15 comments on “Media buzz – China Press + AAM with Band

  1. Hi Aaron!!!

    Sorry I missed you that night! I didn’t know you read Chinese! Way to go! Hear from you soon.

  2. David Archuleta advises everyone to stay away from drugs

    David Archuleta was recently here in Malaysia for a concert, when asked about the recent death of Amy Winehouse due to drug abuse during a press conference, he said ‘I saw the news on the web and Youtube, she may have met some trouble in life, but she produced great music, and I also remembered when she won the Grammys.’

    Still waiting for the right girl

    When asked whether he has the habit of substance abuse, David stated ‘I know there are people who uses drugs to stay fresh, I too have friends like this, but drugs bring a lot of damage, and to those drug-abusers, I know that rehabilitation is hard, but I hope that they have to will to stop this habit.’

    After that serious topic, David, still in a great mood, was asked about surprises in his concert. His only answer is he will perform new songs, and hope to have a good interaction with the crowd. When being asked about his thought on Malaysian girls, he fumbled a little, ‘I don’t know… They are cool! Yeah, very cool!’ The crowed erupt to a laughter when David blushed. About his love life, David says that he is still waiting for the right girl.

    He also mentioned latest Idol winner Scotty McCreery, he has words of praise for Scotty, ‘He is a good kid, very humble, I was expecting him to win during the final’ On the person he wants to collaborate with the most, he indicated Stevie Wonder, but Stevie keeps a low-profile, the chances of collaborating with Stevie is still unknown. ‘Let see how it goes then, I believe that collaborating with him would be awesome!’

    David’s autograph session left fans waiting for an hour!

    After the press conference, David rushed over to Fahrenheit 88 for an autograph session. Although being late for 1 hour, the fans waited patiently for the little handsome boy to appear. David appeared with his signature smile and sang a little, giving a taste of what to expect in his concert. Such a sweet and clever kid, the fans would be willing to wait for another hour!

    The crowd was made up of fan-girls, and also mother-level fans who bring their kids to get an autograph. Besides from an autograph, David also gave the privileged of shaking hands with fans. The fans there were thrilled with this opportunity to be this close to David.David Archuleta live in Malaysia will be held on the 26th of July (Tuesday) at Stadium Negara.

  3. Haha!! Can some1 delete 1 of the post double posted… Sorry for the crappy translation as some are direct translation because i can’t any suitable word to replace it or the phrase maybe stereotyping… 😛

  4. yoashio- hahaha i seee.. wahh louder than me eh? hahaha!

    aam – ah? no me in group pic 😦

  5. Picture caption 1: David advises everyone to stay away from drugs, just like a ‘anti-drug ambassador’!

    Caption 2: 500 fans waiting patiently for little handsome boy David to arrive

    Caption 3: The appearance of David’s million-dollar smile, immediately melted the hearts of fans!

  6. thanks for the translation aaron! wished i could have chatted with you abit after the concert!

  7. Thanks for the translation, Aaron!!! 😀

    Amira: Haha, I didn’t scream, i had sore throat that day 😉

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