21 comments on “My kind of amazing Archuexperience – By Elynna Abdul Rashid

  1. ‘David was our first ever boy-hug’ Awwh, that’s so cute 😉

    Greaaaat recap! So happy for both of you 😀

  2. hahaha im not lying!! i swear to god ,Archutwinnies!

    i miss him too 😦

    nice recap!

  3. Wow … I feel so much excitement happening all over again just reading this recap! Thanks girls!

  4. Hi Archutwins: Elynna and Elyssa!
    What a wonderful recap – I can feel the energy of your excitement! 😀
    You two do look very cute together – no wonder Jeff could not resist taking a photo of you!

  5. Elynna, it was really nice meeting you and Elyssa! I had fun driving you both to Hilton and sharing all our stories 🙂 Glad you met David and had a hug! I met David so many times and i never had the courage to ask him haha..Well done girls!!! 🙂

  6. Hey I remember you Elynna! I was the one who helped you pass to Jeff, that scrapbook that was rolled up right? I think it’s you. You look pretty familiar! haha

  7. Really enjoyed reading your great recap, Elynna.

    Wow, you both caught the attention of the Archuletas – way to go!

  8. As I was reading your recap…it really does makes my heart skip a bit and can really feel your excitement. You both, are very nice girls and loved your recap! We all missed David!

  9. thank you so much for the recap! 😀 really well-written, it made me smile and laugh so much. and go ‘awwww!’ numerous times lol! and when you describe the euphoria of having David pointing and looking at you guys when he sang, haha it was just really awesome! you guys seem really sweet, so happy you guys got that amazing experience!

  10. Awww love the recap elynna! Talk about a whole lot of archuleta in that 2 days! So cute that Jeff and David had the same response haha!

  11. Shauna, thanks! We saved it for him (cheh!), haha.

    Haha, Amira. Saja je laah, I believe you 🙂 Kan? I miss him too!

    Awh 🙂 Thank you for everything, Aunty Shu Yee! I was kind of worried as I think my recap is a bit too long, haha.

    Hello, Aunty Tracy! Haha, aw 🙂 Thank youu. I was really excited while writing this recap. So was Elyssa. And we still are!

    Awh, haha. That’s very nice of you. Thanks, Eunice 😀

    Jolene, you went out of your way just to help us, we’re sorry to trouble you like that. And thank you soo much! About that hug; It’s okay. You’re always lucky so I believe that there’s always a next time for you 😉

    Anonymous, oh! Thank youuu! The scrapbook was in my bag, so took it out in case I forgot to give it to David (which I did, haha) and I rolled it so that it’ll be easier for me to hold. Then when I opened it up, it looked so messy that I decided to let it stay rolled up, haha. Thanks again!

    Thank you, Shirley! It was actually my mum’s idea for us to wear the same tudung. She was like, “To attract David’s attention ONLY. Not anyone elses.” Haha.

    Oh, thank you, Jennie Khoo! Haha. Yep, we all miss David. Those two days had been really amazing though, we’re so grateful 🙂

    Awh, thank youuu 🙂 It WAS an amazing experience, Ai Lyn! Yep, we are two happy girls, haha. Thanks again!

    Anne, haha. Thanks! We loved every minute of it 😀 And that’s what I thought too! They both said it with the same intonations and all, haha.

    Amira. VOTED. *peacesign*

  12. I was watching David with Elynna & Elyssa during the M&G at F88.

    The moment David realized that he was looking at twins, his eyes went wide as saucers and he exclaimed “wow!” That was such a cute moment 🙂

  13. Elynna your recap is full of win! My heart is brimmed with joy and am shedding a tear or two reading all your recaps Han Yang, Jolene, Shauna,Emily, John , Trace……Guys, there was so much love for David in that stadium that momentous nite , i would like to believe he felt it too

  14. Am tickled pink with the positive concert reviews too… strong vocal performance & powerhouse were the norm descriptive words used i believe..,,,

  15. Hi, everyone!

    @Kylie We missed out on you too, sorry. I guess it’s because we’re too happy and excited that we got lost in our own ArchuWorld 🙂

    @John Omigod! You saw that too? Thought I imagined it, haha.

    @Farida Thank youu!

  16. TEE HEE. Luckily I gave you my number eh? 😉 Aw, such a lovely write up. I remember the look on David’s face when he saw that you were twins at the autograph session. It was a pleasure meeting you two and I hope we can meet again. 🙂

  17. Hey there Archutwins!! So glad you guys did a recap!! In fact all the recaps everyone is sharing here have been absolutely Fantastic!! Thanks guys! Also Elynna and Elyssa pretty sure you guys made quite a lasting impression on David and his team and even Sony peeps know you guys by now! I can totally understand Jeff wanting to take a pic of you guys for keepsake, I saw you guys at the pre-launch party and I just HAD to take a vid of the both of you lol! Can you imagine that David and fam actually has a pic of you in their own personal collection!! Eek! How awesome is that!!

    p.s. How are your curtain holders? 😉

  18. Oh, hey Deborah! Yup, very lucky. Thank you so much! If it’ not because of you, we would have missed out on the press conference and just stayed at the lobby. Haha, thanks again! It was so nice meeting you. We hope to see you again too 🙂

    Thanks, Kak Sheba! I think the Sony people know us because we troubled them for the M&G passes more than anything else, heh heh. After reading your comment, both Elyssa and I got excited again; We didn’t think of that! Eek! Haha. But I’m pretty sure they’ll forget it soon enough, who are we but just two out of his legions of fans worldwide 🙂 We’re happy enough that at least they knew we exist, lol. Oh, and the curtain holder is still in my room at campus, facing the common pathway for everyone to see! Haha. 😀

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