5 comments on “Media buzz – The Sun: A crush on Archuleta

  1. Gotta say that this Sun interview is my favourite so far. The writer basically summed it up perfectly in the last paragraphs..

    “Archuleta’s interaction with his fans was very good. It was quite clear that he is very grateful to his fans. In fact throughout the concert, he thanked them profusely for coming to his show.

    His vocal performance was extremely powerful and he was in top form the entire night. It was certainly one of the best vocal performances I had ever seen so far. Those who did not catch this concert had missed out on watching one of the best vocalists from American Idol in action.”

  2. FRISHA! I really love your poster haha! 😀

    Anne- I agree! Loved those last 2 paragraphs. 😀 I hope though, that people don’t just pass over the review in papers. I find people don’t bother giving David a chance because they think he’s just another teen pop singer that girls love because he’s cute.

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