35 comments on “Those Funny AAM ArchuNuts: Ramblings :D

  1. hahhaa you guys are so funny!!

    i lost my autograph photo !!! :((((
    i lost my DA fans :(((
    i lost my ‘sony guest’ pass 😦

  2. LOLLLLL!!!

    The funniest, bestest, Archutastic, Zero gravity-defying recap ever! hehe

    Not only did he leave to go hang out at some beach but tried alligator hot dog as well. Having a well deserved R&R while we pine and try our best to go on with our humdrum lives 😦 boo!

  3. Amira

    We’re so sorry for your losses! Triple whammy, now that’s gotta hurt 😦

  4. Next time David is in town I wanna tag along with Jolene wherever she goes.

    She’s the ULTIMATE David magnate!

  5. Haha Trace, trust you to come up with this funny recap! Loved it!!! Thanks for telling like it is 🙂

  6. LOL trace your recap is full of win. David in korean drama? that would be a sight to behold!

    amira,sorry to hear abt the loss of ur stuffs! 😦

  7. next time when he comes back, i wanna tag along with the AAM-ers ! 🙂 and feel the love of the archufamily again! ❤

  8. Hahaha! I laughed so much! They NEED to bring more COS in Malaysia. I mean, Sarawak or at least Kuching is practically COS-less! It’s so sad! :O

  9. Trace: … HOW’D YOU KNOW? OH MY GOSH, AM I THAT TRANSPARENT TO YOU GUYS???!!!! *gulps* O__O… *hides*

    Amira: Oh, man, I’m so sorry! 😦 ……. *tight hug*

    Hey, question – did David stare at any of guys longer than comfortable???? If so, why do you think he keeps doing that, honestly???? O.O (please don’t answer w/ “he’s trying to read our minds”, the last time i considered that, it terrified me for days… ahehe…)

    … ok, this is weird, everyone ignore that last half! :S

  10. Also, David’s probably on that beach playing with his wau, which will of course, grab the attention of a bunch of little kids….>.>

  11. Debz – saw your tweet! (that was you, right?) i’d love to help out! should i email you or anne or…? lemme know! 😀

  12. omg ROFL!!!!! i cudnt stop laughing reading this….hahahahha..nice one! good job ppl 😉

  13. Eve

    We notice that Jeff also look into your eyes for a prolonged period when he talks to you. I think it’s a matsalleh trait. They like to focus on your eyes as it is deemed to be polite.

    Of course when you have eyes like David then they tend to do all sorts of things to your mind, body and soul when he trains them on you like a pair of green laser beams 😀

  14. Yes, Eve! Heehee! Yeah, it is a matsalleh trait. hahaha! People do that a lot in north America apparently…>..> I guess David’s just an added bonus because his eye colour is just captivating

  15. Trace, I LOVE YOU!!! Hahahaha…you are too funny seriously! You are right i think we really need to seek medical advice, i need it it that’s for sure! LOLL. Been so depressed for the past couple of days…Miss you guys a lot!!! We should get together soon! 🙂

  16. Lol John!! Your denial is pointless. Welcome to your life. There’s no turning back!! Haha!!

    So next time David’s here I’mma be stalking Jolene and being her shadow 🙂

    Miss u guys..

  17. Well since everyone is in a jovial, rib-tickled and yet kinda forlorn mood we are trying to organize a post-concert gathering. Of course it may not be possible for out of town Archiekins to attend but those who live in the Klang valley may be able to make it.
    Are any of you free next weekend?

  18. omg i love this part !!! “I don’t wanna go on a date and just hook up with girls for fun. I don’t like that. I think it’s very important to respect girls and really get to know the person you’ll marry and spend the rest of your life with.” ( hes one in a million !!)

  19. Hahaha…Sheba i bet i will have a lot of shadows when David is here the next time LOLL. I finally uploaded the vid in my youtube! Just sent it to AAM gmail, hope you guys receive it!

    I’m up for next weekend! Let me know the detail once the plan is confirmed. I will be off on Sunday so hopefully you guys are meeting up on Sunday! 🙂

  20. Haha, Trace!! You are really funny 😀

    I was stuck in a traffic jam at Sunway Damansara last night when I was reading this in my car and I couldn’t stop laughing. It’s really brilliant how you describe each and everyone of us here..haha

    I am ok with post-gathering, I’ll be there…

  21. Hey you guys!
    I thought I was funny – but you guys are funnier by far!! 😀
    I was tickled pink myself while recapturing all the lunacy…the laughter…the tears… the past few days. And had laughed and giggled right through every minute of writing this recap. I want to say how glad I am that I am part of this Happy David Club!!

    I’m not free next weekend BUT I AM COMING!!!!! YAY!!! 😀

  22. Wow! You guys had an amazing time together.I know that some of you were seated in the front but who were those people on the left of the royal box free seating area?. They were loud and fun…..Just thinking out loud. Why do all the reviews only mention fan girls? I saw many mature fans and men/boys who came in groups minus girls. David’s fanbase in Asia is across the board. Good for you David..

  23. hey Trace,

    Good morning!

    Brilliant!! I really had a good laugh…. hahaha… Oh!! I wish David is in korean tv series every evening!! You are so right on Yvette. She really looks dazed ~ starstruck!

    Trace – saw your “big eyes” sending “strong” satellite love to David when he was singing MKOP. Wah! scray-lah!! 🙂

    Let’s get together!!

  24. My perspective on the “staring” issue: Yes, it’s correct that In American culture looking people straight in the eyes is considered to be polite and a sign that the person looking at you has focused their attention on you at that moment, showing their respect regardless of other distractions that might be swirling around. It also means they are unlikely to be trying to hide something, like someone might possibly be if they are glancing sideways, afraid to look you in the eye. Remember, the eyes are the windows to the soul. Consider yourself blessed to have looked into such a soul!

    “Katheryn Archiekin should have been here.” Thanks, Trace. **sniff, sniff**

  25. Shida: They say the same thing about David’s concerts here in the U.S. as well, always singling out teenage girls, ignoring the guys and adults of both sexes attending. When they do point out the adults, they always assume they are chaperoning their daughters!

  26. Reading that recap and all the comments. I only have one thing to say…. every single one of you is precious 🙂

  27. Trace : on another note .. David is also a healer haha! He made your aching feet withstand the hour and 1/2 long of jumping, swaying like a young fangirl .. that’s transformation haha!

    Katheryn : You have to come to David’s next concert in Malaysia!!

    Jolene : Please add me to your shadow:-DDDD


  28. hahahahah!!! i can’t control my screams..ahha..david has that effect on people.. hahaha!!! but well bahaved right?? LOL..

    awesome recap la~ hahahaha…psssst.. keep that video safely..LOL!

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