52 comments on “Fanaticism vs Weaning – By Trace Ho

  1. If I didn’t see where you’re coming from Trace I would have sworn you’re a prime candidate for the loony house! lol

    I think this song quite describes your situation 🙂

  2. haha i love this part ‘Only the Yay Yay Yay part is a little tricky’ hahhahaha!!! yeah i tried to stop being obsessed with him but #failed ! 😀

  3. Katheryn and John

    You guys are just trying to kill me all over again!! – this time with laughter hysterics! 😀 😀
    How can anyone look so insanely good and not be hitched already – sigh..another sleepless night! – Katheryn, you’re such a horrid teaser! 😀

    Yes I guess you are right – am a prime candidate for the loony house – but I tell ya, there are many amongst us here who will join me there soon enough, if they are not the top applicants already. And you, John, will be the leader of the loony band carrying the AAM banner! And enter the loony house jumping to the beat of ZG! 😀 😀

  4. John
    Goof and Poof were their baptism names given by the High Priest of the Imperial Canine Temple – so don’t “play-play”! LOL
    But seriously, I have a Labrador named Hector and a Rottweiller named Bodie. They have beseeched me to include them in my article for a moment of fame, but under cover. 😀

  5. amira
    Yes! I love that Yay Yay Yay part too!
    You will never succeed in ridding that obsession amira, so don’t bother your little self. 😀

  6. This may be a little OT but it does involve David so I guess it’s not too much OT.

    After the boorish and classless act of a certain female tennis player in the recently concluded US Open I am so glad that David is the way he is. I mean he would never have acted so rudely towards another person least of all someone in authority ( e.g an umpire in an athletic event).

    It’s really sad and frightening that good manners and respect is thrown out like so much dishwater and people make all sorts of excuses for the offender. These people has chosen to ignore the fact that the victim in this case was the poor official who was berated and bullied in front of a television audience of millions plus those in the stadium who was applauding and cheering at the sorry spectacle. I am totally confused by how people behave in the 21st century. Don’t they teach young people about how to behave anymore?

    David on the other hand would have conducted himself with a lot more dignity and that young woman has tons to learn from him. Unfortunately young people of David’s kind is increasingly becoming a dinosaur. What a pity!

  7. John
    Also – that linesman official reacted with dignity – she kept mum (if I remember well) to leave the judgment to the Chair Umpire, while that Williams woman went on berating her and pointing her finger at her.
    If David had been the one playing tennis that day and was told by the official that he was out of line, he would have stepped back and said humbly with a smile : “oh, I’m sorry” and there wouldn have been no unpleasant drama.
    Yes David is a dignified, classy man – (why do you think I love him so much?
    And those pics Katheryn sent were of no help either! hehe)
    Did a youngster step on your toes today John? I totally agree with you many are badly mannered nowadays. My good friend and I have had many chats about this off and on. The next time we meet, we must discuss this at length. (Did someone say 28th Dec?) 🙂 On the other hand, our young AAM’ers are the epitome of good manners and admirable behaviour. So cheer up. 🙂

  8. Aunty Trace, you did it again!! What a great way to unwind after a day’s work. You resurrected a tired mind to a full blown alert mind fills with laughter and joy just by reading your post!

    Oh Katheryn .. those pictures paint a thousand words .. The Archusmile melts my tiredness away.

    Muchas gracias Guapisimas:-)

  9. Lalalalala! Aunty Trace did it again! I envy you. You even dream of David! Girl! you are really in Love with this classy guy!

    Thank you for sharing! Hope you sleep well tonight or have a sweeter dream of David!

  10. Aunty Shu Yee
    I’m glad the article soothed your tired mind and tickled your funny bone.
    Muchas gracias to you too Gua…Gua..what? what?

    We are ALL in love with this guy and that includes you too, Aunty Eunice!
    There is no escaping so we might as well accept that fact. 🙂
    The magic formula is to pick one of his songs and listen to it intently at full volume 20 times just before you go to bed – then Voila! you have a David-dream! 😀

  11. Oh man Trace!! If I didn’t know you I would seriously worry about you lol! Just kidding 🙂 Thanks for sharing your David dream! May you have many many more!!!

  12. Trace, I agree that it is so hard to ‘unDavid’ our life..
    It’s like wishing that you would vanquish yourself into oblivion!!

    How could we go on with our lives without listening to any of his songs?
    Once you are in, you’re always here!! 😉

    I believe most of us here have at least one occasion of having David in our dreams..

    And Trace, write some more, I love all your words so far 😀

  13. Sheba
    Lol! We all have our loony side – wait till I discover yours haha! – all we need is for David to crank us up! 😀

    “..most of us here have at least one occasion of having David in our dreams.”
    Really? You must be speaking from exprience – tell us yours! 🙂

    Thanks Yaoshio – will try to write more – I’m too stoked by David not to do so. 🙂

  14. Trace and Yoashio,

    Please write more of your dreaming stories. Just the David dreams only! I don’t dream much, not even after listening to his cds 20 plus xs.
    And I don’t have the gift/talent in writing like you folks.

  15. Trace,

    Thanks for writing about your David dreams. Yay I’m not alone. =b Not that I have any really really memorable ones

  16. LOL! LOL! Trace, tell me about it! Please continue to write more 🙂

    Yes, got it loud and clear…no weaning off The Archuleta, no matter how much I hate myself for loving him… its just too risky for my overall well
    being HAHA

  17. Trace, hahaha… your dream is so funny. If Goof and Poof appear in your dream again, tell them that their Marmmy will be busy as long as David is in business. Weaning off The Archuleta would be impossible, so just enjoy David’s beautiful voice.

    eunice, hahaha… me, too, I don’t dream much even after trying Trace’s magic formula – listen to a song for 20x full volume before bedtime. 😉 Happy to meet you at last and welcome back to Malaysia!

  18. Hi liying
    Aha! So you dream about David as well. Do tell! 🙂

    Thank you!
    So you went through what I went through? Do share with us! We really want to know since we’re on the subject. 🙂

  19. Shirley
    Lol! Yes, no more talk about weaning eh? Why kill ourselves collapsing on the floor with headspins and nosebleeds etc etc when we can kill ourselves with a smile on our faces listening to him right? 😀

    Lol! Yes we are going to have one busy life listening to David and singing along with Goof and Poof!
    Are you sure you listened to your 20X David-dream-inducer intently enough? You have to clear your mind completely.. without any stray thoughts of Korean dramas and singers.. close your eyes.. be totally immersed in it like in a yoga lotus position.. and better still, keep on murmuring “I love you David..I love you David…” before it really works! Do it again tonight! 😀

  20. Anne
    Lol! Yes I can imagine you Lolling away with your pretty smiling face…holding your cup of coffee…and spilling it all over your pyjamas! 😀 😀

  21. Of course. Since my little encounter with David, I have been having crazy fan girl dreams almost every night!! Sometimes, I would wake up in the middle of the night giggling. LOL. And, I kept the shirt that I wore when I met David CUZ IT HAS HIS DNA. HAHAHA. 😀 gah. it’s not washed lololol. Do you know what it’s like? After fantasizing about meeting someone for so long and when it finally happens, you can’t even believe that it took place! And yes, sometimes, I tell myself to snap out of my archieness and start facing my tediously mundane, “STUDY STUDY STUDY” life but it really never works

    *sighs* none of my friends understand me. HAHA. 😀 Gosh, David brings so much joy to my life!!!!!!!

  22. Trace and Eunice, haha, well I don’t know, I did have David in my dreams more than twice, I’ll try to recall them one by one…
    I think one of them was about writing songs 😀

  23. Emily
    Lol! You are really cute – wanting to keep David’s DNA in your tee.
    Ya, not easy to let go of David. But you MUST study, how ever mundane or tedious it is – David wouldn’t want you doing less than that, ok? 🙂

  24. Trace – hahaha.. I hope your magic formula works otherwise I ended up having Goof and Poof in my dream instead!! 😉

    Emily – LOL…….I hope that particular t-shirt with special DNA is not your security blanket!! Anyway, just enjoy your studies! Come here to talk to us and we have a doctor in house i.e. Doctor Trace. 😉

  25. Wanting to feel the warmth of David’s butt…..having his DNA on your shirt…..Dreaming weird dreams…staring intently at his picture for hours…..locking yourself in….
    You guys really do need help 😀

  26. Haha, Akang, I have the same thought about calling Trace the Doctor.
    I think its safe to say you didnt follow the doctor’s instruction last night 🙂

    Trace, you’re right, no way am I going to torture myself like that but then
    come to think of it, I dont think I have ever entertained any thoughts of
    weaning :))

    Hey Emily – yours is a cute story…woke up giggling, not washing that tee cos it has David’s DNA and trying to snap out of the archu-trance…all signs of a true archie!

  27. Aiya Amy! You’re not following my instructions properly! You are supposed to clear your mind in your usual yoga position and murmur “David I love you” NOT
    “Goof I love you” or “Poof I love you’ !! How the heck can you dream of David if you have Goof and Poof in your mind?!
    Anyway, If that fails, then you must make a Vid of yourself in that yoga position chanting David’s name, and post it HERE!!
    Then abracadabra! it WILL work – I promise you! 😀

    Please don’t address me as Dr Trace – I’m just a quack! 😀
    Of course you have not entertained thoughts of weaning – you haven’t started walking around with your tongue hanging out from your mouth yet like me! 😀

  28. Yaoshio!
    Where are the details of your David dream?! We promise we won’t laugh! hehehe!

    I knooooww!! These girls are suuuuuch weirdos! Definitely need help.
    Tut! Tut! What is the world coming to! Send them to Tanjong Rambutan! 😀

  29. Trace; hahahah. teehee. I’m going so bonkers. I thinkk… i’m inlove. HAHA. Yups! of course. hahah. plus I have a longgg way more to study since i’m only 15.


    Shirley; Thank youuu (:

  30. Oh, Trace you’re hilarious!

    I have my Chords of Strength beside my bed and Other Side of Down as my morning feel good tune. Though uni work can be suicidal at times, the little arch-angel flame inside me shall never be put out.

  31. i have yet to see my two crazy (but adorable) puppies and david in the same dream. one day..one day.

  32. Anne
    Go into a yoga position – chant David’s name – listen to his song 20 times before bed – make vid of it – post here – very simple – you will have multi- dreams of The One and also your adorable puppies. 🙂

    Your dream turned out quite sweet – but not exciting la – no hair-tearing – no tears – try again tonight. 😀

  33. Debz
    I am so glad you have your COS right next to your bed. And TOSOD too. Lots of inspiration and encouragement for your uni days! 🙂

  34. Once I dreamt that me and my friends were chasing David through 1 Utama. Another time I was with David at MPH then suddenly Darth Vader and a bunch of storm troopers started chasing us. ok…
    A few months before the concert I dreamt I was still in school and David was there during perhimpunan. Must have been a sign or something. :]
    Last week… or was it 2 weeks ago I had a dream that he came back to KL immediately after the concert. I went up to him to tell him how awesome it was and then he looked straight at me. jfiwgjnjbjnkjvnkvjnk! That was the best! after that it kinda got weird. somehow I ended up getting surrounded by Shaolin monks just before I woke up. Who cares, I looked into those eyes. *sigh* My dreams aren’t as detailed as yours though Trace.

  35. LOL Li ying your dreams are pretty awesome..the mental image of storm troopers and darth vader chasing you and david in mph cracked me up HAHA

  36. Lol liying! You had me in stitches!
    Chase at 1-U…Darth Vader….David at MPH…storm troopers…shaolin monks!!
    You’re crazier than I!
    Your dream may not be as detailed as mine but at least they were actual dreams. Mine, ahem… was just made up – story-telling – don’t be fooled by a writer’s imagination. The things we archies do eh? 🙂

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