38 comments on “A fairy tale…of sorts

  1. For the benefit of our younger archies, the lyrics of the song “Close To You” may explain why this story reminds John of this song.

  2. This is a brilliant fairytale, Trace!
    You should be an author.. Teehee.. 😀
    Wished I could come up with something like this..
    As I told you before, whenever I tried to write, my mind goes blank.. Hehe..

  3. Hey Trace!

    Me thinks you’re the Angel here * wink wink *

    Got a perpetual smile on my face (ahem, just like Smiley Boy) after reading this witty piece of yours. Thanks for making my evening and I know its going to get better, ya know what i mean?

    Ok cant hang any longer here…back to voting…at the moment EAM’s at No 1, WOOHOO! We’ve got to keep it there.


  4. “His 3 wishes were…

    2. He wanted to eat.”

    I think i laughed out a little too loud there.oops.

    nasib baik nobody around..

  5. A beautifully executed tale. Definitely loved it, and you should write more things like this! Haha! 😀

  6. Dear Trace,

    Thank you for this cute fairytale. AAM site is lively with you around!
    Thank you for bringing smiles and keeping our hearts warm with your story!

  7. Trace – the writer that gives the Archiekins happy imaginations:-D

    David makes me smile :

  8. Dora
    Thank you.
    You never know – one day the “writing bug” might just creep up on you – nevermind about the mind going blank, just think of David and write from your heart. 🙂

    Han Yang
    Many thanks! I sure would like to write more (that bug keeps on bugging me!) if the MOD’s would allow me heehee.

  9. Shirley
    If I were the Angel, I wouldn’t bother to wave my wand – I would just swallow him alive like a true cougar would (like what John once said 😀 )

    Yes, last night’s voting was a real heart-thumper! So happy he leapt from no.50 to no. 3 and zoomed back to no.1 at the finishing line!
    Go archies!!

    Now how about giving us your golden story?

  10. Dear Eunice
    Thank you for all the nice things you said. We are all part of this amazingly happy David family. Come back soon! 🙂

    AAM (Anne?)
    Isn’t it wonderful that this young man can make us laugh and enjoy ourselves so much!
    I hope you did not spill your coffee or p.. in your pants?! lollll 😀

  11. Shuyee
    That song sums up our David-feeling. Thank you.

    You’re better than the best
    I’m just lucky to linger in your light

    You make me smile like the sun
    Fall out of bed (THAT I have not experienced haha!)
    Sing like a bird
    Dizzy in my head
    Spin like a record
    Crazy on a sunday night (ONLY on a sunday? heehee)
    You make me dance like a fool
    Forget to breathe (dangerous – don’t try it!)
    Shine like gold
    Buzz like a bee
    Just the thought of you can drive me wild
    Oh you make me smile!

    Do you get that sort of David-feeling too John? 😀

  12. lol no Trace I’m not quite so gila. I’m a big fan but I don’t think I’ll ever lose myself to that extend 😀

    He’s an extraordinary young man and terrific singer but that’s as far as it goes – no giddy, “ohmygoshashley”, OTT, swooning fan boy here 🙂

  13. This is OT but lately I’ve been listening to the Band Perry’s ‘If I die young’.

    A sad but still amazingly lovely song. The line ” The sharp knife of a short life” is so poignant. It’s a great line and drives home the haplessness of a promising life cut tragically short.

  14. John
    Oh dear are u ok? Listening to such a sad song, nevertheless beautiful. There was a time I listened alot to Mozart’s Requeim, only because it was such a beautiful and stirring piece of masterpiece. My people thought I had gone quite mad listening to funeral music! Sometimes, the most beautiful music can be describing a sad situation like death and loss. 🙂

    Hey you peeps!
    EAM has more less disappeared from the Fly FM chart tonight. But it was a great feat last night that we pushed it up all the way from the doldrums to No.1! So I guess you guys are not voting anymore tonight. So can you come in here and make some comments!!!!! 😀

  15. Trace
    I don’t feel sad listening to the song, instead I’m lifted in a way by the lyrics cos on the surface they may seem tragic but they have a strength to it.

    The words are crafted in a way to give the listener encouragement and support if they ever find themselves at the precipice.

    The lead singer who wrote the song does have a strong command of language and phrases her emotions in the most interesting way.

    David can learn a thing or two from her.

  16. Trace, I hear you about EAM. Sheesh, can’t believe we let it slide down so much!!

    Also, jsyk, I hope you keep giving us write ups like this and the last one you had. It always brings a smile to my face and especially appreciated during these slow news days 🙂

    John, I’m also curious to see David’s growth in songwriting and if he’ll tackle more serious subject matters (although his song Falling was definitely as serious a subject matter as it got). It’s been pretty cool seeing him grow and mature together with his music.

  17. Trace, luckily i wasnt holding any coffee then 😛

    john, i totally LOVE that song. was so addicted to it at one point,listened to it repeatedly lol. and what you said is true..the song is more abt how even “if i die young” i’ll have no regrets..love kimberly (the lead singer)’s lyrics.

    and im sure David is on his way to epic songwriting…he’s already improved leaps and bounds since his early days and although he may not have hits after hits on the radio…the kind of songs i hear on the radio these days,catchy as they are..the lyrics are just plain nonsense with no worth/meaning,sadly. makes me glad for people like David out there who’s genuinely interested in making the lyrics count.


  18. John
    After reading your comment I youtubed the lyrics of that song just now to enlighten myself – I have never really listened properly to the lyrics of any song before David came along. You are indeed right – the language is beautiful and the lyrics, encouraging and uplifting.
    I have no doubt that David will have the ability to write lyrics like that when he has had more life’s experiences and I look forward to his growth.

  19. Sheba
    Thank you for your words of encouragement. 🙂

    Falling definitely has lyrics of depth and profundity. If he could come up with lyrics like that at such a tender age, there is no doubt that he possesses an inward-lookingness and spirit that will carry him far into amazing song-writing in the future.

  20. AAM
    Your last paragraph – “the kind of songs I hear on the radio these days – the lyrics are just plain nonsense with no worth/meaning………….makes me glad for people like David who are genuinely interested in making the lyrics count…..”
    So true.
    David will get better and better and we’ll one day regret this conversation – we will have more and more fainting spells! 😀

  21. Sheba!

    EAM has gone back to No1 tonight!!
    Siigh….archies (including the international ones) are such wonderfully determined people!

  22. John: I listened to “If I Die Young,” and I was shocked to find myself enjoying it. “Shocked” because I rarely enjoy county music; but then this song is almost more folk than country, with a strong dose of gospel mixed in. The video was lovely visually, and I enjoyed the references to Tennyson’s “Lady of Shallot.” One of my all-time favorite Pre-Raphaelite paintings is the Lady of Shallot by John William Waterhouse.


    (Note: Click on the picture at wikipedia to enlarge it.)

  23. I watched a special on The Carpenters a while back, and Richard Carpenter said one of the qualities of his sister’s voice which made it great was that it was so unique you could recognize it after only a few notes were sung. The same can be said for David. Today when I turn on the radio, I hear so many voices, both male and female that while nice, all sound pretty much alike. The great singers always stand out from the crowd, and David is in that league.

    Trace: Glad to be one of those determined international Archies voting at FlyFM!

  24. Katheryn
    Normally I’m not partial to country music myself but in this case I think you’re right by saying that IIDY is more folk than country. In any case it’s the simplicity of the arrangement that brings out the underlying tale of the song even more forcefully.
    And the reference to Tennyson and ‘The Lady Of Shallot’ only adds to the appeal because of the tangible link to history and myth.
    One trait of country/folk music that I enjoy is the seemingly simple yet strong story lines contained in the songs. It’s not about sex,drugs,violence but everyday life experiences that is true to us all.

  25. John:

    Since we are on the same wavelength regarding folk music, then perhaps you’ll appreciate my choice for a Christmas song for David to cover. FOD posted a poll today, and I wrote in “I Wonder as I Wander” as my selection. It’s a hauntingly beautiful American carol with its roots in Appalachia. It was composed in 1933 by folklorist and singer John Jacob Niles based on a fragment of a song he heard a young traveling evangelist sing. Here are the lyrics:

    1. I wonder as I wander out under the sky,
    How Jesus the Savior did come for to die.
    For poor on’ry people like you and like I…
    I wonder as I wander out under the sky.

    2. When Mary birthed Jesus ’twas in a cow’s stall,
    With wise men and farmers and shepherds and all.
    But high from God’s heaven a star’s light did fall,
    And the promise of ages it then did recall.

    3. If Jesus had wanted for any wee thing,
    A star in the sky, or a bird on the wing,
    Or all of God’s angels in heav’n for to sing,
    He surely could have it, ’cause he was the King.

    Here’s a lovely version of “I Wonder as I Wander” arranged by John Rutter and sung by the Albion College Briton Singers, 1994. I can hear David’s beautiful soulful voice singing this song and interpreting it in a fresh way.

  26. Katheryn
    Wonderful piece of music! 🙂 And yes it would be great to hear David’s version. Songs that are stripped bare like this is the perfect vehicle for David’s interpretative powers.

    Isn’t it beautiful for music that touches your heart should stand the test of time? This song is as fresh,soulful, spiritual in the present time as I’m sure it must have been way back in 1933 🙂

    I greatly admire people who can create such magical artistry.

  27. Katheryn and John
    I’ve just come in and read your conversation.

    David most certainly has a unique voice that is immediately recognisable.
    I was talking to a woman not long ago, who mentioned that David seems to have a new song playing on radio. I asked her “which one are you talking about since he has several.” She said she didn’t remember the name of the song (she is just someone who rather liked him but not really a fan.)
    So I asked her how she knew it was David.
    And she replied ” Of course I know – he has a unique voice that is instantly recognisable – the song is really nice.” (Later on, I gathered she was talking about SBL)

    I myself am not inclined towards country music but I love folk songs. I like the medieval ones and also the celtic ones.
    I came across a vid of this celtic folk music with lyrics and wondered how David would interpret it in his own way. I love the haunting melody and the words are simple yet touching.

    And Katheryn, the song you sent us is really beautiful.
    And thanks for all the voting too at Fly FM!

  28. Sorry, just realised that those words in the vid may not be the lyrics – just a message of blessing. Haha!
    But they could make nice lyrics too. 😀

  29. Trace: Thank you so much for sharing that video. It was beautiful! I think David could interpret Celtic music beautifully. His voice was golden in his duet with Orla Fallon for her Celtic Christmas program. Although “Silent Night” is not Celtic in origin, it was given an Irish interpretation for the special.

  30. Katheryn
    Oh yes! That duet with Orla sent me sprawling on the floor when I first heard it, and thereon never fails to uplift my spirits – the duet of all duets. David certainly has a voice that can do celtic music proud.

  31. That Silent Night duet is absolutely gorgeous, it gave me chills the first time I heard it and still does every time I play it! The harp, Orla’s voice, David harmonies… sooooooo smooth and sweet. I like how they show one couple just listening and watching David and looking so relaxed and happy haha because that’s pretty much how I am when I’m watching that vid. but I ramble.

    trace- completely agree! 😀 did you see the video of David doing the ‘here we go a-wasailing’ song? it’s not even good quality but just those 2 or 3 lines made me MELT and forced me to replay over and over haha. 🙂
    and that irish folk song is absolutely beautiful! thanks for sharing it! 😀 the tin whistle(?) gave me chills, I cannot get over how amazing it sounds. it has that soothing soft airy quality David’s voice has too!

    katheryn- thank you for that song! it’s lovely! LOVED how the solo voice transitioned to the harmonies. so smooth. and I love the title by itself. I wonder as I wander… love wordplays like that. if it’s considered a wordplay haha.

    john- love love love ‘close to you’! simple but great lyrics and melody and it just makes me feel happy whenever I listen to it. 😀 and karen carpenter’s voice is just gorgeous. so pure and clear-sounding. also love that you brought up ‘If I Die Young’. ‘the sharp knife of a short life’ that’s one of my favourite lines too. 😀 so refreshing whenever it plays on the radio! every line in that song is so well crafted.

    talking about christmas songs, anyone know how we can get our hands on David’s MoTab recordings? I watched snippets of the DVD and number of times I squealed watching them is very embarassing haha. The songs are released on iTunes too but unfortunately we can’t buy them there. I’m really excited because this is finally the closest thing we have to a live David concert DVD haha.

  32. hey Trace,

    When you started “once upon a time….” your story will be a great hit to mom and dad for their children’s bedtime story. 😉 Looking forward to your more writings!

    When I saw the word “imagination” in your story, this song came to my mind:-

  33. Nat
    Thank you – have you let your younger brothers and sisters and cousins and nephews and nieces etc read it ? – might inspire them to achieve even greater things! 🙂

    Many thanks for sharing that vid!
    I like Rod Stewart whose voice has that husky quality which appeals to me. David’s voice, in comparison, has an airy quality when he goes on a lower register and of course listening to it drives me crazy. 😀

  34. Hi Ai Lyn
    I can’t say I’ve seen the vid of David singing “here we go wasailing”. What is wasailing? Haha! Would you like to share it with us?

    You can preorder the MOTAB cd and dvd at Amazon which is what I did. 🙂

  35. I hope Ai Lyn won’t mind if I answer Trace’s query on “wasailing.” Wassail the beverage is a mulled apple cider Wassailing is a tradition that falls into 2 categories:

    1) House visiting wassailing: It is akin to door-to-door Christmas caroling, as in the traditional English carol “Here We Come A-Wassailing.”

    2) Orchard visiting wassailing: An ancient ritual or ceremony in Great Britain involving singing to the trees to ensure a good harvest.

    Today, the vast majority of people think of door-to-door caroling when they hear the term wassailing.


  36. Katheryn
    Thank you so much for the information! And there I was, thinking that it has something to do with “sailing’, like “I was sailing….”? LOL!

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