19 comments on “My David Archuleta experience – by Emily

  1. I am soo very glad for you Emily! That your dream came true and you met David!! Hooray!
    Is that you (in the photo) perching…almost fainting on David’s left shoulder? Haha you lucky girl! Your delirious smile said it all! 😀

  2. haha. I remember meeting a Kylie from AAM two years ago at the airport and showcase!

  3. Emily – yeah, it was me; I was returning the favor for the spinach-in-teeth incident… sorta. Hehe. I’m glad you got to touch his hair! LOL!

  4. Emily .. thank God for such wonderful moments to treasure! I feel like jumping up and down after reading your recap hahaha!

  5. HAHA. You know what? I actually didn’t remember touching his hair until two days after the concert! hahaha. It’s like all the flashbacks are slowly coming back. I was so captivated by his eyes, I almost forgot everything! LOL. I’m insane.

    Yvette; What was that thing in his hair? I was reading your blog again. hahah. makes me so happy.

    Shuyee; Hahahaha!I feel like jumping up and down tooo! Ahhhh. DAVID

  6. Emily – *facepalm* that blog will never stop haunting me. O_O … oh, and it looked a lot like food crumbs in his hair, oddly enough… XD

  7. Yvette; I’ve learned a lot about David from it! Really. haha. Did I miss out anything from the m&g? I’m still in a blur state actually. It’s all so vivid!

  8. Emily – Hmmm… nah, I doubt it. Hey, you actually did manage to get that stuff out of his hair for him. You didn’t look nervous at all! I think David was more than happy to hug you (well, it looked that way to me) when you asked, XD!

  9. Realllyyyy? 😀 You just made me so happy. hahaha. Did I get it out? I can’t remember. What is it with David’s eyes? Everytime i stare at it, I blank out. -.- itt happened 2 years ago too. LOL

  10. Emily – yeah, you did! and I was absolutely amazed you were brave enough to comb your fingers through his hair like that, :DDDD!!! YOU. RAKED. YOUR. FINGERS. THROUGH. DAVID. ARCHULETA’S. HAIR. That is DEFINITELY something to talk about. Yeah, I know, his eyes have that effect on me, too. I always have to look away, gah! XD

  11. I was completely *blanks* at that moment. I wasn’t thinking rationally. Actually, I wasn’t thinking at all! If I were aware, I don’t think I would have done that. HAHAHAHA. goshh. I think I was enchanted by david. Ahhh. I must have looked like such a weirdo! LOL. A happy weirdo.

  12. Lol. Emily! Thanks for sharing your story. Am loving seeing all the recaps you guys are writing 🙂 Also Emily, your pic and the look on your face is made of SOO much win lol!! You looked absolutely elated and we can absolutely understand!!

    Now go practice your Maths!! So you can get good grades and further your studies in the US and go to many many David concerts haha!

  13. Awhh! 😀 That’s why I love my fellow “archie friends” ! No one understands my love for Archie. HAHAHHA. 😀 Do I look that happy? I blinked! ahahah. =P Haha yes, I’d study harder. David motivates me to cuz he did pretty well in school. 😀 heh

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