 is very tongue in cheek 🙂 I could never imagine David getting to the top at the expense of others.

    I was trawling the net for pictures when I came across this image. It was taken during the Idol tour in 2008 when the Olympics was on and someone suggested David climb on Cook to adjust the TV.

    I thought it made for a great metaphor.

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