38 comments on “8TV Quickie Interview

  1. 8tvquickie also uploaded the interview on their Youtube. Check it out! :DD

    and the “nee mamak”

    HAHAHAHAH so adorable! ❀

  2. next time, i will give him lotsa chillis! just wanna see him running around the restaurant again!!

  3. Melting away.. Sigh..
    I like the way he said ‘Terima Kasih’..
    And the mega watt smiles..
    Oh my gosh..
    I just died.. My heart just stopped for a second and even skipped a beat..

  4. Our next gathering, mee mamak, pad thai …??

    He never failed to brighten our faces with his lighting watt laughter and smile … hmmmmmmm

    As Sheba said, his performances since AI7 has improved leaps and bounds. Imagine if he keeps coming back to Asia, his fanbase will explode to new heights in no time. So keep requesting everyone, on all radio stations ok?

  5. OMGOSH!! <3333 ahahahaha!! HOW MUCH MORE ADORABLE CAN HE GET?! the way he said nee mamak is like priceless! and ahaha! his face when he answered, 'would you date a malaysian girl?' is so friggin priceless!! <333 ;)))) ahaha! yeah! he never failed to brighten our faces!!

  6. very archudorable! first, that “apa khabar” part.. keep repeating that part. then that “date question part”, aahhh again keep on repeating! so blingee.. lol! then “nee mamak” part pulak! that one makes me burst laughing non-stop! hahaha lol sorry David! xD

  7. i TOLD him “the chillies are NOT for eating”, but does he listen to me? nooooo… *facepalm*

  8. New Fact #???: when you tell David NOT to do something, you have to explain to him why, otherwise he’ll do it anyway later…


    Ignore me…

  9. His “Apa khabar?” was so tonally correct! If you were just listening to his voice without actually looking at him you would think that the speaker was just another Malaysian πŸ™‚

    I think he should take a course in Malay. Any volunteers? πŸ™‚

  10. Gosh his laugh is just……idk how to describe it! It just puts a silly grin on my face lol

    There’s hope for you girls out there yet cos he would date a M’sian girl. I can see the line now stretching all the way from KLIA to Hotel Hilton waiting to audition for the ‘date pass’ to spend an evening with David Archuleta! πŸ˜€

    Maybe the Aunties would be the first in line? hehe

  11. *Reads comments* + *imagines D running around a restaurant* = LOL (literally)

    Nasib baik no one in the office now. otherwise all think i really lost it.

  12. Anne – lol! you should’ve seen my reaction. i was banging my head repeatedly against the table top. For real. XD

    Amira and Alicia – GO, GO, GO! XDDDDD

    John – HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA!!!! wow, i wonder what the auditions are going to be like… XD (methinks: “Yes…” “Yes…” “Three Yes’s! You’re through to the next round!”)

  13. Apa khabar? Nak makan Nee Nanak? I mean Nee Mamak? I mean….nevermind…..busy voting….

    John, Am I the last in the aunties queque? πŸ˜€

    Busy voting. Bye

  14. hey Trace,
    Apa khabar? Remember to press the right vote button – EAM and not Boyfriend!! πŸ˜‰

  15. Akang
    Funny you should say that – I actually got it wrong once – I thought he was going to be no. 1 anyway, so half closed my eyes and clicked, and gave a free vote to someone else dang dang dang! Too much of that tongue-twister – nee nanak or nee manak or…….nevermind….I can’t take it….going back to voting….

  16. Trace,
    LOL… please remove your sunglasses before you press the right button – EAM. Terima kasi!!

  17. Lol Akang!

    Guys! So David is No.1 again….thank goodness…was voting my archu-fingers off for 4 hours! Now we can all go celebrate at Mamak stall with some Nee mamak!! Lol!

  18. LOL Trace!I hope your eye is better/completely fine now??

    Eve,ayo dangerous lah! *facepalm* la not so high-risk hahaha!

  19. Hey you guys! Why didn’t you guys turn up at that nee mamak stall last night?! I waited all night tapping my conjucti-finger-vitis fingers off on that table all night waiting!!!! All that nee mamak wasted – hmph! should have invited David instead of you lot! πŸ˜€

    Yes dear AAM (Shu?) I’m ok now…thanks! You guys can stare (or should I say, glare) at me all you want now. πŸ˜€

    John – no such luck! πŸ˜€

    Eve – Absolutely awesome yourself! πŸ˜€

    Don’t forget you guys – more voting tonight!!!!

  20. Haha those two videos – cuteness overload!

    LOL Trace, lucky for you that your fingers didnt drop off. Another evening and many more to come with the crazy voting over at Flyfm. Might not be able to meet you over nee mamak to celebrate tonight but we sure can throw virtual confetti and pop champange somehow.

    Lets keep EAM at No 1 tonight!!!

  21. Alicia
    Woah! What a great song – thank you!
    But my question is: Why oh why didn’t David sing it himself?
    Preston Powis is ok, but David would have been………. siiigh! …well, you guys know what the whatever word is! πŸ™‚

  22. Shirley
    Yes, confetti…and champagne….fireworks….fire-crackers…..glow-sticks…sparklers…..balloons….joss-sticks…..candles……roses…..nee mamak..
    whatever whatever…..just vote till your fingers fall off!!!!

  23. hey Trace,
    I did go to the mee mamak stall last night but you did not turn-up. Aiyoh, you went to the wrong stall, nee mamak!!. LOL…. Let’s keep EAM no. 1 again tonight!! Quite fun and lets do some more fingers exercise!! πŸ™‚

  24. LOL!!! Akang, hope you ladies meet at the right stall tonight!

    HIP HIP HOORAY! EAM’s at NO 1 again!!!!!!!! Way to go Archies!!!

    Now to go rest my fingers :D…goodnight

  25. Alicia

    Thanks for bringing over that song by Preston Powis. It’s not too bad.
    Wonder what would it sound like with David on lead vocals.

  26. Archu fingers; conjucti-finger-vitis fingers! I call mine archuthritis fingers hahaha!!!

    Shu Yee

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