16 comments on “Media Buzz – The Star: Archuleta thrills fans with his honeyed charm

  1. Full of win 🙂
    By the way, I sent a link to AAM on twitter, Malay Mail wrote about the concert too 🙂

  2. Hmm…went to Berita Harian to see if there was any review and sure enough there was one but it’s not exactly a full review as the article there merely skimmed the surface regarding David’s concert asserting that David regularly comes to Asia because his popularity in the US has taken a nosedive. The reviewer used the sales figures for TOSOD to back up his contention.

    The rest of the article talks about his press conference mostly. If you want to comment on the article you can email to : bhhibur@bharian.com.my
    The reviewers are:
    Serimah Mohd Sallehuddin and Hanisah Selamat

    Catch it online here: http://www.bharian.com.my/bharian/articles/PopularitiDavidArchuletamerosot_/Article/

  3. I do wish they would stop calling him ‘baby-face’. He’s not anymore. He’s a grown up and handsome young man! ❤ Other than that, it's great to see positive reviews on the concert. Does anyone know if the number of people who turned was 2500 or 3500?

  4. I remember Sony saying that the stadium’s capacity is about 5000, so I agree that abt 3000-3500 is the safe estimate 🙂

  5. That’s cool, but it would only be half the amount of the previous showcase, right? 😦

  6. Nik Maryam
    It’s ok. Whatever the figure of the attendees, the fervour and buzz there equalled more than double the figure! 🙂

  7. Yeah, you’re right, especially the front row and mosh pits of course, haha!! Even during Crush and some of the famous covers, some kids who were obviously dragged along by their friends to the concert, were seen mouthing the words. I saw a dude who was playing with his Blackberry the whole time but when Crush started, he secretly sang along as well. Ah well, guy pride, I guess. XD

  8. “The absence of fireworks and fancy costume changes meant that Archuleta had only one thing to rely on – his voice. He used it well, too, flaunting his signature vocal prowess on emotive, baby-smooth numbers.”

    Thats one of the many things David is different from many other artists these days. His focus is on the voice,the emotions. Heck he can sing a full concert acapella and people will still be rendered speechless.

  9. ^This. 😀 This whole while he’s just been doing what he loves and being himself, and people who are willing to listen just naturally get drawn in.

    Nik Maryam- Haha! They can’t help themselves. xD

    I wonder if Sony will be willing to organise his possible future concerts here? Since he won’t have any other CD’s under their label, I think. Unless they just become his distributors…

  10. Good press coverage with good reviews and the sound system was fantastic that night. Thanks to Sony!

    Watch this video which was taken from afar (credit to Stephtan91) and just feel David’s voice. Enjoy:-

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