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  1. it’s already circulating on radio charts here in the philippines even before he came. it’s already part of the weekly and daily countdowns.

  2. signed,sealed,delivered! woot woot cmon archiekinssss we can do thissssssssss!!!

  3. Yoashio
    My earlier thank-you message to you went missing.
    Anyway thanks again for the link! 🙂
    Have signed the petition. Can I send another one…..and another one…..and another one?……… 🙂

  4. U.S. fans want to help vote for “Everything And More” at Fly FM, but it’s not clear to us what the voting hours are. Will someone please advise? I see that you are allowed to vote for a particular song once a minute. Here’s the link to the voting page:



  5. Katheryn

    It ‘s not really clear even to me ( a Malaysian lol! ) what the voting hours are. I suppose the cycle is from 7pm ( Malaysian time ) of 1 night till 6pm the next day for tabulating votes. Any votes outside of this time period will be counted towards the next chart show.

    I hope that’s clear 🙂 I think just vote like mad and hope for the best.

  6. Dang! That last message was from me! Just wanted to thank you for the Fly FM info. That should clear up the confusion U.S. fans are having!

  7. FYI: For West Coast fans in the U.S., that means voting between 3:00 a.m. and 7:00 a.m. Yikes! I’ll try to sneak in a few votes while getting ready for work.


    I open two tabs and vote on both, close the tabs, clear cookies, and then start all over again. I can get in several votes per minute that way.

    I’ve also tried opening 3 tabs, but because the page takes so long to load the vote button sometimes disappears on the third tab before I’ve been able to vote on it. It may work just fine for some of you to open more than two tabs depending on how fast your computer is.

  9. it really is really nice to see all the malaysian being so hyped up about this =) imma malaysian too. yeah. david has been on the top 30 board for weeks now. keep this up guys! =D has anybody felt kinda… after david left? i know i am =’) but hey, wad a show guys! =D actually i wana share my experience too. you know, somewhere in the start of the show, 2 girls gave me 2 vvip tickets xD it’s so suprising. i actually wanted to buy the vvip ticket from the start but wasnt allowed =( but i guess good things comes to those who wait huh? =D erm, if any of you aamers are the one who gave me the tickets, big shout out of THANKS =) cheers~ ❤

  10. Yikes! David dropped to #27 today on FlyFM. I got up early (just before 6:00 a.m. my time) to vote and it was already too late. We need more votes earlier in the evening your time so that U.S. voters like me can pitch in the necessary votes towards the end. Sorry, but I simply cannot get up at 3:00 a.m. every day to vote!

  11. Katheryn – wow .. will crown you #1 international fan haha! Thank you so much and you comment has inspired me to step up my gear. The good news is E&M is #1 today. Going to vote vote vote!!!!

  12. Great way to end the work week, guys! David is “back at the top,” and where he belongs I might add!

  13. Re FlyFM: What I’m learning from fans over on FOD is that EAM must stay in the top 25 during the first hour in order to move on to the second hour, and that EAM seems to drop precipitously fast on those days when it ends up at #27 or #19, so that 2nd hour is key too. Let’s not give up! Calling on all go-getters!!!

  14. I hear you Katheryn! Been voting away with Shirley and Akang!
    Hey archiekins work harder!! Bring it back to No1 where it belongs!!

  15. Hey Trace, pls add Schaz; Sheba; Ami; Marianne; ‘meself’ and a host of us are voting too:-) Dear, you have to get on twitter to know that we are pushing each other!

    I usually starts at 6pm (unless I come back from work late) with 15 window open at one time; repeat .. vote vote until dinner with family and continue.

    Katheryn … you are such an encouragement! Guess those ‘bad’ days must be many of us were preoccupied. It is always such a liberated feeling when E&M stays on top:-)

  16. Yes dear Shuyee, I’m now adding on Schaz, Ami, Marianne, your goodself and all the other archiekins haha!
    No dinner allowed from now on! 😀

  17. I always thought it would be fun to be on the cheerleading squad:

    “We love David, yes we do! We love David, how ’bout you?”

    “Vote for David, let’s make him soar. Vote for David, he’s Everything and More!”

  18. Here’s a very funny video that fans have discovered during the last couple of hours. It features a guy making guacamole while listening to David’s music. Warning: There is a bit of “rough” language as David might say, although it’s not too bad.

  19. “What a voice, what a voice”
    You got that right Mr Moran

    And I love the end credits where he thanks David Archuleta for making live worth listening to 🙂 I am now officially a lifelong fan of Ryan Moran.

  20. When Shirley pointed out the above video to me yesterday, I thought she wanted to help me in getting ready to learn cooking by first going to the supermarket to choose ingredients. Little did I know this young fellow is a huge fan of David! haha… To get inspiration to cook Man Meals, listen to David’s songs, hey, not a bad idea! 🙂

  21. Hey Akang,

    I actually tried making the guocamole this morning with Genie.

    Its not bad tasting though we didnt add in jalapeno as per Ryan’s
    recipe. Perhaps it could have tasted better if we had remember to
    put on David’s music while preparing it haha. How could we have
    forgotten that important part ? 🙂

  22. LOL The video has over 2 thousand hits! I bet this is the highest he’s ever had for his videos 🙂

  23. Katheryn
    LOL! That vid was soooo funny! That “Diva in Training” made me laugh till I keeled over. Many thanks for sharing it!
    And you’ll make a very good cheerleader! Were you one? Or should I say “are you one? 🙂

    Akang and Shirley and Genie
    Aiyo, you left out jalapeno and you left out David – how did you expect to make a good Man Meal? 😀

  24. Trace
    No I wasn’t a cheerleader, although I did have a good friend in high school who was. I’m so happy EAM ended the week #1 at FlyFM. Hooray! **Tossing virtual pom poms in the air!!!**

    By the way, this coming Monday, September 5, is Labor Day (a holiday) in the U.S., which means that some of the U.S. fans who have been voting may be away or otherwise unavailable to vote. Just a heads-up so you can rally the locals to vote extra hard that day.

    In case you haven’t seen it yet, there’s another video with Ryan (this time making chili) with David’s music playing in the background, albeit rather quietly as compared to the guacamole video. This one actually dates to about 3 months earlier and is a bit more subdued in nature, but the chili looks delicious! I’ve noticed that the number of hits on this video has gone up by quite a bit in the last couple of days as well.

  25. Hey Katheryn, thanks for Mr Moran again! He is definitely fun to watch. My conclusion for some time now is that people who like David are usually nice people.

    Hey you peeps! Did you hear what Katheryn said? Vote extra hard at Fly FM next Monday! – and all the other days! 🙂

  26. hey Shirley,

    haha… you are so funny!! I couldn’t believe that you’ve missed out the most important part in Ryan’s recipe. I thought you played David’s music 24/7. 🙂 I’m glad Ryan’s recipe works. Try out one more that Katheryn had recommended above – Gutbuster Man Chill. See the spicy level of Ryan’s recipe? 😉

    Trace – I did not try out the recipe as I’m about to learn how to cook!! 😉 haha…

  27. I don’t know if those of you in Malaysia have seen David’s latest vlog where he talks about his sister having Chron’s disease. The good news is that there has been an outpouring of well wishes and information, including this video posted by the president of the Chron’s & Colitis Foundation of America.

  28. On a lighter note, here are some tweets posted by Ryan Moran today (Friday). I have to say, these made my day!

    Walked into Roebek’s, David Archuleta was playing, and all of a sudden I was talking about David to a bunch of teenage girls. What a day.

    The girls at Roebek’s are giving me free samples of stuff in the store because I am a David Archuleta fan. Oh, the perks.

    And with that, the Roebek’s girls plug their iPod into the store speaker system and “Angels” by David Archuleta is BLASTING in the store…

  29. Katheryn

    I’m really touched that the President of the CCFA responded to David in such a big way.

    Hmm.. I LOVE Ryan Moran……

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