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  1. In the beginning I did feel self-conscious about letting my fan boyishness come through 🙂
    I would often get the usual roll of the eyes with the incredulous “wah! you like that small boy ah? Why ah?” Go figure.

    But now I don’t give a flying **rt! ( pardon my french 🙂 )

    Just as artistic excellence knows no age barriers so too the appreciation of it. Age has no bearing when we are confronted with true artistry. We appreciate it, rejoice in it and celebrate it’s expression – it’s as simple as that.

    At the same time I don’t get why there are people who don’t get David Archuleta? What is it that we see that they don’t? Do they have ice in their souls, are they hard of hearing or are they totally devoid of any musical bones in their bodies?

    It’s a mystery that I can’t figure out much to my frustration 😦

  2. OMG! That’s true! I’m with you Trace! You voice out for all of us thanks!

  3. those aunties fans of David should not be ashamed, they just adore David & have wishful thinking that they also have that kind of son like David who is God loving, down to earth, kind, laugh a lot and cute lol No problem regarding older fans, US fans of David majorities are mothers & grannies. Age have no bounderies in loving & appreciating David music.

  4. Aunties Fans of Archies are all amazing! they did a very great job and gave everything they have to support David! So, trace you should not be ashamed since we, young Archies always behind you! For me, you guys RAWKS!!! WHY ON EARTH age is the real matter here? David love his fans no matter how old are they right? so, for those people who keep saying all these ridics thingy,you can like whoever you want, but you’re not gonna change our minds. NO MATTER WHAT.You can hate him all you want but in the end the real reason you hate him is not because you honestly don’t like him. you hate David because he’s better than you. the feeling’s probably mutual. We love him! MOST IMPORTANT they are all JELLY much with our strong fanbase in Malaysia! especially from EPIC aunties Fans in Malaysia 😉 sorry for being emo. lol

  5. ANYWAY, just one more thing, even my granny loves David? so do my mom, dad, and many more I didn’t force any of them to listen to any of his songs. It comes naturally. So, what else can I say? David’s music is universal 🙂 but If there’s any granny love that beaver I would say WATTAHECK? lol sorry 😛

  6. All you older fans should not be embarrassed because age does not matter and you guys are supporting him for the amazing person that he is in a healthy way. If that makes any sense haha 😛 Even my mom likes David, she got so excited to see him at the autograph session, she kept going ‘OMG HE’S SO CUTEEEE’ HAHAHHA! 😉

    But yeah, I agree with Schaz, if aunties are into Bieber then it’s weird cause there’s nothing amazing about him 😛


  7. Haha! I enjoy these posts! So funny.
    Also I think one of the reasons why the “teen gap” is lessening because the “teens” who were fans of David since last time a growing up. *hand up guiltily*

  8. You said it all, Trace! And John, your French is pardoned. 😛

    And yeah, nobody should judge a singer by the age and gender of his/her fans. I’m not surprised that David has fans of both genders and many ranges of age (and sizes too? :D), because he has managed to reach out to many with his music. Well, not with JUST his music, but also with his personality – his cute gasps of laughter, his shyness, his humility etc.

    So no matter what age you are, we are fans of David.

    We. Are. One.


  9. Archie fan from Penang here! I confess I am old enough to be David’s mum but so what? I am not ashamed. Archie’s appeal crosses all barriers – age, race, nationality, religion. His voice is no less beautiful to us older folk, his charm no less evident..We older fans are smart enough to appreciate it all
    My brother could not understand why I went to the concert of a ‘teenage boy’. I just couldn’t explain.

  10. All you guys are making me laugh so much – but then I find humour in most things.

    Your French is sooo good I couldn’t find it in the French dictionary 😀
    Yes, I share your frustration: First, many people can’t get him. Then the people who do get him shy away in embarassment (because he is a “small boy”?). It’s a doubled-edged sword.

    I’m with you too! 😀

    Yes I do believe many of the aunties fans in the US adore him and would do almost anything for him. Our aunties fans here probably need a little more …er…encouragement. 🙂

    I love your emo rant! Reminds me of KLIA haha! And I love that your family appreciates quality when they see it. I also love your new icon with David. 🙂

    Yes yes, the AAM archu-aunties rawk – your mum too! But I’m more concerned about the aunties who are not AAM’ers. Maybe we should get all the Archies – young and not-so-young – to join AAM just to give them some lessons to UNembarrass them eh? 😀

    Glad you enjoyed the post. Don’t forget to convert more people your age to reduce the gap even more.

    YES! We are all ONE! Very aptly put.

    Are you a lurker?
    What your brother said: it is precisely what John and I were saying earlier: why so many people cannot get him. But I’m glad you stand up for yourself and went to the concert. 🙂 The archufandom needs more people like you.

  11. Yeah, even being a teenager, I get some crap from other people just for liking the younger and ‘not-as-cool’ David. I’ve always tried to hide my feelings and some of my interests from other people because I cared too much about what other people think. I got some hurtful insults at school from anonymous people just for being a fan. It’s frustrating! But now, seeing as my mom didn’t give a shit when the younger girls were staring at her thinking, “Why this makcik clapping and cheering one?” She didn’t give a hoot about what they thought. She wanted to make good use of her RM193 ticket and she did. So now, I’ve decided that I’m not gonna let it get to me, no matter how old I am. And those people who don’t like him cause they think he’s gay (he already said he’s not and I don’t believe them) or that he’s too smiley and has no sex appeal cause he doesn’t do stunts or wear crazy outfits like Gaga just to be different, well, they can suck it. I have my own tastes and I can support whoever and whatever I want. Big respect to all the male fans cause I know they probably get even more slack than everyone else.

  12. Trace – good job! Gosh! I totally love his voice. There, my confession!! 🙂

    I must thank AAM for bridging the age gap between the young and the older fans here. At the recent events, I can feel all of us could laugh at each other jokes, enjoying each other spazzing, hugging, dancing, bopping and singing along with David during his concert. There were no awkwardness between the young and older fans. The young fans treated the older fans with respect and likewise. You could witness the pictures posted on this site. It is because all of us admire and love this young man’s talent and personality.

    Those people who made common remarks are those who do not understand human beings’ emotions. They talk for the sake of talking. haha… Just ignore them!

    I actually like the remark that says “There were so many old aunties there….old enough to be his grandmother!”, it shows David has that talent to get the older and senior older fans to enjoy his music. Tell me which young artist can do that??!

  13. Ah, the epic aunties of AAM.
    Are the most kind hearted, genorous and loving group of people I’ve ever seen!
    Always there to lend a helping hand, and always there to tell us young-uns when we’re too much!
    They’re one of the reasons why being in AAM is so dang fun! 😀

  14. mmmm .. feeling warm and fuzzy reading all the above comments mmmm..

    At our post gathering .. we were represented by teens, twenties, thirties, forties, fifties ahaam and the most happening one is the sixty hahahaha!

    Nik .. good that you have decided to set your fandom free! Love your mom already!

    Sam – the motherly instinct is always to watch out for the young ones! I must say all the young Archies we know are absolutely AWESOME .. polite, well mannered and so likeable:-)

    the twenties and thirties … never mind the gap! Adored by the aunties and teens:-)

    Forties – very steady … letting out little excitement at a time haha!

    Fifties and sixties … don’t play play .. they can jumppppp! bring on Zero Gravity, SBL ….

    David bridging the generation gap .. Muchas Gracias David!!!

  15. Nik Maryam
    Woah!! (A new expression I learnt by being a David fan and not embarrased to use it when it’s about him! 😀 )
    Have I told you and your mum lately that I love you? (a very old song, Maryam – you may not know it heehee)
    I love your passion for David and your passion in believing in what you believe. It’s partly because David performs no stunts or wears crazy outfits that we love him – he does not need all those gimmicks to be successful.
    They say he has no sex-appeal???!!!! What the………….!!!!

    I love your confession! 😀
    AAM, undisputedly, is a happy David club: ALL the younger AAM’ers rawk! And ALL the aunties and uncles rawk! What I’m concerned about are the people outside AAM. We have to help them come out from their shell – both young and not-so-young.
    That “old aunties and grandmother” story – I wish you were right. But I doubt very much it was written with those sentiments you mentioned. To me, the words and the phrasing of them were delivered in a way that denoted disapproval and distaste.

    Hi Sammy!!
    All the epic Aunties and Uncles of AAM I’m sure, thank you for your beautiful words! 🙂

  16. Shuyee
    Phew! We guys span the world of ages!
    I think we should have a Happy Everybody’s Birthday party for our next gathering! Woot….!!!! (Oh dear, this non-word is growing on me ….what will my children say???!!!…embarrassed…. Hahahaha!)

  17. Trace,

    Love your write up! You have spoken for us! Thank you! And let’s all continue to stand by the one and only David Archuleta!

  18. Trace- Yes, that was my first ever comment on this site. I lurk also at some other overseas sites where the fans seem to be older, like around my age (over 40). The mums and grandmas in other countries are not embarrassed to be Archie fans. They are loud and proud in their devotion!

    Ahem, I was a little embarrassed to go to the concert because I was sure I would be surrounded by teenagers only. But I was relieved to see many older fans there too.

    David’s beautiful music and wonderful personality can be appreciated by fans of all ages.

  19. Hey Trace,

    What a great write up! THANK YOU!!! for clearing up all these dang confusions that David is causing 🙂

    Yes, I love his voice…his musical genius – might be older but certainly not deaf. Love his values and personality – young or old, we know he’s a keeper…we’ve learnt so many things since becoming his fan.
    Ahhhhhh, his oh-my-Gosh pengsan-friendly good looks – being aunties doesnt mean we’re blind or dead! Haha

    Hi Stephanie – you’re right, David’s music and personality can be appreciated by fans of all ages. Hope to meet you at the next David concert and then we can jump and sing our hearts out together LOL

  20. Hey Eunice, where did you disappear to after the concert? Are you back in the US?
    We will absolutely, definitely, totally stand by David through thick and thin – no matter what. Archiefans the world over, are known to be Go-Getters, to the extent of of being Militant! So let’s all try our best to spread his music and name……and make this “embarrassement” issue a thing of the past. 🙂

    I love your thoughts and the way you write. You must join us in commenting more often.
    You must come with us to David’s next concert in KL or around this region or wherever, and you will be embarrassed no more – I promise you. The older AAM’ers have very “thick skins”! heehee!! Joke! Joke! 😀
    Don’t forget to convert your friends in Penang! 🙂

    No, we are definitely not deaf or dead. In fact, we aunties and mamas are determined to live to a riper-than ripe old age so that we can listen to David’s music to the max! We will go to his concerts on wheelchairs…..tongkats…..life-supports……whatever that is available!
    Even if I’m dead, my spirit will perch on some cloud and listen to him! LOL!

  21. i’ve met soooo many middle-aged women back in penang who shamelessly pine after younger hollywood heartthrobs, that including the ohmylordhe’ssocuteijustwanttochewonthosecheeks David Archuleta… what’s ridiculously funnier is that they actually believe they have a much better chance of snagging David Archuleta than their teenage-to-early-twenties daughters do! Serious!

    For example, one time, on of my bff’s mothers actually said this to me: “Yvette, next time you win the contest to spend the day with David, you should let me go instead. I’m pretty sure he’d like me so much better than you. I can be coherent around him unlike you awkward teenage girls, and – better yet – I can cook for him! He needs to try my cream cheese cake!”

    And I was, like: *headdesk*



  23. Must I discard my volume of The Complete Works of William Shakespeare because he lived and wrote during the Elizabethan period? Should I disregard the glorious piano concertos of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart because I was not alive during the 18th century? Am I not to admire Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, and the other great artists of the Italian Renaissance because they are of a different era and culture? Am I supposed to ignore The Beatles and Elvis Presley because they are of another generation? Nonsense! Anyone with a spirit sensitive to truth and beauty cannot help but be drawn to them wherever and whenever they exist. Just because a person happens to be born in a different decade, there’s nothing embarrassing, wrong, or creepy about admiring the musical genius and personage of David Archuleta.

  24. Eve
    I tend to agree with your bff’s mother: ” I’ll be more coherent with him than the awkward teenagers” LOL – with due respect to ALL teenagers. Remember, David is an OLD soul heehee!

    All the aunties and mums at AAM love you too Eve! 🙂

  25. Katheryn

    Very well said!!

    “The pursuit of truth and beauty is a sphere of activity in which we are permitted to remain children all our lives” – Albert Einstein

  26. Eve
    Your bff’s mum can easily be accused of being a cougar! lol And she’ll probably eat David alive ha!

    It’s the experience of the older woman you know 😉

  27. Trace – HAHAHA! … … … OMG, YOU’RE RIGHT. O.O

    … I don’t stand a chance.


  28. Oh and my mom thinks David’s cute, too. But she’s very careful not to let it slip at home because my dad’s face will turn purple. XD

  29. John
    Please don’t turn older women into beasts of prey. 😦
    Underneath all that untamed, go-getter look, they are full of tenderness and gentle, loving affection heehee 😀

    Just convert your dad into a super David fan and all’s well at home! 😀

  30. Trace – not gonna be easy. My dad was actually quite a decent fan of David… until his “daughter had to go a date with that boy”, then everything went downhill… *facepalm* ……… Ahehe.

    And, yeah, for all I know, David’s more likely to be jumped and shredded apart by hysterical screaming teens than by mothers. The older ladies are more likely to snuggle him and feed him cookies… he loves food! XD

  31. I shout at the top of my voice…. All the way from Manila!


    Can you heAr me, world ?


    Love what u wrote
    I’m at work…patient thinks I’m reading something medical.. Lol
    Be back later

  32. I was recently at Fry’s (a very large electronics store) with my mom, my brother, and my nephew. While the rest of us shopped, my mom took a seat and watched Michael Jackson’s “This Is It” playing on a nearby video screen. When it came time to leave the store, she commented on how talented Michael was. To put this in perspective, my mom hasn’t exactly followed Michael’s career! Just another example of how true artistry communicates throughout the generations.

  33. Had the best time today reading your blog – I am a platinum grandma and proud to be an Archie!
    I love David;s voice – it soothes me when I am down and make me gloriously happy even when I am alone.
    On top of his wholesome personality, he is soooo gorgeous!

  34. Hey Trace,

    This epic post of yours is making its way around FOD. Seemed you have tickled a few funny bones over there.

    They loved our comments too. Read that some
    uncles and dads also want to perch at the
    clouds up there to hear David too haha. Bravo!!!

  35. Well done Trace , awesome article!!My friends just could not understand my ODD.Do they not hear what i hear when David sings? I take the incredulous look given to me in stride like the look of this 10 year old boy( whose fave song is Elevator btw) sitting next to me during David’s concert with eyes and mouth open wide, he just can’t believe this aunty next to him singing ,squeeing and grooving to each and every song of David’s. Am so glad to have found u wonderful AAMers where i can just spazz all i want with.

  36. Nareeeee!
    I am shouting together with you at the top of my voice…..!!!
    I Love David Archuleta!!!!!

    Hey doc, make sure you don’t prescribe the wrong medication! Heehee!
    Please come back soon and make more noise with us!!

  37. Katheryn
    True artistry vs Competence
    Our David (plus a precious few – like MJ and Elvis – spanning the decades of music) – is true artistry.
    The rest are just – competence, if at all.
    If we must be embarrassed at all – we’ll have to direct that embarrassment at the masses who have no comprehension of music.

  38. Riza
    I love your term “platinum grandma”!
    And I love how you love David!
    We will surely forever bask in the beauty of his music and his voice!
    (And not being able to take our eyes off him does us no harm either heehee)
    No embarrassed platinum grandchildren, I hope? 🙂

  39. Farida
    Well done! That 10 year-old boy will have to learn not to mess around and main-main with Aunty Farida Archuleta! 😀

  40. Shirley
    Just went through the FOD Comments. Hey thank you, you “informant extraordinnaire”! So glad our blog and comments cracked them up 🙂
    What use is humour if it’s not shared, right? Thanks Shirl, for your browsing skills! 🙂

  41. I’m late to this party but hopefully the party aint over yet lol!

    Trace…THANK YOU for this super duper awesome post. You and John need to co-write a fan-fiction for us fans loll. i think i’ll cry tears of laughter reading it.

    Now,time for my “confession”. In my past 3 years+ of being a fan of david..i’ve had so many snarky,sarcastic, surprising, whatever, remarks/comments from people when they knew i was a big fan of david’s. Now you would think that being relatively young *ehem!* they wouldnt or shouldnt be THAT surprised. but believe it or not, ive even been called “pedophile” for heaven’s sake! i was like…”EXCUSE ME WHAT?!” just because according to them, he’s younger than me. like 2 years younger. something must have been blocking their brain nerves at that time if you ask me lol. and like many have mentioned earlier, its mostly because so many of them have the perception that david is “such a small boy” among well, many other things. And yet the ironic thing is, he IS the most mature guy,heck most mature PERSON for his age that i’ve ever known. and truthfully speaking,he is a more mature person that me and people twice or thrice my age that i know of when it comes to his principles and character and the way he handles life.

    So i admit that in the early stages of my fan-hood,i practically NEVER show my fangirl side to anyone except my closest friends and of course, other fans. But now, over the years, ive come to the place where i cant be bothered much to give a hoot abt what they think anymore. In fact during the concert,i told a few fans not to tag me on any pics on fb after the concert as i was concerned abt my colleagues finding out that i took half the day off (unpaid leave as im still new) for a concert and it would seem ‘unprofessional’ to them. In the end,i got tagged all over and in the end, was happy that i was tagged after all haha! After all,as long as my direct manager and bigger boss did not see it,the only thing i’ve gained is my colleagues knowing im a fan of D. (:

    Now, if there’s one thing (ok definitely more than one but just saying) that makes David truly amazing, it is that he is always true to himself. he sticks by his principles and what he knows is right eventhough he may be deemed “uncool”, “boring”, etcetc for not following what many others in the industry do. he is so much more courageous than most people out there, including myself.

    ok i shall stop my rant here. sudah jadi karangan, minta maaf ><

    And trace, love this of your recap hahaha!
    "…if you can’t have David as a role model, perhaps you should move on………. to another planet)"


  42. We can tell someone who is not a fan to move to another planet .. but what if the people who profess to be ardent fan of David and is absolutely obnoxious. Take a deep breath and don’t let it bother you .. that’s what David would do:-)

  43. hope it helps you feel a little bit better haha.

    I may not a hardcore fan of david archuleta like many of you guys. I first saw him on the american idol and I thought this man is funny and most of the song he sang in the idol are my favorites and yes he is talented. Three years later I got my (quite important) exam result and it wasn’t as good as I hope for, even though it wasn’t that bad result I felt so bad about it for some reason(I don’t usually do). That day, I happened to have David archuleta’s the other side of down CD and as I listened through the album I felt calm and peaceful. Right after I finished listening I went youtubing his other songs and interviews, I just thought how could this man be so true to himself and his passion after all these three years of fame. Anyway this and other amazing things about David, which I think you all know very well, just make me feel like to support him if I can, he is so underrated as an artist. I also have other few artists that I admire(one of them is John mayer) and each of them gives me unique feeling. As for David’s songs, I feel calm, peaceful and motivated. I feel lucky to be able to appreciate his music and to be able to see his progress in music career.

    I’m a man and only one year older than him I know this stage of life we have so much to decide about future and things. I guess that why I appreciate his attitude and maturity when it comes to music. I alway introduce my friends to David especially those who love this kind of music. I never rush my friends to listen to or watch david stuff but when they came to me and asked for some advice, I told david story sometimes they were just amazed (and gradually becoming his fan I guess haha).

    I and people around me so busy studying so my friends don’t really pay serious attention if someone like or love or crazy about an artist hahaha as scientists they may think it’s normal. I’m lucky for this I guess. I may not fully understand older fans as I just don’t have that experience at work and everything. But you are GREAT fans, be proud. Look at David he don’t really pay too much attention about what other people think and he is such a happy guy. Thanks you anyway for putting david stuff together, without you I wouldn’t able to make this good use of my little free time.

  44. Hey km

    Thanks for your thoughts.

    Older fans and younger ones are in the same boat when it comes to David Archuleta – all of us are passionate to the nth degree for our guy. We run through the gamut of emotions when it comes to David.

    I’m so glad to know that there are so many of such fans in Malaysia.

    Don’t be in the shadows too much km, post more and get your friends who are David’s fan to join our community. Hopefully you and your pals can get more people on board the David Archuleta express 🙂

  45. Anne
    You – a pedophile???!! That really takes the cake! Just goes to show the close-mindedness of some people. 😦

    I really feel the passion you have for David and the belief you have in all his qualities and talent.
    “He is always true to himself and sticks to his principles”
    – something the older people can relate to (hopefully wiser in their dotage?) 🙂
    – and something younger people can learn from

    A Fan Fiction from John and me? Hahaha! We can name it:
    Chords of Strength Vol 2 – A Memoir of Ardent Appreciation, Admiration and The Power of Fan Perseverance. And all you guys can contribute your stories! 😀

  46. Hi km!

    I am touched by your story, written by a young man who is only 1 year older than David. I can see you really “get” David – even though you are not a “hard-core” fan – it does not matter – you like his music – it makes you “calm, peaceful and motivated” – David himself would have been touched by this statement. And you appreciate the fact hat David is “underrated” – something that we louder fans have been ranting about.

    Study hard km – and come in more often. And continue to listen to his music, 🙂

  47. Shuyee
    Those “ardent” (?) yet obnoxious “fans” will learn one day – one step at a time.
    We can give them a friendly shove now and again. 🙂

    Running through that gamut of emotions is making me quite breathless! 😀

  48. TRACE, you naughty naughty girl! You had me in stitches the whole time I was reading your article. “Passion is not diminished by age” Yes, yes, yes 1000%

    miss you guys!


    ps: you should be receiving something from the mail very soon 🙂

  49. Trace!!! What a great article and you are such a great writer 🙂

    Naree showed your article to me yesterday and I can’t help but burst into laughter in most parts because I could so relate to everything you said. Ha ha!

    I am a bit more open now about my fangirling although sometimes my friends think I have a crush on him or I find him cute that’s why I like him. He’s not cute, he’s gorgeous!!! But that’s not the reason why I’m a fan! It’s his artistry and his character for the most part. Gosh, I can gush about him all night but you all know what I mean 😀

  50. Hey J R !!
    LOL!! So nice to laugh together again!!
    You’re just as naughty naughty – doing what you have been so lovingly and constantly doing for David and making us all faint and gasp for air all the time!! 😀
    Must meet again!!

    Hiii Lorms!!
    Thank you for the compliment!
    There’s no need to hide your fangirlishness – it is written all over your face and your smile and your dazed look and all your lovely videos!! 😀

  51. Trace, LOOOOVE your post, thank you!!!

    And love all the amazing comments here too. It warms my heart to see that David fans may be thousands of miles apart, speak different languages, come from different walks of life, be all different ages and yet come together as one when it comes to sharing love and admiration for David and his music. … heck, David is young but a very old soul & some of us are just the other way around! LOL

  52. Hey Tofan!!

    So happy to see you here! I have always loved your humour at Snowangelz and I am glad you love ours at AAM! LOL!

    Isn’t it wonderful how David has united all of us into this crazy happy world? Really think United Nations should do something for him! 🙂

    Yesterday, today, tomorrow and the days and years to come. I dont care what think and say about me, important thing is he makes me happy. I learned to appreciate music bcoz of him. Yes he’s cute alright ( gorgeous) but he’s more than a pretty face.. his soul is PURE and his voice is to die for. I can listen to him all day long.. every minute of the hour, every hour of the day and every day of the week. In short I LOVE HIM period 🙂

  54. Hey Trace!

    I laughed and cried reading your words, all so true. It is heartwarming to see that David affects people from different parts of the world the same way.

    I agree, I think the United Nations should put in a call to David.

    Congrats on great write up!

  55. I am also a much older fan. David could almost be my grandson…..so that gives you an idea of my age without me just coming out and saying it. At first I was ashamed of being such a huge fan, but as time moved on it just became a part of my life that people accepted because I was not going to give up being a fan of David. So, I guess my family just had to accept it LOL. I just absolutely could not live a happy and peaceful life without David and his music in it. Just to let you guys know how David feels about his older fans I will share my m&g story with you. As I walked up to David when my turn came to meet him and get my picture taken, I said, “I am kind of embarrassed because I think I am too old for this.” David smiled that beautiful smile of his and looked at me with those gorgeous sweet eyes and said, “Why do you say that? You are never too old.” And he let out one of his cute laughs. I will never forget that as long as I live. I thought I would be so nervous and feel foolish being that I am an old fan but David put that thought to rest in just a matter of minutes. He is just so amazing in every way that you just can’t ever find the correct words to express what you feel no matter how long and hard you search in your head. I know this sounds a bit crazy, but I feel in my heart like he is a member of my family. So, please don’t ever feel embarrassed if you are an older fan because David doesn’t think a thing about it as long as you treat him with respect.

  56. Possum
    Thanks for your thoughts 🙂

    You pretty much described my situation when it comes to being a fan of David. I look around at all the screaming teenage girls and I often wonder ( in the past ) “whatever am I doing here?” I felt like a fish out of water really and it was strange for a while.

    But David’s music and voice is not something you can walk away from that easily. It felt so right in my heart to be a fan and to listen to artistry that you don’t find that often – nowadays anyway. So here I am, with my ears quite often ringing from all that screaming lol, happily following David’s career and just enjoying the fact that he’s a big part of my life. And I don’t care anymore what anybody has to say about that!

    Moreover I have met and gotten to know some pretty amazing people just from being a fan. So there are benefits all round 🙂

  57. I’m in serious big-time tears reading all your comments. Honest. All of you have come in to say such endearing things about David straight from your heart, and since being a loving fan of his, I can’t help but feel that each and everyone of us belongs to this huge archu-family which covers the whole world.

    I love the way you love David. It’s true, he is not just a “pretty face” – he has so many qualities that are emulatable. And once we are “hooked”, there is no turning back. And boy! do we NOT want to!

    Thank you! So lovely of you to drop in! I’ve been a “fan” 🙂 of yours for your doing all that you’ve been doing at The Voice, and may I congratulate you too! 🙂

    Yes we are all ONE, whatever part of the world we are from, but especially after what David has “done” to us! 😀

    I’m so touched by your feelings and your m&g story. If I have loved David “to pieces” before, now, after hearing your story, I confess that I now love him “to smithereens”!! 🙂
    David said to you “you are never too old”. That completely covers everything I was trying to say in my article.
    The younger people need to understand that and the older people need to understand that too.
    Thank you so much, possum! 🙂

  58. John
    You no longer have to feel like “a fish out of water” – you FIT RIGHT IN! – young or old – not-so-young or not-so-old – (what is your age anyway? lol! Oops, you don’t have to answer! heehee!)

    To me, it’s not within my ability to fathom what the issue of age has to do with this whole thing – we are just people (and nice ones too!) who admire David for what he is and to want to listen to and rejoice in his music.
    Anyway I see that you have come out of your shell and was jumping happily to ZG at the concert – to which I say Bravo and …..Encore for the next concert! 😀

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