22 comments on “AAMer-s day out!!

  1. WHOA! Lovin this candid photo! It was such an awesome gathering!!!! Oh anyway, when is the next gathering?? John said, it’s on December 28th.. aww man, it’s still a long way to go! lol

    P.S : wish me luck for my final exam guys 🙂

    P.S.S : If you wanna listen to David Archie EAM/TOSOD vote for it at fb.hitz.fm 3pm tomorrow! means today! latest info by Natalie Hitz. Let’s RAWKS the vote!!!! 😉

    ( just like what Mater wrote his letter for Lightning McQueen in the movie. too many P.Ss) haha 😀 *reminiscing cars2 in HD WHOOPS! I meant in 3D. Right Aunt Trace? lol * no offense* just kidding 🙂

  2. EAM acapella is just amazing ! As we always say – what a voice!

    Every AAM gathering turns out to be a blast – looking forward to the next one! 🙂

    No offence at all taken.
    Every time we’re together, we are a lively bunch always pulling each other’s leg. 😀

  3. Heyy, no spoilers! I haven’t seen the movie yet, haha.
    Loved the gathering, felt all the positive energy flowing around that time and it was nice meeting everyone again! Wished I could’ve stayed longer though. Ah wells. Next time! 🙂
    And Good Luck, Shaz! 😀

  4. Heyy, no spoilers! I haven’t seen the movie yet, haha.
    Loved the gathering, felt all the positive energy flowing around that time and it was nice meeting everyone again! Wish I could’ve stayed longer though. Ah wells. Next time! 🙂
    And Good Luck, Shaz! 😀

  5. I had such a good time with you guys! Sure can’t wait for the next gathering 😀

    Gooood Luck Schazzzz 🙂

  6. Thank you for such warm get together! I really enjoyed the movie sooooo much! There’s nothing like watching a great movie with great company!
    Wish we will have another gathreing soon. December is too far away! 🙂

  7. I absolutely LOVE that picture of you guys with the Cars 2 backdrop…the 3D glasses + hilarious facial expressions just cracks me up hahahah!

    Thanks again you guys for coming..and thanks even more from the bottom of our hearts once again for all the love and support you’ve shown/given for as long as you’ve known us..AAM is here because of that support from all of you. *grouphug*

    and liying,next one you must come!


  8. I, too, had a real fun time at the gathering. haha.. all of you in 3D glasses look great and you all looks like Cyclops in X-Men movie! Can’t wait for the next gathering.

    Shaz, when John mentioned Dec 28, I was thinking to myself, how come this date sound so familiar? a-ha!!! Best of luck to your final exam!

    Anne, this video is for you. See whether you could spot “them”! 😉

  9. Amy – Thanks so much for the video again! David is just amazing .. and all the jumping is just a such great sight to behold haha!

    Schaz / Marianne – Wish you the very best in your exams !!!

    Aunty Trace .. ahamm .. what is the name of the ‘tow truck’? mmm I wonder if there is a Francesco?? (cannot google)

  10. ooopps .. wrong English .. and all the jumping is just such a great sight to behold … (still thinking of lightning Mcqueen)

  11. The movie was just ok la but the animation was really cool! The landscapes in the film were amazing and so detailed.

    Ok that video was doctored! 😀
    That guy may look like me, jump like me but “the only way to verify its authenticity is to have the original equipment used to record it and the original recording is produced.” So there 🙂

    Wasn’t his voice amazing?! Strangely at the front you couldn’t really appreciate the power of that voice but at the back……wow!

  12. Akang
    Yes I did spot some of us in that vid – all mad lunatics! Tut! Tut! 😀

    Aunty Shuyee
    Francesco? Tow truck? Cars 2? Wasabi? What are you guys talking about?
    LOL LOL!!

    Schaz and Marianne
    Exam time? Wishing you all the best!

    You are so right – exactly what I’ve been thinking – we were a bit too close – his voice, projected to the back, sounds even better.

  13. Aam’ers
    Did you spot John? He is right in the middle – front row. See what I meant before? He was jumping ALL night!
    Thank you, Akang, for presenting the evidence! Haha!!

  14. LOLLL i see it amy hahahaha!Thanks for the video!

    Trace, i couldnt spot john at first but the blinking blue pair of ears was a dead giveaway HAHA.

    and oh boy.this is of the most epic SBL live ever. we are SO blessed to have been able to witness this in person.


  15. Whoa. You go John!! Lol!!
    Thanks Amy for sharing the vid. Really put a smile to my face. You guys are awesome with your love for D 🙂

    Also Amy, meant to ask. What sign are you showing in the pic above. Is that like a peace sign combined with a thumbs up lol!

  16. hey Sheba,
    LOL…we were celebrating the 3rd Anniversary of AAM that day, so, 3 fingers-lah! 🙂

    hey Anne,
    When I first watched that video, hahaha…that blinking blue pair of ears was indeed a dead giveaway and we must thank Dora for it! LOL… then Shuyee’s bouncing hair..haha… Like Trace said – all of us were mad lunatics that night!

    haha…sorry Buddy, no way you could edit that video! 😉

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