25 comments on “Gathering 2.0!

  1. Hey we can go to the 1Utama park for a picnic. Me and Xin Wei are most probably free 3rd and 4th September but not 9th and 10th. 1Utama is near for us.

  2. i think 3 & 4 we’re still in Raya Mode in other words still at Kampung 🙂
    9 or 10 would be great ( hopefully i can join )

  3. ohhh noes, 9 – 11 def cannot. 3-4th would be awesome but many might still be away for raya.

  4. for me 4th would be better… 10th I am leaving for europe..cuti2.. hahaha!! so can’t make it~ needa pack and stuff.. but can make it near PJ area this time? LOL…One Utama has great stuff nw….haha!

  5. Any weekend would be good for me, but I think the 3rd/4th weekend would be too soon, some of them will be at their kampung and all 🙂
    Oh, and can it be somewhere in the middle of KL so that it’d be easy for everyone to go 🙂

  6. Hey guys, thanks for the feedback..Hm guess we gotta see which weekend most will be able to make it..As for venue, 1U is a great place..but not accessible by public transport? Thinking of those who cant drive/have to rely on public trans.

  7. helloeeeeeeeeeeee guys! first of all Selamat Hari Raya *raya mood* haha I think for me 9th or 10th September would be PERFECT! please.. 3rd or 4th September seems impossible for me since I’m here in JB for raya celebration and I’m coming back to KL on September 5th so phewww *hopeless*. Hope you guys will decide best date for us! I MISS YOU GUYS SO MUCH! It’s been a month since we met!!! please please please…… 🙂

  8. There’s a rapid KL stop at 1U. But I guess KL should be ok if my parents don’t mind dropping me off. hmm…

    Anyways Selamat Hari Raya everyone!!

  9. Hi guys, kudos to AAM again for organizing this gathering.

    For me, I prefer the 9th/10th weekend since 3rd/4th weekend is still in Raya week (I won’t be in KL at that time).

    But, anyway, let AAM decide the best date for us!!

    Selamat Hari Raya!!

  10. I’m ok with 3rd or 4th . And yeah , about the transport , i hope it’s near kl cause i’ll be using public transport =)

  11. Marianne
    It’s still a toss up between this weekend and next cos there are equal numbers of peeps who are/are not available.

    Personally I think next weekend would be the safest bet.

  12. looks like it’ll probably be next weekend guys..since its a little too late for this weekend lol. got bitten by the procastination/holiday bug *shyface*

  13. and next week would probably be more ideal as well as the shirts will only be ready after this weekend but before the 10th 😀

  14. alaaa….if next weekend…i might not be able to make it T___T yet another gathering i will miss!! dang it.. :(:( I am flying off to europe la for holiday.. on the 10th.. u guys have fun..

    Anne or whoever can keep my baju first k 🙂

  15. Er…i second the 9th and 10th cause this weekend is rather too soon. But if it’s decided on this weekend, I’m free only on the 4th, I’m afraid. And just out of curiosity, does anyone know which bus (number) stops at One U?

  16. Zach .. if you stop at Kelana Jaya LRT station, there is a free bus shuttle service. Otherwise you can post here and see if we can arrange to pick you up.

    So stay tune when we firm up the date, time and place ok:-)

  17. Hi guys! Erm…I hope it’s not too much of a trouble, but could you figure out the date/time/place for the gathering as soon as is convenient to you? If I have that info, it’ll be easier for me to plan ahead (transport and stuff) and I’m sure one more Archie needs to know, too. I’m looking forward to the gathering, so I’m making sure I can get there by hook or by crook, lol. Anyway, cheers to y’all! XD (And thanks in advance)

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