28 comments on “Would you hate David Archuleta?

  1. John
    Brilliant question but why such a difficult one la!? *scratches head* !! 😦

    I think we have already “fallen in love” with the whole package of David for so long
    – voice, looks, character, values, attitudes, behaviour etc etc that it would be darn difficult, and possibly impossible to take one away from the other. If we do, that changed person would not be David Archuleta anymore. It would be a Fake David Archuleta!!

    Ok just for argement’s sake, if that should happen (God forbid!) and by an “overnight metamorphoses” and “2nd onset of puberty” he turns into a brat like many of the others, I think my first reaction would be one of being puzzled. Why did he change? Why has he abandoned all the things he stood for? Has he gone through a huge trauma?

    If he is still redeemable, I would still stay with him and await his re-transformation to something good like before (but possibly a teenie weenie bit more cool? – whatever that means haha!)

    But if he transforms into something unrecognisable (like the picture above!!) and commits all kinds of heinous things – like beating up people, constantly yelling at people because he has attained a status of a so-called top celebrity (like that horrid Williams woman!), I think I would lose my respect for him… and once that happens, I doubt I will support him anymore.

    I don’t expect my idols to be perfect in their morals and angelic in their attitudes etc. I care about people as humans – and having flaws and weaknesses is just being human. However, beating up people and yelling at people because of one’s self-importance, is not exactly a flaw. It’s a huge disrespect and egoism which I think we can do without.

  2. Well, regarding your question about Chris Brown, I whole heartedly disagree with his behaviour. And about David…it certainly will be difficult to believe if the angel we all know and adore turns into a fallen angel, be it overnight or otherwise. Maybe one day he’ll become unrecognisable – abusing people, shouting obscenities and such. Maybe one day he’ll make us wonder if we should continue to be his faithful fans and defend his behaviour.

    If that happens, I will of course take into account his life story first. Perhaps someone blackmail him into doing it

  3. …ah, the woes of typing on a phone. Sorry, I’ll continue from before. ):
    *maybe someone blackmailed him into displaying that sort of anti-social behaviour. =) But if it is circumstances that force him into a bad person, then undoubtedly I can understand and so continue to support him.

    However, if it seems to me that he has truly turned into a bad apple of his own accord, perhaps because of fame/money/etc., then I’ll do what I believe is the right thing: forsake this fandom. Hopefully by withdrawing my support (and assuming a good number of others do) I can make him realise that his actions are drawing disapproval from the people who care for him very much, and therefore stop his behaviour.

    And if he does not care; if he does not stop, then he has forsaken us fans and no longer cares what we think. It is then that I will know – it’s pointless to carry on supporting someone who has forgotten what his fans truly mean to him.

    But all this is mere speculation!!!! I don’t think he’ll ever turn into a “bad person”, so to speak. He has such a nice personality and I think it will carry on shaping into a better one in the future.

  4. I hate myself to think I couldn’t answer that question at first. Like one of the previous comments, I have ‘fallen in love’ with David as he is. I am going to be totally honest when I say this. If David ever changes that drastically, (Please God, don’t let it be!) I would not react very positively. I would, probably, cry at first and then, get angry and question life as it is and what is has become. When I see people change, anyone…friends, family, whatever…I get depressed and angry, if the change wasn’t for the positive.
    Even if David did change (knock on wood), I would feel betrayed, upset, dejected, and any other negative emotion in the world, but I would still probably support him as long as he doesn’t do anything too terrible and he still has my respect. I would probably lose some respect for him if he changed, but I don’t expect him to be perfect. I am not deluded into thinking he’s an angel or that he’s perfect, because nobody is perfect, but he would have to remain humane. If he did anything absolutely unforgivable, the respect would totally disappear and respect is one of the most important things in have fans. If you lose their respect, I’m sorry, that fan is gone. If my respect is totally run out, I would, nearly crying when I write this, be forced to give up. Currently, I connect with David on a musical and personal, although I don’t know him, level. And even during the time he changed before doing something unforgivable, I would probably mostly connect with him on a musical level. But I doubt David is going to change.

  5. Lol sorry for triple posting but I wish we can edit our posts; mishaps are so prone to happen on a phone, haha. And yeah; I agree with Trace – brilliantly thought out (and phrased) question indeed. ;D

  6. Won’t have to make a choice because that is never going to happen. A person like David A. could never in a million years turn into a whole different person, it is not possible. He is the same person he was at 16 (when we fell in love with him) and he is now 20 almost 21…..only more mature but still the same inside so I think in 4 years we would have seen some signs of a change. I will support him forever…..

  7. But I will say in an imaginary world if he did change I would not support or buy his music anymore because his heart and personality is 50% why I support him and his music …the other 50% would mean nothing with out the heart and soul that he possesses, so I would not support him any longer.

  8. It’s funny this comes up, because I recently made a conscious decision to only support artists I believe in. I decided if I buy music or concert tickets for someone with values I don’t agree with, I’m in essence helping support their lifestyle. For instance, I wouldn’t buy any Bieber music because he sends such a wrong message, ie being disingenuous = popularity. I won’t support C Brown because he doesn’t give an impression that he’s remorseful, only that HE has been wronged. You get the idea.
    So, anyway, part of the reason I’ll always support David is because of his values. If he did a 180 and became a womanizing loser (can’t even picture that o.O ) he’d lose my support.

  9. John .. thanks for provoking our brains. Honestly, like abcteach said, 50% I love David because of who he is and his music and voice fills their other 50%. Even David doesn’t know the future but one thing for sure, music is what he loves and able to impact others, he will continue to do so. The Rick Springfield photo shoot and in that interview, he thinks David comes from a good family support and that will help him grounded.

    Therefore, I won’t even venture into that realm of what if David ….

  10. John.. wow. a thought-provoking article indeed!

    I know David for sure will not change as he is born with good character which looks like “plain artist” in today’s music industry. However, he carries himself well as an “idol” should be in public. We do not know how he is in private but I doubt he is any difference.

    I know I love David’s voice very much. Yes, I will continue listening and buying his music if he does change from good to arrogant character. I do listen to some artists’ music even though their reputations are not that good so long they can put out interesting music.

  11. Barring a serious head injury, there is little-to-no chance for David to drastically change for the worse. Is he perfect? Of course not – he’s human like the rest of us. However, today’s David appears to be essentially the same as the young David described by folks who knew him before he became famous. From the young boy raking leaves (without being asked, without accepting pay for doing so) in his neighbors’ yard because the lady of the house was pregnant and he just wanted to help out; to the teenage David thanking the cleaning lady at SMK Sri KDU for helping to keep the school so clean (and, I might add, without any knowledge or notion that she would say anything about it to the world at large); to the young man who visited India and washed the feet of lepers, and who could only talk about the spirit shining forth through the eyes of those suffering from the disease. This is the “real” David.

    The side of David that has evolved since we all first came to know him is the part dealing with being in the public eye and handling fame. Unlike so many others, he doesn’t need to cover up characters flaws, but he has learned to exude more confidence as time has gone by, as well as dealt with the often rude and insensitive questions tossed his way like a real pro. Quite frankly, there are times I actually wish he would tell a few of those interviewers where to go, if you know what I mean!!!

    I’m not stating that there is zero chance of David saying or doing something which might disappoint, but the reality of such an event being other than an aberration or momentary lapse seems remote. I have no wish to apply pressure on David to be something or someone other than himself. It seems to me he is quietly carving out a niche in the world while remaining true to his essential nature. He left a neglectful record label and management (twice) that were the wrong fit for him. This shows a strong-willed and independent streak. He is a rebel of sorts.

    Like hurwitz, I too have made a conscious decision to support the arts and the artists that maintain a certain value system. That doesn’t mean they have to agree with me socially, politically, or religiously. It just means they need to represent something redeeming and life affirming. Life is too short and too precious to waste on people and things that would suck out all the joy only to replace it with something false and counterfeit.

    Finally, in my opinion the hotheaded violent types cited above are the real dull ones. They are a dime a dozen. There’s nothing special about giving in to human weaknesses with reckless abandon. History is littered with examples of such behavior. What’s rarer and more appealing is the one who is polite and good-natured, the guy who finds it difficult to be resentful, who handles criticism like water off a duck’s back while at the same time being so uncritical of others. Call me weird, but I have felt this way as far back as I can remember. It’s probably one of the reasons why I was never targeted for bullying. The bullies knew they were unlikely to get under my skin, and since bullying is largely psychological in nature they simply targeted easier prey. Let’s hear it for the meek and the mild everywhere possessing the fortitude to back it up!

  12. Katheryn
    I like your comment and agree with everything you said.
    David definitely has a strong will and independent streak and is a rebel of sorts but with a cause. It’s admirable that he is able to handle “uncomfortable” situations and interviewers with tact and grace without being offensive and sounding rude especially when one considers the fact that he is still so young and comparatively inexperienced. One can only put it down to “goodness of heart and character”. Which is why, I guess, the more mature fans treat him like gold – and deservedly so. I think too that he will never become the kind of person we will come to disrespect – it is my belief that John was trying to TEST our love of him lol!

  13. Hey everyone
    Thanks for your thoughts.

    I agree that David has essentially stayed the same lovable person. But I’m sure that some things would have changed a bit. Values and principles would have been tempered somewhat by all that he has experienced these last 3-4 years being in the public eye. We have a saying that even stones with sharp edges would be smoothed by water through the passage of time. He would be a robot if he stayed absolutely the same person as he was. Considering the circumstance of his life it would be strange if some bits and pieces was not knocked off in the process. Change is the only constant in our lives and I have been taught to never say never.

    I can overlook most things but what I abhor about any person – even David if he ever displays such traits – is bigotry, prejudice and ill-manners. These character flaws are – in my opinion – unforgivable and poorly reflects on the guidance or lack of of ones parents. In my eyes it negates all other positives that the person may have. Rather rigid stand to take I admit, but there you are.

    Heaven forbid that David should ever become an ill-mannered bigot blinded by prejudice. 3 strikes and he’s out!

  14. On a related subject I want to congratulate Samantha Stosur for winning the US Open womens final. I am very glad that her opponent lost! 😀

  15. John:

    I’m in agreement with you that some edges have become more polished. My example of David handling interviews with more panache fits this scenario. As for pieces being “knocked off,” I guess that would include losing some aspects of naivete as well as idealism. You simply cannot spend three years in the dog-eat-dog world of show business without that happening. However, I don’t believe those elements of David’s character that form his core being have or will change as long as he continues to put faith and family first. He will be tested and challenged like the rest of us, and may even stray from time to time, but I just don’t see him falling down in this regard.


    “A rebel with a cause.” I love it! Funny thing is I love the James Dean film “Rebel Without A Cause” too!

  16. John
    Me too! I am so glad Stosur’s opponent lost. 😀
    On an unrelated and yet related subject, am awaiting the Nadal vs Djokovich match tomorrow morning. I hope Djokovich sprains a shoulder or two.

    “He will be tested and challenged like the rest of us, and may even stray from time to time, but I just don’t see him falling down in this regard.” – most relevant of our David.

  17. Statement by Katheryn is so accurate.

    I very much agree.

    I mean I don’t know KNOW David, but… there’s a very low possibility that he’ll ‘go over to the dark side’.

    So breathe, people. Breathe.

  18. I can’t resist this honest and thought provoking article. John, thank you for your 2 cents in this matter of what if David becomes *****.
    Maybe, we, as fans (David or any other singers) have unrealistic expectations from David or other singers. Therefore, we become easily discouraged and disappointed when we find out their lifestyles, failures or behaviours.
    Bear in mind, there is NONE perfect! Maybe, we should be slow to
    critize their missteps and wait for their complete transformation.
    Like an ugly caterpillar becomes a cocoon, and eventually turn into a beautiful butterfly!
    So one has to go through all this steps of transformation before one eventually become successful in one’s life and career.

  19. I would never hate David. Hatred is not a feeling you want to manifest in yourself. I would feel really disappointed and betrayed if he were to suddenly transfrom into a totally different person. Maybe I’ll stop supporting him but who knows unless that actually happens. Hopefully never. I’d probably end up crying myself to sleep every night if it did. David isn’t perfect but we love him flaws and all. Love don’t hate peeps.
    By the way, I don’t feel terribly disappointed with Serena’s behaviour at the US Open. I was never a big fan. But I’m kinda bummed about Federer losing to Djokovic. Federer’s tennis is the kind people enjoy to watch.
    We Archiekins are a pretty intellectual bunch. =D

  20. I don’t think I will hate him. I would be disappointed, but hate him? No. Why? Because I wont know the whole truth behind what’s going on. Most the stuff we get is from the media and not the dude himself.

    I’ve been a fan for a very long time and I guess I could say the same for many of us too. That being said, we would also have a certain degree of familiarity with David and his background and his decisions due to that long and devoted connection. So even decides to go all Chris Brown or anything on us, as fans (and moreover fans who have taken great interest about him, his background for a very long time) would in no doubt know and understand his situation better (although not necessarily totally) than those who just enjoy his music and are not as big a fan.

  21. Would u guys feel entitled? Maybe u feel you ‘own’ him? After all you’ve invested so much time, money and hours upon hours in being his fan?
    Would you feel that he must go a certain way, make a certain decision, sing a particular song and generally be the person that you want him to be?

    Is David Archuleta his own person and so entitled to live life the way he sees fit or does he have to tow the line that his fans throw him?

  22. John
    Off the cuff, I don’t think I really have any “expectations” of David.
    Let’s just loosely call my feelings – love – for this discussion. I love his singing and I respect him for what he is; I doubt I can have one without the other.
    I will not make demands on him as if I “own” him, despite whatever “investments” I have made. When one loves, one gives the other freedom to be himself. It is when one loses respect for the other that one’s love starts to fray. And if that respect continues to wane, the love too will fade.

    Makes sense or not?! 😀

  23. I agree with you Trace,”When one loves, one gives the other freedom to be himself.” So well said! Love is not possessive.
    If fans have this sense of “ownership” of their idols, they are not fans after all.

  24. I’ll never regret the day I knew David. he’s a very good person. If i had never met him, I would end up being a rebellious teenager for the rest of my life. David’s a wonderful person and i can prove that! And to all haters out there, you better back off. Coz’ David’s just an angel in disguise. 🙂

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