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  1. John
    What a great and beautifully written article to mark AAM’s third anniversary!
    I salute thee 3 times! 🙂
    I joined AAM only about a year ago and that would form a third of AAM’s tenure in archuland and my life here with you guys has augured well!

    Can I briefly tell you that, when I draw and paint, the art surfac is always divided into mental segments of 3 – the finished picture forms more harmonising proportions as a whole. Numero 3 is indeed a magical number.

    Since ancient times till now, this number has been regarded as one that seems to send out some magical energy that renders the language more succinct and concise. I can think of many, many sayings and usages of this number in our daily language and story-telling…..

    – Once upon a time there were 3 brothers who were granted 3 wishes….
    – The Baby Jesus was visited by 3 wise men…..
    – In jokes – there was an Englishman, an Irishman and a Scotsman….
    – The beginning – the middle – and the end …..
    – Ready, aim, fire …
    – Ready, get set, go….
    – On the count of 3 …
    – Lock stock and barrel …
    – Past present and future…
    – eenie meenie minee-mo …
    – Equality Liberty and Fraternity …
    – Hip hip hooray (for John)

    Happy 3rd Birthday AAM!
    May you have many many more!

  2. Trace
    The number 3 is also widely used in photography, design etc to provide perspectives and images that are attractive and harmonious. Even though there’s something marvelous about the proportions that it produces, people on the whole are mystified on why that is. Maybe it’s something that’s been hard wired into our genes. In which case it suggests a divine design on the part of our creator 🙂

  3. Haha John, a divine design indeed!
    Do you realise in an advertisement of a watch or clock, the time is always shown as 10 minutes past 10? – a third of an hour.

    By the way, I just realised the banner is made up of a picture of people!
    This morning when I saw it, I thought it was just a random design 😀
    So who is being creative? hehe

  4. 3 dimension
    birth, life and death (3 phases of life)
    Jesus resurrected on the 3rd day
    maiden/mother/crone (the 3 stages of a woman’s life)
    there are 3 keys of music Do, Fa, and Sol are the three most important notes in music.

    The heading of this post .. I came, I saw and I conquered speaks volume of David to his fans ..Feliz Cumpleaños AAM!!!

  5. Happy anniversary folks! Wow! So many people’s lives have changed since we discovered David three years ago. BUT, I have to say that it’s been an amazing three years and there has been a lot of first for me and I’m sure for a lot of us here (i.e myspace, twitter, itunes, youtube accounts, vidding, etc). I have loved every minute of it though (well mostly lol!). Welcome to your life 🙂 #Theresnoturningback…

  6. LOL Shu – maiden-mother-crone! The third phase doesn’t sound so good 🙂

    Trace that’s a very interesting fact about the watch ads. I’m now segmenting every image that I see into 3 sections lol.

    Did you know that there’s another type of ‘third’ called the Golden Proportion that seems to be even more magical than the normal segment of 3 equal parts? This quality of proportion or ratio is given the name ‘Phi’ and if you divide your canvas by using this method your resulting artwork is even more pleasing to the eye. This ratio is truly fascinating as it permeates the natural world to a high degree.

  7. Ok I’m really into this subject 🙂

    There’s even such a thing as a “Golden Mean Gauge!”. One can use this instrument to test the application of the Golden Proportion in nature. Thus the markings on a butterfly or moth can be proven to conform to this ratio 🙂


    This is really cool! 🙂

  8. John
    I got quite caught up reading about the Golden Proportion which takes the form akin to the human perception of beauty. It is even believed to have formed the basis for the proportions of the human figure.

    What fascinated me most is that the magical properties of phi have long been tapped by the great artists and architects of the past as in Greece and Ancient Egypt. However I also read that tests have been devised to look into this idea of the Golden Ratio and that such tests have been found to be inconclusive.

    I strongly believe that certain proportions (they can very well be the Golden Proportions) are infinitely important in creating a piece of art that is pleasing to the eye, but, as a person who paints, I doubt very much I want to succumb to mathematics in the true sense of the word….. I personally would rather paint from the heart – perhaps I have a teenie-weenie bit of in-built golden ratio unknowst to me? (cheeky grin!)

    Hey thanks for the cool enlightenment John – I am always of the opinion that one learns something new everyday. 🙂
    Love that beautiful butterfly – nature always gets it right. The lesser humans probably need a ruler sometimes. 😀

  9. Trace
    Most gifted artists seem to have an innate sense of the GP. They just know how to place their subjects ( in photography ) or plan their compositions ( painters ) without the aid of any maths or calculations. They are the ones often lauded as geniuses in their respective fields cause it comes so naturally.

    As for wannabes like me I have to pull out my calculator and slide rule at every turn lol!

  10. John and Trace .. you talk deep deep I hear no road (literary translation from hokkien) loll!

    John … I need to delete the 3 stages of woman’s life. The only problem is some of them actually go through it … scary!!!

    Well as for me, the last 3 years with AAM is the best discovery! Like Sheba said, we made new friends; we took up challenges beyond our imagination and most of all … the fun and laughter with all the Archie fans!!


  11. shuyee

    heh hm heh aw!? (phonetic translation from Hakka) 😀

    I echo your last paragraph – I’m so happy having met you guys – the fun and laughter I’ve had has been amazing – and I’ve been given the opportunity to voice my opinions and write silly stories! 😀

    3 cheers for AAM!!

  12. Lovely writeup john, thanks so much for the special anniversary post..

    Gosh its still abit weird to think sometimes that its been 3 years..it definitely doesnt feel that way..and i’ve just been so blessed by the many people, of all backgrounds ive come to know over the years through David..

  13. Happy anniversary everyone! 🙂

    It’s been an amazing 3 years of music, artistry, friendship and yes even conflict :-). But we pulled through.

    AAM would be nothing without your participation in and passion for all things David Archuleta. You are the heart and soul of AAM. This site would be as dead as the cold surface of Mars if not for the warmth and love you shower us with every day.. AAM is all the better because you choose to be a part of it.

    Three cheers to all of you! 🙂

  14. John

    A fascinating vid – thank you.
    That we are all such an integral part of our universe is a thought that is both mind-boggling and marvellous. To what can we possibly attribute this wondrous phenomenon but to an Almighty Being? We can now look at the world around us in a different light with the knowledge/belief that we humans were created in the same grain as everything else, that which is as beautiful as was intended by God and His Word.

    I will have to resort to my ruler now John, and you, your calculator and slide rule! 😀 Remember to bring them to our AAM birthday gathering! hehe

  15. Sorry late to the anniversary party 🙂
    more to come.

    Loved the adage of triple benefits ie DA-AAM-friends, so true. Thanks, John.

  16. I apologize for my late respond.

    Congratulation and Happy III year anniversary! Thank you for being here for us all!
    Keep up the great job and many more to come!!

    Love you all!

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