23 comments on “You had me at Hello.

  1. My gosh that smileeeee sadjshfdklshgh!! Yesss I want that skincare product too hahaha!

  2. As we know, david archie would love to endorse his very own cereal, water, juice or even laptop brand. but a skincare product??!!!! OH MY!!! brilliant! haha *LOVE THIS PICTURE* I’m just about to remind Anne bout this picture but OMD! she already posted it! hehe thanks Anne 😉

  3. trace, me too. and i dont use any cosmetics whatsoever except a simple foundation. Now a david-endorsed product however…hmmmm.

    marianne,shauna.. they wont need to advertise anything one.Just put his face and name on the product, people see –> o.O –> I WANT IT ALL.NOW. xD

    Schaz,my pleasure!Thank YOU for posting it up on fb! 😀

  4. hahahha yea i would buy his product! this is a good suggestion, suggest it to him!!

  5. Trace and gang
    If you want the same kind of skin as David’s then just eat plenty of Honey Bunches Of Oats 😉

  6. AAM ( haha I think it is you, John – as cheeky as ever!)

    I’d rather eat his pad thai to get that skin! 😀

  7. “I’d rather eat his pad thai to get that skin!”

    Hm..Trace somehow that sounds kinda weird! lol

  8. LOL! LOL! YOU guys are the weird ones with a weird sense of interpretations! and imagination!
    Or maybe my grammar needs a little adjustment…..hahahahaha!!!

  9. Ahhhhhh, so easy to get that glowy skin huh? Phew, just Honey Bunches of Oats and ‘his’ pad thai (whatever that means) hahaha

  10. Ohmygoshh I just had this idea for the next AAM gathering. We should all eat pad thai hahahah! :DD

  11. Just spent four days in the land of pad thai … and trust me, is not pad thai that gives David the alluring glow. One theory down .. how many more to go .. the Utah air perhaps.

  12. marianne,good ideaaaa! i dont think ive ever tried pad thai before. HM so our next gathering should be in a thai restaurant? 😉

    shu,welcome back!hehehe the utah air…could be…

  13. Hey Shuyee welcome back!
    Don’t forget alligator as well! 😀

    You haven’t eaten pad thai before? Just go to your char kueh tiow stall – and sprinkle some chopped peanuts on it. 😀

  14. So pad thai is just your ordinary run of the mill char kwei tiow with peanuts?
    I always thot it was some exotic Thai dish.

    Ok I will eat more char kwei tiow from now on. Lets hope that the next time we meet I will have the same baby smooth, glowing skin hehe.

  15. John
    Also must add fish sauce, lemon and cilantro and minus the black sauce.
    Ok la, we all get together and cook one day.
    Then we start comparing each other’s skin! 😀

  16. Ah sorry! Replace that lemon with lime – more tart. Makes a difference if you want that extra glow! 😀

  17. trace,got insurance one anot?!What happens if the PAD THAI EXPERIMENT fails and instead i get the total opposite of david’s skin? Die loh like that.

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