34 comments on “AAM T-Shirt Order – Last Call

  1. Hey, may I know how big is M size please? 😡 cause not every shirt with M size are the same.

  2. Fatin, yeap same email..received yours already 🙂

    jw, what size of shirts do you usually wear? Our M should be ok for an average person of average height.

    anisz, dont have the exact size measurements but was told thats its 32,34,36″ across the chest from XD onwards i think.

    Tilashini, yours should be either S or M since you’re quite tall..the width isnt an issue but not too sure abt the length..

  3. Hmm…I’m not sure if you got my email, but is it possible for me to change from M to S? I’m afraid that M might be a tad too big. D: I wear several S shirts with little problems at the moment, so I hope this shirt behaves the same way! =)

  4. It may help anyone of you who have seen me in person to know that I wear the L size for the AAM t-shirt 🙂

    Maybe you can gauge your size needs this way.

  5. Hi Sue, we will only get the exact price from the printer next week once we give him the exact number of shirts to print. at this point however, at most RM20 🙂

    Faeez,got it..thanks! 😀

    Rachel, yours should be XS (:

  6. zach,yeap we got it..(:

    Dont worry if we haven’t replied your emails yet…As long as you’ve sent to the right email add (archuletavenue@gmail.com) we will definitely receive your orders haha. We will only reply with payment details this week (:

  7. laaa……guys..i did nto have internet la last weekend!! can i still email??? pleaseeeeeee…i did email previously… tp not with the details u stated here.. lol.. how how how!?!!?!? *panic mode*

  8. amelia,no worries still can (: havent send to the printer cos got few more ppl havent email the details also..have to ask them personally now..

  9. ahh i was studying for finals.. didnt really get the time to go online.. and i just saw thiss.. can i still order the shirt? :/

  10. Sumita…

    Yeah…me too…Oh NOOO…Did I miss chance to order t-shirt?????
    Cant online last week n now only can…been busy wid work..can i still order??

  11. Hey guys…

    I’ve sent before the order but no specify abt size…so is still consider acceptable or not???

    *Breaking out here*
    ~~~~~ SIGH~~~~~

  12. Sumita, CtMie – Due to busy work schedule, I have not gone to the printers. So please send your orders to AAM gmail ok. Thanks:-)

  13. Can I still send in?? Have you sent it to print??? I know only came online and saw this??? 😦

  14. Actually, can I know for what is this t-shirt??? And I can only buy for RM 20, are there any possibilities it could go higher??? Pls reply ASAP! 😉

  15. Sanusha

    We haven’t got a final quote from the printers yet but we think it won’t be much above RM20 if at all. So just send in your orders to our gmail. 🙂

  16. I’ve sent in..Have you received it? I’m in Selangor. So would you all post it to my house?

  17. Sanusha

    We have your email. Postage deliveries will incur extra costs.

  18. Hey everyone, sorry for not being able to email you the replies/payment details yet. please bear with us yea,will try to sort things out asap,a little busy on my end here haha.

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