10 comments on “Hitz.Fm Interview Video!

  1. HAHAHHAHAH They’re really joker ! Made my day and of course , brighten David’s day too .

  2. Hey Jolene,

    Thanks for sharing this video. Always love JJ and Ean’s interview
    with David. David seemed very much at ease talking to these guys too.

    You’re one lucky girl 🙂

  3. Thanks Jolene, I finally got to see what I have imagined in that room! Great job!!!!

    Shu Yee

  4. Joleeene!!
    Thank you so much!!!
    It’s really great seeing David all cracked-up by our 2 crazy guys JJ and Ean!

    But I don’t understand a wooord they’re saying!!! 😦
    Can someone write a gist of the conversation? Pleeeaase? (Don’t you dare tease John for my incompetent hearing! :D)

  5. You are welcome!!! I couldn’t wait to share this with all of you on that day! David was just too cute and he was laughing all the way 🙂 Trace, to be honest i was so happy and nervous i couldn’t remember exactly what they said so i can’t help you in this 😦 All i know was David made me laugh when he laughed LOL. I loveeee JJ and Ean! 🙂

  6. Trace, listen to it with headphones if you can.
    Jolene, thanks for figuring out how to share this with us!! Yay!
    I think David should hang out with JJ and Ean everytime he comes to Malaysia. Together they are HILARIOUS!! David seems so relaxed and animated and was just having a blast. Plus JJ and Ean adore David so could not be a better combo!

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