15 comments on “The past few days HAVE BEEN AWESOME! – By Han Yang

  1. Yay for you Han Yang! 🙂

    It’s time to come down to Earth again huh? Bummer!

  2. That IS a cool tshirt!
    Awh, be happy. David wouln’t want his fans to be sad because of him 🙂
    And don’t worry, things are gonna get better. They always do 😀

  3. HAHAHAHAHAHA @ Lilo gif.

    Han Yang, it is heartwarming to read your passion and appreciation for David!

  4. Love your recap Han Yang! So happy you got close encounter with David:-) … now *rush to Brand’s Outlet* hahahaha!

  5. Omgoshh you shop at Brands Outlet?! That’s like my all time favourite store 😀 Knowing that David has a tshirt from there is super cool. So getting that tshirt now hahah

    Really nice recap! And the shirt is pretty cute btw 😉

  6. Han Yang
    You’re awesome too for giving David that awesome tee!
    Love the cow and chicken and egg – betcha David likes it too!

    Hey where is Brand’s Outlet? I wanna go too! 😀

  7. hahahah han yang, I think I annoy my friends in school too. but I can’t help it, things just keep reminding me of David stuff lol. and :O THEY HAVE THAT SHIRT IN BRANDS OUTLET? I’ve seen the picture before and love it haha. but I have bought too many shirts from BO lol. but I think I really need that one haha! That was cool of you to buy David the shirt too haha. Thanks for the recap! 😀 lilo and stitch ftw!

  8. Han Yang! Thank you for sharing your concert experience. I lol at the Lilo gif at the end!! So awesome that you actually went to get David the T-shirt that he liked and he remembered too!! Don’t be too upset that its over okay but smile because it happened!!!

  9. Thank you for the superb recap han yang! i love how David was interested in that shirt hahaha! Oh that guy. i remember seeing that shirt before and thought it was really cute too.hope we get to see him wearing it one of these days!

    and LOLL @ the lilo pic. i think all the archies in asia felt somewhere along that line when he left..but yes like sheba said, “smile because it happened!” 🙂

  10. Haha! Thanks guys!

    Ai Lyn- Yeah, I still annoy my friends at school about it. There’s never been an hour that went by, that I didn’t remind my friends about the concert, even after it’s over. 😛

    Anne- Hope he does wear it! 😀

    Trace- Brands Outlet looks like this http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_APskiF2e0ZA/TEF3gd77AwI/AAAAAAAABtU/nU5i0CdjJeA/s1600/brandsoutlet.png There’s one in Curve. 🙂 And can’t wait for his next visit here again. 😀

    Sheba- I AM happy it happened! 😀 Was waiting for it ever since 2009, cos I didn’t manage to go for the showcase at Sunway, so this was definitely a thrill. 🙂 By far the best concert among the others I’ve been to.

    AAM- Yeah, bummer. But I bet most of our minds are still flooded with thoughts of last Monday and Tuesday. 😛

    Shu Yee, Kylie & Elynna- Thanks! 😀

  11. Aww love your recap Han Yang!! So glad that you managed to get the t-shirt for David the next day 🙂 I’m sure he’s going to wear it one day. By the way, the Lilo pic is so cute LOL.

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