21 comments on “I was lucky again – By Jolene Oung

  1. LOL Jolene
    I do believe that in a past life you and David must have been very closely connected. That’s why this in this life you and him are reconnecting I suppose 🙂

    It’s karma!

  2. Jolene, you lucky girl! Haha! I really like the story of how he indirectly brought Ean and Melissa together 2 years ago. That’s so cool!

  3. haha thanks for sharing this with us! 😀 so cool, all that happened to you!!! and lol David’s always defying security orders or something haha.

  4. Aw Jolene! You one lucky girl!! 😀 I really like your recap. I wanna tag along with you next time! Ahahaha!

  5. Hey guys!!! Yeah i think it’s karma! It’s like we are connected in some ways, maybe in our past life. It’s a little weird but i’m not complaining LOL 🙂

    Glad you guys enjoy reading my long-winded story haha..Nik, i agree with you! I love how David brought Ean and Melissa together and they are so sweet together. Instead of drooling over David, Melissa was eyeing on Ean during David’s showcase LOL. David looked so happy when Ean told him the story, i wish i had a camera with me to capture that moment. Melissa is a great girl. I really have to thank her!! Ean was really sweet too. When i walked out from the room he actually came over to me and said “Come here you are shaking” and gave me a tight hug 🙂

  6. Hey Jolene,

    So happy to read about your encounter with JJ, Ean, Melissa and of cos David.

    Good things do happen to nice people when they least expect it and
    it couldnt have happen to a much nicer girl like you!

    5th time lucky and I have a hunch you’ll have more to come haha

  7. Joleeene!!
    SO HAPPENING! You and David! LOL!

    I believe in karma too and reincarnation (when it suits me haha!)
    My take on it is, you were David’s mother in your past life – you know how close he is to his mother Lupe. 😀
    Keep that karma intact, Jolene. You will have many many stalkers when he comes again! 😀

  8. LOL Debz good one!So much ONG indeed!hahaha!

    Jolene,next time you will have not 1 not 2 but at least 20 shadows 😛

  9. Awh, Jolene! You are so lucky and I am so happy for you! Next time he comes, I’m going to stalk you. Not David, you. Haha. And thanks so much for the ride to Hilton, we owe you! 🙂

  10. Jolene, Jolene, Jolene ~~ Your happiness is very contagious! Add me to your stalker list hahahaha!

  11. Awwww thanks a lot everyone for the love!! 🙂 I don’t mind having 20 shadows as long as all of us get to meet David haha…sometimes when you least expect it good things happen, like Shirley said 🙂 If it happens again when he is here the next time, i really believe i could be his mum in my past life hahahhaa…:D

  12. Jolene,

    We are so blessed to have you with us! You have represented us!
    Love your story!

  13. Jolene! You did your recap yay! Sorry am late to the game. Just got back from kampung and it had no internet! Yikes. A weekend without archunews! So much to catch up on. Also, you managed to get a youtube account and upload the video!! Kudos!!

    Enjoyed your recap immensely and totally looking forward to the continuation. The more detailed the better haha!! No pressure…

  14. Sheba!!! Welcome back!! We miss you 🙂 Yes i finally got the video uploaded, couldn’t wait to share it so i spent the whole night figuring out youtube LOL. I’m so not IT savvy hahaha…

    Glad you enjoyed the recap. I’m trying to finish up my second part now. You said the same thing as John, the more detailed the better hahaha…great mind thinks alike! Or maybe the Archufamily thinks alike 🙂

  15. eeeep!! omg omg love this! so lucky! I’m happy for you Jolene! aww David knows that his fans are at school! Hopefully next time I CAN BE AT THE AIRPORT! This is like the 2nd time not able to be at the airport coz of school. 😦

  16. Awww don’t worry Felicia i’m sure there will be a third time and let’s hope it will be a school holiday so you can be at the airport with us 🙂

  17. Oh yes! Jolene, the third time David needs to consult us AAMers when we are free to meet him at the airport.. 🙂

    Great recap and hope to meet you again!!

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