8 comments on “Meeting Marius

  1. He is such a kind and humble soul – even when he has a show in the US now and again, he says “Hey guys, when you are around that area, come by and see the show”. Whenever he says that, I feel like “smacking” him – but how can anyone do that when he is humility itself? No artiste can live up to that kind of selfless attitude.

  2. trace,i know right!he’s like..ayo.humble until…no words lol.
    and i love how he puts me to shame with his maturity,character and total selflessness. just the reminder i needed today to be a little more grateful.thank you D.

  3. tears. streaming. down. my. face.
    oh. my. gosh.

    he. is. PERFECT.

    i. can’t. even… what…?

    seriously? SERIOUSLY?

    David. YOU. Just… OH MY GOSH.

    my heart can’t take it… i just… OH MY GOSH.

    right, ’nuff said.
    excuse me while i go cry and smile to myself some more while the rest of my family discusses admitting me to the psych ward…

  4. Eve – Archupsych ward would be just fine .. cos there are many of us there lollll!

    Shu Yee

  5. Gosh!! David’s such a selfless person. *sniff* I wish I were more like that. H pretty much makes me ashamed of myself. I’m glad Marius has made such a good friend. Its good to hear David talk about that kid being so positive. I was at a geriatric ward on Tuesday and the patients’ conditions were really saddening.

    By the way, did you guys notice the LY on his wall behind the stairs? My initials!!!! *gasps for air* *faints*

  6. What a beautiful, beautiful banner of Falling Stars!
    A canopy of heavenly stars and lights and formations surrounding David! Love it!

    Who is responsible for such beauty and creativity? 🙂

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