46 comments on “I was lucky again – Part 2 by Jolene Oung

  1. Joleene!!!
    Oh my goodness! I can’t believe it – soooo happening with you and David, and now with the rest of the crew and Jeff as well! Oh man………I really really take my hat off to you! You’ve been our spokesman….our rep…..our PR…..our so-many-things-David! Thank you Jolene and congratulations! You are one rare bird! 😀 😀
    See you this Saturday!!

  2. “We all think KL IS BY FAR OUR BEST STOP!” and i was like ‘really???’

    haha i said that ‘its him! he’s coming!! ‘ and i saw he smiled at me ! gahhh!!

    i was so excited at that time!!

    yeah i said ‘dont forget to vblog’ and he turned around and said ‘what?’ ‘video blog!’

    and after he got into the back seat of the car, i said ‘dont forget to twit too’ he replied ‘ok and laugh’

    i think i told him like a million times ‘ please come back!! soon!! u must!’ the he laughed again! (everytime i met him)

  3. Amira, you also very happening!!!! Tiap hari jumpa David 😀

    Oh Jolene, thank you for making that fan connection with David & crew. Makes our craziness a little more sane.

  4. Woot to KL being the best stop for the crew and KL was like a touch and go. I know David won’t actually say it out, being such a diplomatic guy that he is.

  5. kylie – haha ! … I’ve tried my best to meet him! really hope 2 see him again 🙂 request request!!

  6. Oh my heck, Jolene your part 2 is even more amazing!!!

    How cool it must have been to get to talk with the band members, Jeff and to finally see David again. So happy to hear that Malaysia impressed the entourage so much.

    Thanks for sharing all the wonderful details.

  7. haahaha yeah around 6.15 he said. Jolene was so good haha Jeff didn’t even know what time they flight was. he said maybe its around 8 something. lol. remember that time when he talked about Albert Einstein? LoL i was shocked!!

  8. Joleneeee!
    You’re so lucky.
    You made it sound so easy to meet David!
    haha 😀

  9. Elyssa
    Please tell Elynna to email the pics for her recap in a separate attachment.

  10. Yeah agreed!! Amira and Jolene!! Soooo happening!! Ahaha it’s like so natural and it sounds so easy to just easily bump into david! Woohoo!! Malaysia boleh!! 🙂 love part 2 btw!!!

  11. it’s like i’m reading Yvette’s recap! Yvette! Yvette! if u are seeing this.. are u gonna do a recap?? 🙂 LOVE yours too!

  12. Jolene, I am amazed at how much you remembered from your conversation with Jeff, David and Steven!

    Wish I am 20 something again hahaha! cos I can’t remember the strings of conversation with them … just snippets here and there aiyoooo! My brain is still a little fried from the weeks leading to the concert.

  13. Jolene,

    What a wonderful recap! Wow! You are THE great representative of Malaysia fans!!!I am sure David, Jeff and the others will remember you. Thank you so much for sharing this precious adventure.

  14. I nearly shed tears when I saw you wrote they’re waving , the car moving . awww … And I love they said KL IS THE BEST STOP !

  15. Hey everyone!!! You are much welcome! 🙂 I tried my best not to act too fanatic so i could have good conversations with the band and a better connection with them so they will remember Malaysia! 🙂

    Anisz! Yeah i remember Jeff mentioned about Albert Einstein but i forgot how he related it to our conversation LOL. That’s why i didn’t put it in the recap. He said something like “Yeah just like how Albert Einstein doesn’t need to remember everything coz he has a good assistant”, something like that right?? He was trying to say Mike is a good manager so he doesn’t need to worry about the schedule 🙂

  16. Kylie! I wish there is a Part 3! If i would have followed David to HK and stalk him for 2 hours layover there! Haha…By the way, Steven said David thought KL was the best stop too! But knowing David he won’t mention it out loud 🙂

    Shu Yee, it was nice talking to you just now! My oh my…we could talk for hours or days and we will still be that excited! Remember to note down everything you remember and compile that into your recap!

  17. Felicia, don’t cry! We’ll see David again very soon if all of us work hard in promoting him and his album and treat Sony reaaaaallly nice so they will bring David here again 🙂

    Trace! I hope i made a good spokesperson and did not embarrassed AAM and Malaysia haha…I MiSS YOU! See you on Saturday!

  18. Jolene – Again, YOU ARE AWESOME. SERIOUSLY. AWESOME. …. I think you and David would make a cute couple. …. O.O… wait, are you single, first off? Ahehe… XD … Seriously though, YOU ARE AWESOME.

    YOU. ARE. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Felicia – Oh ho ho ho, NO, I doubt anybody would want to read it this time around… gah…

  19. Hahhahaha…Thanks Eve!!! You are so cute!! Yes i’m single but i doubt David would want to date an older girl like me LOLLL. I would LOVE to have a boyfriend like David though hahaha…

    Please write your recap Eve! We LOVEEE your previous recap it was really good!!!

  20. Yay!! Jolene, I was waiting for this and you did not disappoint!! Thank you sooo much for writing down your recap and providing as much detail as possible lol! So much juicy titbits I love it!!! You know, maybe the reason D was asking you where exactly you were from was because, maybe just maybe, he remembered that the first time he met you was in the airport two years ago when you had just returned from your trip (was it Korea or something). So that probably threw him off the fact that you’re from KL?? idk. But could be. You never know with D.

    So its official, Imma go where ever you’re going next time he’s here okay!!

    Also can I just say that I love the fact that there were AAMer’s to see him off even though it was in the wee hours of the morning! You guys rawk!! Way to represent guys! 🙂

  21. Love, love, LOVE your recap, Jolene!! It’s so awesome! YOU are awesome!! Thank you so much for all the juicy information. Lol.

  22. wonderful recap! very detailed too haha! you seem to be able to connect with people really well! thank you so much for sharing. 😀

  23. Joleneeeee!!! <33333 you are one superwoman. and im so glad that you were there with amira and anisz..you 2 were great representatives of the msian fans in bidding him farewell and giving him a great,memorable last impression before he left. and can i just say how my heart leaps with joy knowing that they all enjoyed the KL stop tremendously eventhough it was the shortest leg? gahh! ❤ Thanks jolene for the superb recap!Enjoyed reading every word!

  24. Thanks Sheba, Zulaikha, Ai Lyn and Anne!!! I tried my very best to make this recap as detailed as possible, took me really long to recall the whole conversation especially the one i had with Steven coz we talked so much and i actually missed out one part where he told me he was really excited and amazed how many fans joined his drumstick design competition and he didn’t know who he should pick as the winner.

    Sheba, i had the same thought as you about David’s question (yeah it was Korea)…Since i flew from somewhere else to KL he probably never thought i was Malaysian. Maybe 🙂 Haha you are welcome to join me anywhere i go when he’s here next time LOL, IF i still have that luck! I’m glad that i went to Hilton that morning eventhough i felt like zombie with just 3 hours sleep hahaha..at least there were Malaysian fans that welcomed him and sending him off which will leave him a good memory of Malaysia 🙂 I wanted to send him off 2 years ago, drove to the airport with gifts prepared for him and Ray but didn’t able to meet them so i’m really happy that i made it this time! 🙂

  25. Anne i was overjoyed too when Steven said they enjoyed their trip here eventhough it was the shortest trip 🙂 After Mike said that to the Sony lady i knew Steven was not just trying to be nice and made us happy by telling me that 🙂

  26. Alicia – haha ya ya Malaysia Boleh! AAM Boleh!
    Jolene – u have a good memory ! great brain!
    David – sometimes when you talk,I don’t hear a thing but
    don’t take it wrong its bcos I look at your sweet & adorable face!

    Anne – are we? lol 😀

  27. Ok it’s decided.
    Jolene will be our official liaison officer when David and/or his band drops into town the next time.

    She will see to it that we AAM-ers get full and complete access to David with ample M&G sessions, private shows, autographs, Q&As etc.

    Separate sessions for long dreamy looks into David’s eyes must also be arranged but on a staggered basis cos we must let the poor guy rest also no?

    😀 😀 😀

  28. WHAT JOHN SAID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

    *continues to worship the AWESOMENESS that is Jolene*

  29. yes that’s amazing how Jolene can remember almost all of the conversations! haha she’s crazayyyy!! =p

    hahaha let’s take john suggestion! lol

  30. I agreed to that suggestion and I bet that when David comes to Malaysia next time , he will find Jolene first !

  31. Jolene , can I follow you too ? So that I can stand near to him from your luck ! LOL

  32. HAhahhaha…OMG you guys really crack me up!!!! 😀 But i LOVEEEEEE the idea of being the official liaison officer!! I’ll make sure we have full access to David and an one on one eye contact session with David LOLLL. That’s a really good suggestion John! 😀
    I think i my negotiation skill is pretty good haha… so seriously John the next time David is here i’m honoured to represent AAM to negotiate with David’s management/Jeff/Sony for some special privileges for the AAMers as we are the official fan club so we do deserve a little more attention from David no? 😉

  33. Hahaha..thanks Eve! Love what John said and i’m sure you agree to that separate session for long dreamy looks into David’s eyes since you are always so captivated with David’s eyes too! Hahaha 😀

    Anisz, i’m quite amazed with my own memory too haha..didn’t realize how much i could remember until i put everything into the recap 🙂

    Dear rcyl1268 (sorry i don’t know your name), i wish David will find me when he’s here next time haha…then you guys will know who to stalk 😉

  34. Also, seconded on the fact that Jolene should escort them the next time they come. I mean, they practically KNOW her already! Haha!

  35. Yay, Jolene :-D, you really rock!!!

    Finally got the time to read all the recaps, they were all awesome!!!

    Jolene, you do have a really great memory, I was already impressed with it when you started to recount your special moment during the JJ & Ean interview over and over again…The way you tell it was very detailed 😀

    Yup, John, I totally agree with you, Jolene should be our official liasion….

  36. Awww thanks Debz!! I hope they will still remember me when they are here next time and i promise i’ll do a good job escorting them haha..if only i get the chance 🙂

    Yoashio!!! Finally i see you here hehe…I only have great memory when it comes to all the special moments with David! How can i forget such precious moments 🙂 I can still write a recap of what happened 2 years ago from day one till the final day meeting David hehe…each time i share this story with someone i felt like it just happened yesterday.

    Actually i could go even more detailed than this but i don’t want to sound like a nanny so long-winded haha…Like for example, i actually had 2 photos with David instead of 1 after the interview. The first photo didn’t turn out very well as i was not ready so i told David “Oh i was not ready i didn’t smile haha..Can we have one more?” David smiled and he was still talking to me about the fans at the airport while having our second photo taken, that was how much time flexibility we had coz no one was rushing us or no other fans were queuing for their turn, it was just us so that was just AWESOME!!! 🙂

  37. hey Jolene,

    Thanks for your wonderful detailed story. I’m amazed at your memory and you are funny, too!! Don’t worry of them not remembering you – just mention “Dolly Parton Jolene”, you know?! *raised your eyebrows* and they will click…haha…. See you tomorrow!!

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