9 comments on “I Was There?

  1. flashmob thing in the middle of it?? woooahh! we should do it for his next concert!! he will never forget us!!

  2. Touch my hands .. when he reached out to my direction (of course dear Trace will dispute that haha!). At the moment is like a flashed back to Zouk Singapore moment when he reached out to shake my hand … *dreaming still*.

    Absolutely love the salsa moves when he introduced Mark. Like Naree, she ninja all the E&M videos and I ninja all the salsa videos… very swagg:-DD

  3. For me it was one big OMG moment from the announcement of the concert to the part where David came out and joined Steven in banging on the drums! 😀 😀 😀

  4. Shuyee!
    Yes I dispute that!! He reached out in YOUR direction?! lol more like in OUR direction! 😀 That was a great moment!

    Oh yes that drumming moment too!

    And when he answered my request to sing Crazy at the Soundcheck!!!

    Everything is more like a blur now. But everything was good and special.
    That sea of happy archie faces was also very special to me! 😀

  5. oh mygosh yesss the salsa moves and drum banging moments. im surprised my ears didnt bleed from all the screaming around me (and internally ehem.)

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