19 comments on “One Month!!

  1. Umm I know this is superr late but I think Im going to do a recap since I just finished my exams today woohoo! I have been putting my crazy archu-spazziness on hold because I had to study but now its time to let it all out hahahah! Umm, how do I upload photos in the middle of my recap btw?

  2. Me: “Thanks for making me LDS(the mormon church)!”

    (shooed away by sony-folk)

    David: ” OMG, No Way! that’s so cool! when did you become a member?”

    Me : ” This year!”

    David: “That’s awesome! what’s your name?”


    David:”nice to meet you!” (shakes hand)

    (once again, getting shooed by sony-folk)

    Me:”Haha, you too! see you tomorrow at the meet and greet!”

    David:” Oh you’re going? alright! awesome! see you!”

    #lettingdavidknowheconvertedsomeone :p

  3. I can’t believe how time flies! i am still SWAG !!
    thanks for posting the videos & recaps 🙂

  4. Oh boy, after reading this I can feel some kind of nostalgia setting in haha
    One month to this day of that wonderful concert experience, sigh..

    Loved that first video. He’s so genuinely interested in Cook’s album and we know he’s always supportive of his fellow buddies.

    Steven sure knows who’s the Boss when he said ‘oh, we’ll only go when David says we’ll go’ 🙂

    Thanks AAM for sharing those few titbits!

  5. Marianne
    We would love to read your recap. As for the photos just email them to us and we’ll insert them into the post for you.

    Much of the concert is a blur to me. I can recall the negative parts quite clearly unfortunately lol but I won’t list them down 😀

    Although I listened in on the conversation between Jeff and fans at the autograph session I can’t recall much of it! The only thing I do remember is that Jeff was very taken with the AAM banner and he was rather impressed that we had taken the trouble to have it made. He also said that David was overwhelmed by the support that he got from fans when he first came to Malaysia for the showcase and he kept telling his dad how amazing he felt when he came onto the stage at Sunway.

  6. Talking about platinum sales I did a little research on the net and I came upon this online file sharing site where you can download music from just about anywhere.

    Guess what? David has over 2 thousand pages of downloads for his music! The first page alone has nearly 2 million – illegal – downloads of 7 different songs. Of course the numbers decrease as you scan the later pages. But my point is that it’s sheer BS when people say David’s music isn’t popular. The amount of illegal downloads speak otherwise.

    The platinum award that he got from Sony for legitimate sales is chicken feed!

  7. Wow John!! What a precious find!
    Now everything is clear to me.
    I used to think why it is such a puzzle to me – he seems very popular – many people go to his concerts – many people treat him like a huge celebrity – why is it his album sales do not relate to his popularity – I knew that there were many illegal downloads, but the extent of it as you have discovered, is crazy. These people owe David alot of money!! Grrr…

  8. Re Jeff encouraging David to perform with the guitar – I love that David is a rebel – that he will not be manipulated. There is more going on behind that “innocent”-looking face…..and I looove it! 🙂

  9. Ahh my recap is toooo longg!! Just finished my recap on the Auto Session. Should I just send in the auto session first or must I send with the concert as well?

  10. One of the nicest “rebel” things I remembered at the Soundcheck was:

    He asked us what we would like him to sing, and since I am crazy about his Crazy, I yelled “Sing Crazy”!
    And Farida and Debz, who were sitting next to me, backed me up and all 3 of us yelled together : “Sing Crazy! Crazy! (It sounds bad here but I promise we were quite nice about it hee hee)
    And he looked at us and smilingly, said: “So when did I have the time to practise that song?”
    And we said “Nevermind, nevermind! Just sing it in any way!”
    And he sang it! So happy!

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