20 comments on “Because I knew you

  1. This is so touching.. Thank you for this wonderful video!
    Thank you to all the Archiekins who made all those moments even more special..
    It was nice meeting all the Archiekins!! Hope to see y’all again.. 🙂

  2. Awww, thanks so much for this article and video!

    So nice to catch up with all of you in KL and hope we will get to do it soon 🙂

  3. John!
    I think you are the wicked witch in disguise!
    As if we are not sad enough already – you are making me, and I’m sure all of us, continue to weep with this touching and heartbreaking post.

    You spoke of Friendship, Redemption and Forgiveness.
    Friendship – I know I’ll be forever-friends with AAM Archies and Archies all over the world
    Redemption – I want David back here.
    Forgiveness – It’s not fair, John, that I make you laugh and you make me cry. But I forgive you

    This post is really precious and heartfelt. And I truly love it.
    Thank you John!

  4. What a beautiful video and article, John! It breaks my heart that I don’t have any friends who are huge David fans, such as I. That is why I love coming to David’s fan sites, and then I don’t feel so alone. David truly has the most wonderful fans in the world who also genuinely care about each other!!

  5. The Archuties are bind! We shall watch out for one another until David appears again when usually all ‘heaven’ breaks loose. After he leaves, we have each other to spazzzz and share our moments we had with him.

    Our Archuduties is to keep requesting the radio stations to play David’s songs … so onward we shall go until he comes back again!

  6. John, Thank you for being our Friend! Like Shu Yee said, we have each other to share our moments we had with David present and future. Let’s have our first post-concert gathering!! Love the video.

    Because of “David Archuleta”, I have befriended two wonderful persons in AAM who makes me laugh silly every day. These two persons taught me what a true fan supposed to be!! Thank you! 🙂

  7. John, What a brilliant write-up. Thank you so much for being our friend. It’s lovely to have wonderful people all around to share and enjoys each other moments on our beloved David. As for for myself and my 3 daughters who are hard core fans of David, we tried to connect with everyone around who are his fans to feel connected and to be in David’s world. David does connect us with heaps of lovely and awesome people!

  8. Aww shucks. i go all sentimental reading this.but in a really good way. i cant even begin to explain how much ive been blessed simply by having certain ppl in my life now because of how David brought us together. Thank God for this precious gem, seriously.

  9. Thanks John…i can’t help but tearing while reading this heartfelt and beautiful write up 😦 It’s amazing how David has brought all of us together with such a special bond. I still remember how i found out AAM 3 years ago and from then on, you guys are like my family and will always be… 🙂

  10. Awhh watching this video really made me teared! *sniffs* Loved how the song ended with david singing it at the end. I really had a fun time with all the lovely archiekins. Got to meet sooo many awesome fans from the ticket launch, auto session & the concert. Will never forget that 2 days. See you guys again at the next concert in time to come! *BIGHUGS*

  11. Very touching and encouraging! Thank you for sharing such warm tenderness in this special write up!

  12. Aww man. Darnit! I don’t want to be sad.. I had a blast this Asian Tour and one of the best part of it was meeting up with you guys, some again and some for the first time ever!! In fact there were some I didn’t even get a chance to meet just cause it’s been oh soo very crazy the last few weeks.

    Thanks for the memories guys and really looking forward to meeting up with you guys again 🙂

  13. Hey all

    I’m sorry if my post made you guys sad. It wasn’t suppose to be that way ( admittedly I was feeling blue for a while 🙂 ).

    I wanted to affirm and celebrate the friendships that we share as a result of our common love for David and his music. It was meant to be uplifting and celebratory.

    I just didn’t want the bonds that we have forged to die a natural death now that the concert is over. I wrote the piece in the hope that most if not all of us will take the time and effort to continue and strengthen the ties that we have made.

    It doesn’t have to be only about David that we get together because I’m sure many of us share a lot more than that.

    Cheers 🙂

  14. John,

    You are so right. Everyone needs to just cheer up and strengthen the friendships they have made from their common ground of being a David fan! I think it’s fabulous that there is a get together for all Archukins in August. You are all so lucky! Enjoy yourselves!!

    The person who told you David would be back in Asia soon was right , John. I’m sure you already know he’s going to Japan!!

  15. John
    You are right. We should all be celebrating the friendships we have formed through David – the fun, laughter and joyful tears we shared are too precious to be forgotten and left aside.
    Now my tears have turned to happy ones 🙂
    See you guys at Mid-Valley!
    But I do wish David would fly the Wau….hold on to it….and let the wind take him back to us… 🙂

  16. Hi all, it’s really cool to see that happens, see how friendships can be created and formed by being Arch Angels, thanks to the man David Archuleta. How I wish I can discover this site earlier, so that, I can join you guys for the fun and joyous ride. Nice to meet you all here! =D

  17. Freant,so nice to have you here!Better late than never!

    and john, our tears are happy,thankful tears *sniff sniff*

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