14 comments on “Good things come to those who wait – By Marianne

  1. 3 years ago, never in my right mind would i ever thought that i could wait in a hotel lobby until midnight on a working day waiting for someone to show up…


  2. The Hilton Hotel ‘escapade’! πŸ™‚
    I remember that night. On the one hand I felt like a stalker waiting to pounce on his prey but at the same time I couldn’t stay away as well. The waiting seemed endless and I grew weary.

    Eventually I had to admit defeat much to my regret as I would find out later. Like you said Marianne – should have waited πŸ™‚

  3. Anne
    Yes me too. Never would have thought I was capable of waiting for hours at a hotel lobby for someone to (maybe) turn up.
    * the things this guy makes us do*

    Haha so there Was a Part 3 as I suspected.
    Great recap with so many details – don’t you wish we could live it all over again? *sniff*

  4. Marianne .. I was the one asking the question about a Malaysian Christmas Tour .. now that I remembered … *sighhh*. Jeff asked question about whether the muslim will come, and of course all our precious muslim friends there said β€˜yes’!!! So he said ya … if there are requests etc etc, there is a possibility. You should see the grin on our faces hahaha!

  5. Anne – Yeah, never would I thought of that too.. David also makes me really REALLYYYY clumsy & blur. Tell you more when I meet you guys!

    AAM – This is John right? Haha I felt like a stalker too ohmygosh! I nearly gave up waiting for him but thank God he came & it was worth the wait!!

    Trace – Yeahhhh, really miss that dude la ishh ><

    Liying – Glad you liked it!! πŸ˜€

    Anonymous – Really? Who are you?

  6. Shu Yee – Ohhhh so that was you! Yeahhh “David Archuleta Asian Christmas Tour Live in Malaysia 2011” sounds so cool right? Hahahah & he has to come & sing some spanish songs for us too πŸ˜›

  7. nice recaps ! i miss David & you guys too !!
    yeah good things come to those who wait! we were waiting for him like an hour right? i fell asleep on the couch ! lol !

  8. Haha! oh my gosh! I remember how dang tired we were! haha!

    My brain (most prolly ours :p) wasn’t even functioning properly then! everything was seriously a huge blur :/

  9. LOL sam i still remember seeing your study notes at the hotel hahaha! David would be so proud. *salutesalute*

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