5 comments on “Fan Art by Xin Wei & Li Ying

  1. Haha!! Glad you guys liked it. We’re planning to do one for every song on the ATE. We only managed to do TOSOD and SBL during the sleepover. Hardly slept. Completely David themed sleepovers are awesoooome!! Great way to celebrate one month anniversary of epic concert. XD

  2. Liying and Xinwei
    Good job! Looking forward to more artwork from you guys on ATE! 🙂
    Can the rest of AAM join you for sleep-overs? 😀

  3. aww so cute!Nice job you girls!Ah sleepovers…i can’t remember when was the last time i had one,sadly 😦 Definitely miss those times..and archuthemed sleepovers? awesome. wish i had the chance to have one last time haha!

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