9 comments on “M&G, Sound check slideshow + AAM banner

  1. reading this post just made me :DDDD the whole way through! his dad is so awesome!

  2. Jeff is the sweetest man ever! Leana’s effort was definitely worth it 🙂 Love all the pics taken too!

  3. John: Several threads ago you said David would be “back in the region” or something to that effect. You sly one! Did Jeff or someone else on David’s team tell you he would be in Okinawa, Japan on August 6th performing for the U.S. Marine Corps and the local community at the Futenma Flight Line Fair?! I’m excited that David will finally travel to Japan, and I hope he’ll also be doing some interviews for Japanese radio and/or TV while he’s there.


  4. Katheryn haha
    So looks like my source was pretty good! 🙂
    And Japan – yup finally David’s going there. I always wondered when he would make it to Japan.

  5. Oh cat’s out of the bag already? Now I can relax and not keep it a secret anymore. 😛 So happy that David’s going to Japan. Chalk up another country for David!!

  6. Also, many fans asked if we are selling the now classic Leana-designed AAM “With David Archuleta, We Can Fly” T-shirt.

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